26 Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

NabamallikaResembles duple Jasmine flower.Girl
NabamiLunar fortnight's ninth day.Girl
NabamitaNinth day of the lunar fortnight.Girl
NabaniFresh fat or margarine.Girl
NabanitaThe new faith or the new moralGirl
NabannaThe fresh cereal grass.Girl
NaishaA special or lovely flowerGirl
NaptiDaughter's daughter, grand daughter.Girl
NayaniThe ocean which gives extreme beauty.Girl
NayanikaCompletely happy and contented.Girl
NeelamThe one has dark blue color eyes.Girl
NeelambikaBlue color of the sky.Girl
NeelimaThe sky which reflects blue color.Girl
NeelprabbhaGlimmering blue color.Girl
NeepabalaFinishing or accomplishment.Girl
NeeruThe shining of the light.Girl
NeerudhiResembling consuming fire.Girl
NeethikaThe one who is trustworthy and honest.Girl
NetraranjanaSomething that makes the eyes prettier.Girl
NibhaNot unlike, comparable, alike, switch offGirl
NilaprabhaBlue shine, blue gloss, blue gleam, blue sparkle.Girl
NilkamalSapphire lotus or blue color lotus flowers.Girl
NilkantaA bluish shaded color, shining blue color.Girl
NilothpalaThe lotus floras that resembling as blue colors.Girl
NipabithiMildness, tenderness, calmness.Girl
NiratapaThe dark time or period or place or nightfall.Girl
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