2290 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter P

Baby Boy Names Starts With P

All these days, if you were under the impression that choosing a meaningful name would be enough, then you are wrong. If you wish to know how your son will turnout to be in the future, then you must have a thorough knowledge of the first letter of his name. Each letter of the alphabet has a numeric value, which reflects certain character tendencies and aptitudes of the bearer and the letter P is no different.

The letter P suggests spiritual people with a keen desire for attaining wisdom and knowledge. They have strong psychic abilities and use their natural senses to gain knowledge into the unseen, spiritual and metaphysical realms. At times, it may seem that these guys are not interested even a wee bit in what you’re doing or saying. But in reality, they’re excellent observers and do not miss even the minutest of details. In short, P people have all the abilities that can help them be a great teacher in any field.

But on the downside, P people can appear a bit flaky and selfish. That’s probably because of their aloofness and introvert nature.

Below is MomJunction's comprehensive list of baby boy names starting with the letter P, ranging from classics like Peyton, Paul, and Patrick to trendy ones like Pacen, Pablo, and Polk.

PapaharanaOne who is the destroyer of all evilBoy
PappuAn innocent and sweet natured personBoy
PappuyanA person who is creative and humble mindedBoy
PappuyhaA name given to a rhyming birdBoy
PappyKiss; A pet name used by various Hindi speaking cultures in IndiaBoy
ParaOne who is supreme naturedUnisex
ParaagA pollen; imaginative and creativeBoy
ParaagaThe pollen grain of flowersBoy
ParaasharName of an ancient Indian saintBoy
ParadaThe name of a brahman who brought news of Nala in MahabharatBoy
ParadeepA considerate individualBoy
ParadhamanSupreme Adobe; Paradise; HeavenBoy
ParadhyaAdvantage; the one with a creative bend of mindBoy
ParagPollen Grains, Nectar; Sandal WoodBoy
ParaicOne who is of the patrician classBoy
ParajA ride; has a heavenly body and mindBoy
ParakhThe one who has a pleasing and satisfying personalityBoy
ParakramOne who is born with strength and powerBoy
ParamA supreme and best personBoy
Param hansOne who is born with supreme strength and soulBoy
Param-hansA supreme spirit and strengthBoy
ParamaadharTaking the Highest Support; Supreme support;Boy
ParamahamsaOne who is like the supreme swanBoy
ParamajeetVictory of Supreme; Supremely Victorious; Ultimate triumphBoy
ParamakOne who is at the highest point in lifeBoy
ParamakuruUltimate; Supreme; HighestBoy
ParamanName given to the follower of Lord ShivaBoy
ParamanandOne who remains happy; expressive and clear mindedBoy
ParamanandaOne who has superlative joyBoy
ParamarathA Spiritual Person; Divine Person; Holy and Sacred person who is pure and innocentBoy
ParamarthaHighest truth; Ultimate Truth; Absolute truthBoy
ParamasivanName of the majestic Lord ShankarBoy
ParamatamSupreme Soul; Ultimate Being; Absolute SoulBoy
ParamatmaSupreme Soul; Ultimate Being; Absolute SoulBoy
ParamatmanOne who has the the supreme spirit and soulBoy
ParambirOne who is of the greatest of the warriorsBoy
ParambodhGreatest Gnostic; Ultimate Understanding; Absolute EnlightmentBoy
ParamdayaMost Compassionate One; One who has highest level of kindness; Ultimately BenevolentBoy
ParamdeepOne who is the from the land of divineBoy
ParamdeshThe highest and mighty godBoy
ParamdevA godly and interesting personBoy
ParamdhanWealth of Naam; Most Prosperous; Ultimate RichnessBoy
ParamdharamSuperior Religion; Ultimate and Absolute ReligionBoy
ParamdheerOne who has the highest of patienceBoy
ParameshThe supreme lord, One of many names of Lord Vishnu; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
ParameshaSupreme and mighty GodBoy
ParamesharThe supreme lord, One of many names of Lord Vishnu; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
ParameshthinOne who is established by the GodBoy
ParameshwarThe supreme lord, One of many names of Lord Vishnu; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
ParameshwaraA deity; one who is the supreme LordBoy

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