273 Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings

SanandaGoddess Laxmi means good luck to hindus as well as pleasure and being joyfulGirl
SanchariA traveller in motionGirl
SanchayiGather together thingsGirl
SanchitiPerson who is set aside for special useGirl
SanjibaniA panacea which restores a lifeGirl
ShimantiniA Bengali name meaning "a woman"Girl
SomadhaA woman who feels completeGirl
SomapikaOne who terminates thingsGirl
SompriktiA Bengali name meaning saturationGirl
SomritdhiOne of great prosperityGirl
SovhonaOne who posesses true beautyGirl
SubarnalataA golden vineGirl
SubarnapratimaShe who is a very beautiful imageGirl
SubrataDevoted to what is rightGirl
SuhashiniA woman who always has a smile on her faceGirl
SulataA creeper plant, a vineGirl
SuradhuniA Bengali name meaning river gangesGirl
SuraviA lady who can be compared to the SunGirl
SuryatapaA woman who worships surayaGirl
SushmitaGood smile, smilingGirl
TalashTo search or to find something or someoneGirl
TamashiA woman who has a gloomy personalityGirl
TamisraShe who is full of darknessGirl
TamohaThe MoonGirl
TanhiA womanGirl
TanuruchiA physical beautyGirl
TanutaShe who is very thinGirl
TanzimaGift from HeavenGirl
TarangiBengali name meaning waveGirl
TarashiOne who moves quicklyGirl
TarashiniShe who moves at a fast paceGirl
TaraswatiFastly moving womanGirl
TarillataThe LightningGirl
TasbiPraising the GodGirl
TasbirA picturesque girlGirl
TatanOne who brings heatGirl
TathaA person who is everywhere and all aroundGirl
TatritriA boatGirl
TavishiName of Goddess DurgaGirl
TejashiA glorious oneGirl
TejashiniThe mighty oneGirl
TejashitaA potent girlGirl
TikshyaPatience, a patient personGirl
TimsyA star or a shining bright starGirl
TingiriPicher, a family of burrowing mammalsGirl
TisyaAn auspicious star from the skyGirl
TisyhaA star from the skyGirl
TitirshaA desire to swim or cross the seaGirl
TiyasaThe silver, or a thirsty personGirl
TorshaA river in Bengal regionGirl
TribeniThe meeting point of three sacred riversGirl
TrijamaThe river Jamuna, river of nightGirl
TrijoyaThe three wins or victoriesGirl
TrilakiOne who belongs to the three worldsGirl
TriparnaThe leaves of sacred baelGirl
TriparniLike the leaves of sacred BaelGirl
TripathagaA river flowing through three regions; River GangesGirl
TripathagaminiOne who flows or cross through three regionsGirl
TufaniRefers to a very strong blowing.Girl
TusarikaWhite color snowflakes.Girl
TusarkanikaAtoms of snowflakes.Girl
TushikaWhite snow storm falling from clouds.Girl
TushithaGratified or fulfilled.Girl
TvishaHappy or cheerful.Girl
TweetyThe bird that can sing in a sweet voice.Girl
UpasanaVeneration and worshipGirl
YoshitaWomen or ladyGirl
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