11 Fun Things To Do On A Friday Night With Your Teens

Teenagers eagerly anticipate Friday nights as it marks the beginning of their much-needed time for relaxation and rejuvenation over the weekend. To add more entertainment value to this day, you can plan Friday activities for teens. Teenagers are in a phase of exploration and discovery, where they are eager to explore and experiment with various avenues of life. By this age, they also develop their liking for many things, such as sports, outings, or adventures. For example, some teenagers may love spending their time socializing through activities like attending concerts or events, while others may love solitude. You can plan Friday activities according to your children’s interests and preferences. These activities allow your teen to bond with family and friends. So, go through the list of activities that your teenagers will love.

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11 Fun Things To Do On A Friday Night With Your Teens

Here is our list of fun things to do on a friday night for teenagers:

1. Throw a pizza party

Pizza party as Friday activities for teens

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • A dozen of pizza bases
  • Cheese
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Multiple pizza toppings

How To:

  1. Spread cheese and toppings on the pizza bases.
  1. Keep the prepared pizza in the oven for some time.
  1. Take it out and serve it to your teen’s friends.

2. Shopping

Shopping as Friday activities for teens

Image: Shutterstock

Shopping is another fun things to do on a friday night for teens. Your teenager can greatly enjoy on a Friday evening.

You Will Need:

  • A list of clothes, shoes, items, and food items to shop.
  • Money

How To:

  1. Plan a trip to mall with your teen friends and enjoy shopping your choice of clothes, shoes, home décor, and other desired items.
  1. Your teen can also have dinner in the mall.

3. Plan to watch a movie

Watch a movie as Friday activities for teens

Image: IStock

You Will Need:

  • A collection of entertaining movies on a pen drive
  • DVD player

How To:

  1. Invite your teen friends over to your place on Friday night and watch a movie together.

A mother of three who goes by the name Dawn Wink reminisces how she spends a Friday night with her teens and husband. She says, “Friday nights are Friday Night, Family Night in our family – all home, all together, nobody on sleepovers or hanging out with friends, all in comfy clothes, always pizza and a movie. Somehow, it worked. Wyatt, Luke, and Wynn are now 17, 15, and 14, and our tradition continues. I’m almost scared to talk about it, for fear the spell will break. Perhaps because we’ve been doing it for so long, or perhaps the stars have simply aligned… I don’t know. What I do know is that on Friday evenings, we all tumble home and change into comfy clothes. I put the pizzas in the oven and open the bottle of wine as Noé and kids pop the movie in and settle in on the couch. Often, this is the only time all week where there are no decisions, no negotiations, and no other place in the world to be. This tradition is a gift indeed (i).”

protip_icon Quick tip
If you are unable to reach a consensus on the movie, shortlist five films to choose from and go for the one that gets the most votes.

4. Plan a bonfire

Plan a bonfire as Friday activities for teens

Image: Shutterstock

Planning a teen bonfire party is a great idea to celebrate Friday nights in the winter season, which promises to be a fun-filled gathering.

You Will Need:

  • Small logs of wood.
  • A lighter

How To:

  1. Gather the logs together and light them up with the help of a lighter.
  1. Surround the bonfire along with your teen friends at Friday night and sing songs, play games, and share stories.

5. Playing golf on an indoor course

Play indoor golf as Friday activities for teens

Image: Shutterstock

Playing golf is another fun things for teenagers to do on friday nights. If it’s cold outside, look for an indoor golf course, and enjoy playing golf with your group of teen friends.

6. Enjoy jumping on the trampoline

Jump on the trampoline as Friday activities for teens

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • Trampoline

How To:

  1. Plan a visit to nearby a trampoline park with your group of teen friends and enjoy jumping.
  1. Visiting a trampoline park is not only a fun hangout, but it’s also a great stress-buster.
protip_icon Be watchful
Prior to use, inspect the trampoline for rips and damaged parts. Look out for gaps in the nets and landing surfaces.

7. Bowling

Bowling as Friday activities for teens

Image: Shutterstock

Bowling along with your group of teen friends can be an outstanding Friday night activity to enjoy. Hit a mall or game center organizing bowling activity.

8. Enjoy at-home spa and manicure

At-home spa and manicure as Friday activities for teens

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • Manicure Kit
  • Mud Masks
  • Other Spa material

How To:

  1. Use manicure kit, mud mask, and other spa material at home on a Friday night to rejuvenate your freshness.
  1. Consider putting on some soothing music to relax.

9. Enjoy dancing to the tunes of music

Dance to the tunes of music as Friday activities for teens

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • A good collection of songs in a CD or pen drive.
  • A music player

How To:

  1. Invite your teen friends to your place on a Friday night and play entertaining songs from your CD or pen drive using a music player.
  1. Shake your leg along with your group of teen friends.
  1. Teens can also visit 18-and-under dance clubs that maintain a safe, alcohol-free environment on a Friday night. However, you’ll need to chaperone them to ascertain that they are safe.
protip_icon Do remember
If you are stepping out for the party, share your location with all of your parents and be in constant touch with them.

10. Read interesting novels

Read novels as Friday activities for teens

Image: IStock

You Will Need:

  • A collection of interesting novels

How To:

  1. Explore the engaging collection of your novels on Friday night.
  1. Encourage your teen to spend time on hobbies such as reading novels by popular authors.

11. Take up a cooking challenge

Take up a cooking challenge

Image: Shutterstock

Turn your Friday night into a culinary adventure by taking up a creative cooking challenge with your teen.

You Will Need:

  • A menu
  • Ingredients (according to the menu)
  • Prizes

How To:

  1. Explain the rules and criteria of the challenge to your teen and hand out the menu list. Shop for the ingredients and allocate a specific time for preparation.
  1. Set a reasonable cooking time. Make sure it allows for all recipes to be completed without rushing.
  1. Cook alongside your teen. Offer guidance and assistance when needed and focus on presentation once done. This is where creativity and attention to detail come into play.
  1. Sit down together to taste each other’s creations, and after judging, announce the winners and distribute the prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Friday activities for teens help build a sense of community?

Friday activities that specifically involve community and socializing, such as volunteering, can help build a sense of responsibility and belonging to the community.

2. What potential challenges are associated with organizing Friday activities for teens?

Funding, scheduling issues, and safety concerns are possible challenges. It can also be difficult to find activities that appeal to a wide range of teens since every teen may have different hobbies and interests.

3. How can teens use local resources to find interesting Friday activities?

Community centers, parks, nearby cafes, libraries, or even someone’s house are a few examples of the local resources teens can use to find interesting Friday activities.

4. What are the risks associated with teens engaging in Friday activities?

Teen activities that do not involve adult supervision run into the risk of having the use of drugs and alcohol. Teens may also indulge in unsafe sexual behavior and other dangerous actions. These issues can be mitigated by ensuring that at least one adult stays with the teens throughout the activities.

5. What tips can parents offer to help their teens stay safe during Friday activities?

Some useful safety tips include asking your teen to keep sharing their exact location, encouraging them to be in groups and go to safe areas, having a discussion with them about drugs and alcohol, reminding them to be aware of strangers around them, and always having their phones charged so they can contact anyone if they need help.

Friday is the most-awaited day for many teenagers because, after a busy week, they often yearn for some leisure time or recreation. So, if you have teenagers at home, do not spend your Friday night completing chores and finishing deadlines like any other night. Instead, complete your work early and set aside some time to spend with your teenagers. Friday activities for teens such as shopping, pizza parties, or a movie are great options to rewind and relax. Planning these activities at the beginning of the week will also keep them excited throughout the week and make them look forward to the Friday fun.

Infographic: Fun Friday-Night Activities For Teens

Teens are always energetic and hungry for fun and excitement. This is especially true on Friday nights when the excitement for the upcoming weekend is at its peak. This infographic brings fun ways to get the best out of your Friday night and enjoy it with your teens.

fun friday night activities to enjoy with teens (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Teenagers love exploring and experimenting with different avenues and often long for Fridays to finally relax.
  • Fun Friday activities include throwing a pizza party at home, watching a movie, enjoying a shopping date, or having a bonfire night in your backyard.
  • Planning and setting aside time to spend with your teenagers on Fridays can help build stronger bonds.
friday activities for teens_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

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