61 Estonian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

DarjaOne who has GodGirl
EliiseFrom Elisabeth, which means My God is an oath, My God is abundanceGirl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
LauraPerson crowned with laurelsGirl
LisandraHe who is a protector of mankind, short for AlexandraGirl
MariaVariation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for childGirl
MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.Girl
MirtelEvergreen shrubGirl
SandraShort form for alexandra which means protector of manGirl
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
AadelheideEstonian form of Alice, meaning noble.Girl
AemilieEstonian form of Emily. It means work.Girl
AgnesiaEstonian form of Agnes. It means holy.Girl
AiandamaA woman who gardens.Girl
AitamahShe who is helpful.Girl
AnastassiaEstonian form of Anastasia. It means resurrection.Girl
AntooniaEstonian form of Antonia. It means highly praiseworthy.Girl
AstrellaA form of Esther, meaning star.Girl
AytamaShe who is helpfulGirl
BarbaEstonian variant of Barbara, meaning stranger.Girl
BirgithEstonian variant of Brigid, meaning noble.Girl
DagiEstonian word for cornGirl
DorelEstonian form of Dorothy. It means gift of God.Girl
ElsbetEstonian form of Elizabeth. It means one who is pledged to god.Girl
EltsJoined with GodGirl
ElutaDeep wisdomGirl
GraatsiaEstonian form of Grace, meaning graceful.Girl
HeleHele is a form of Helen and means light.Girl
JuuditA form of Judith and means woman of Judea.Girl
JuulaEstonian form of Julia and means youthfulness.Girl
JuuliEstonian form of Julie and means youthfulness.Girl
KatyeKatye is an Estonian form of Kate and means pure.Girl
KlaaraEstonian variant of Clara, meaning bright and clear.Girl
KlaareEstonian variant of Clare, meaning bright.Girl
LeeloFolk songGirl
LiiliLiili means lily flower.Girl
LiiliaLiilia is Estonian form of Lily and means lily flower.Girl
LiisLiis is the short form of Eliisabet and means my God is an oath.Girl
LiisiLiisi is a short form of Elizabeth. It means my God is an oath.Girl
LiisuEstonian diminutive of Eliisabet. It means my God is an oath.Girl
LoviiseEstonian form of Louisa. It means famous warrior.Girl
LutsiLutsi is a form of Lucy and means light.Girl
MaarjaEstonian form of Maria. It means sea of bitterness.Girl
MargareeteMargareete is a form of Margaret and means pearl.Girl
RahneTo give advice or councelGirl
RiinaRiina is the short form of Katariina. It means pure.Girl
RoosiEstonian form of Rosie. It means rose flower.Girl
SesiliaEstonian variant of Cecily, meaning blind.Girl
SooviSoovi is a form of Sophie and means wisdom.Girl
TereeseHarvest. Tereese is a form of Teresa.Girl
TerhiTerhi is a short form of Terhenetär. It means mist.Girl
TriinuTriinu is a form of Katariina. It means pure.Girl
TuuleEstonian form of Tuuli. It means wind.Girl
UlliA form of Ursula, meaning she-bearGirl
UuliEstonian form of Julie and means youthfulness.Girl
VarvaaraEstonian variant of Barbara, meaning stranger.Girl
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