475 African Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Africa has various beliefs and cultures. And their names usually link to their origin, tradition or culture. Africans believe there is some prominent force in everything and the name plays a role in having a positive impact on the person.

While naming the baby, parents take into consideration factors such as the day or time of the baby’s birth, and other situations influencing the birth. African baby boy names sound exotic with a beautiful meaning. So, when it comes to naming your little boy, you might choose the most relevant name that is unique and distinctive. Here is a list of such unique African baby boy names.

BandileThey have multiplied and prosperedBoy
EnzokuhleExpected to do great things, Do goodUnisex
FirashPerceptiveness, IngenuityBoy
JuniorThe Young, Child; Derived from the word iunior meaning youngerBoy
LethaboHappiness, RejoiceUnisex
LubanziWide and deep or broadBoy
LuthandoAfrican name meaning Love and AdorationUnisex
MelokuhleStand for what is right, One who represents good thingsUnisex
SiyabongaWe are thankful or gratefulBoy
AasirOne with a captivating and fascinating personality.Boy
AbboA Condiment (Mudama Origin)Boy
Abdalahthe Servant of godBoy
Abdalalathe Slave of the HighBoy
Abdalalimthe Servant of the All-knowingBoy
AbdallaServant Of God; Servant of AllahBoy
AbdiOriginated from Hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slaveBoy
AbdouGreat ability to focus on each work; variant of name AbdoBoy
AbduWorshipper of GodBoy
Abdul muizThe name is originated as African name that means servant of giver of glory and almighty.Boy
AbdulkareemGenerous; One who Serves a Generous Man; Servant of AllahBoy
AbdulkhaaliqServant of the CreatorBoy
AbdullateefOne who Serves a Kind Man; Servant of the SubtleBoy
AbdulmateenServant of the Firm; StrongBoy
AbdulraheemServant of the Most CompassionateBoy
AbdulrahmaanServant of the Mercifully GraciousBoy
AbdulraoufServant of the Most MercifulBoy
AbdulrazaaqServant of the Maintainer; ProviderBoy
AbdulsaboorServant of the PatientBoy
AbdultawaabServant of the ForgiverBoy
AbdulwaahidServant of the OneBoy
AbdulwahaabServant of the GiverBoy
AbeerVariant of Abir; FragranceBoy
Abiola(African - Yoruban) Born in Honor; Born during the first daysBoy
AbioyeThe son of royalty; A Variant of AbiolaBoy
AbskoPower and strengthBoy
AbuchiA Nobel God or the nobility of a GodBoy
AbulmughayyisThe father of one who saves othersBoy
AchebeOne who is protected by the GoddessUnisex
AddoHappy; Ornament; King of the path (African)Boy
AdeAfrican - Crown, Royal, Peak ; Hebrew - ManBoy
Adeben12th Born Child - African AkanBoy
AdebowaleReturn of the crown; refers to a child born after many years of waitingBoy
AdemolaCrown is Added to My WealthBoy
AdetokunboA Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. Ade means 'crownBoy
AdielHebrew - ornament of God; Arabic - Being Just, Honest, A variant of name AdilBoy
AdisaClear Spoken Person - AfricanBoy
AdomHelp from Go; (Akan Origin)Boy
Adricone who is a blessed rulerBoy
AdwinAn artist, creative personUnisex
AfeA Boy who is born on FridayBoy
AfolabiChild of high status; Born rich and with luxuryBoy
AframA River In Ghana, AfricaBoy
AfricaPleasant in Gaelic Origin; It also represents Sun (without cold)Boy
AguAfrican -Leopard; One who has Agility and Strength of LeopardBoy
Ahantiwarlike in the Twi language.Unisex
AjahniAfrican :One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name AjaniBoy
AjakaAn Oyo emperor who was twice on the throne His father was OranyanBoy
AjalaAfrican meaning: Believer of Allah. Sanskrit meaning: Eternal.Boy
AjaniAfrican : One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name AjahniBoy
AkachiIbgo African: The hand of GodBoy
AkhyarGood ExcellenceBoy
AkuchiIbgo African: Wealth from GodBoy
AkujiAfrican - Dead And AwakeBoy
AlakeAfrican - One To Be HonoredBoy
Alemne who knows everythingBoy
AmadiName of Prophet Muhammad; a happy free man who is destined to die at birthBoy
AmaraImmortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or BitterBoy
AmareA person sent by God to love who is extremely handsomeUnisex
AmariAn strong and eternally lovely being who are family orientedUnisex
AmmaMother; God-likeBoy
AnaneAfrican - Fourth Son;Boy
AndweleAfrican - God Brought MeBoy
AsanteThank You; one who cam experience good thingsBoy
AtoGhanaian - Who Born on SaturdayBoy
AtuGhanian name for a Boy born on SaturdayBoy
AuniAfrican Swahili - Help; AssistBoy
AyanArabic - Time, Era; Sanskrit - Halting, Name of Lord Ganesh; Urudu - God's Gift; Persian - InspirationBoy
AyandaOne who is always increasingBoy
AyzizeAfrican - Let it ComeBoy
BakariA promising and lovely human beingBoy
BarakaBlessings, AbundanceBoy
BarasaKenyan term meaning meeting site.Boy
BarkeBlessings; occupational name for tanner of leatherBoy
BashForerunner, strike hard and violentlyBoy
BastEgyptian - Fire, Heat; As per their myth a goddess of fertility and the sun who was considered a protector of Lower EgyptBoy
Bayoto find joyBoy
BelayOne who is above everyone; SuperiorBoy
BemAfrican Tiv - Peace; A variant of the name BehmBoy
BerkoSon first bornBoy
BikoHe who is a son of a GodBoy
BitonBorn After Long WaitBoy
BoboAfrican - Born on TuesdayBoy
BomaniAfrican Swahili - Great WarriorBoy
BuruA man who is like a bullBoy
CamarHe who is a teacherBoy
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