57 Canadian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

BenjaminSon Of The Right HandBoy
JacksonSon of Jack (God is gracious)Boy
JacobHebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; Derived from the Yaakov or Yakubel in HebrewBoy
JamesOne who underminesBoy
LiamA worrior of strong willBoy
LoganMan from the hollowBoy
LucasOne who gives lightBoy
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
OliverThe one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.Boy
WilliamWill or Desire to ProtectBoy
BashiriOne who can foretell the future.Boy
BenaimSon of the right hand.Boy
BerhanLight or illuminationBoy
ChiokeGift of GodBoy
DerwardThe deer keeperBoy
Embraceit means to hug someone or show affection.Unisex
Embresomeone who rules the hearts and homes of people.Unisex
Embrythis name means someone who is good at winning people's hearts and as a result enters their hearts and homes.Unisex
Enabarrthis name means birdhead.Boy
Enabarria birdhead is signified by this name.Boy
EremiasGod will upliftBoy
FlurryFlourishing, bloomingBoy
GezanThe one in chargeBoy
HemisonA river name in Quebec, CanadaBoy
OntarioBeautiful lake of waterBoy
SeignourLord of the manorBoy
SennetWise and sagacious man.Boy
SuthleyThe one from the South meadowBoy
SwindelValley of the swine.Boy
SymingtonThe one from Simon's estateBoy
TannerA leather worker.Boy
TielerA variant of Tyler, meaning tile maker.Boy
TyeShort form of the name Tyler. It means the tile maker.Boy
TylerThe tile maker.Boy
TysonSon of a GermanBoy
VardenA green slope.Boy
WacleahFrom Wake's meadow.Boy
WadsworthFrom Wade's estate.Boy
WaerheallFrom the true man's manor.Boy
WakefieldThe wet land.Boy
WalcotOne living in the Welshman's cottage.Boy
WaldoGod's powerBoy
WatkinsArmy ruler or general.Boy
WeylinThe land by the road.Boy
WiloughbyA willow farm workerBoy
WrightThe wagon makerBoy
WyattThe little warriorBoy
YomanThe retainerBoy
YuleOf Christmas time.Boy
ZayneVariation of the names Zane or John. It means Jehovah has been gracious.Boy
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