86 Estonian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

ArturCeltic - Stone, Bear; Germanic - Thor, The Eagle; A variant of name ArthurBoy
MaksimA man who is greater than othersBoy
MartinA warlike, hostile individualBoy
OliverThe one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.Boy
RasmusHe who is belovedBoy
RobertGermanic - Bright famous one; Famously Famous;Boy
RobinGermanic - Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of RobertBoy
SebastianHe who is from SebastiaBoy
AabrahamEstonian spelling for Abraham. It means father of many.Boy
AdrusA form of Andrew; a diligent and sociable individualBoy
AndrusOld Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name AndrewBoy
ArriPowerful rulerBoy
EdukHe who is successfulBoy
EndrikEstonian form of Hendrik. It means ruler of the home.Boy
GaabrielA form of Gabriel, meaning man of God.Boy
HillarPleased, blissfullBoy
JaagupEstonian form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.Boy
JaakOne who holds the heelBoy
JaanGod is GraciousBoy
JevgeniEstonian form of Eugene. It means well born or noble.Boy
JoosepEstonian form of Joseph. It means he will add.Boy
JuhanEstonian form of John. It means God is gracious.Boy
JuhkamEstablished by God.Boy
JukkaJukka is Estonian form of Richard and means strong ruler.Boy
JukuJuku is a form of Richard. It means strong ruler.Boy
KaapoEstonian form of Gabriel, meaning man of GodBoy
KaarelEstonian form of Charles. It means man.Boy
KaarliEstonian form of Charlie. It means man.Boy
KainusKainus name means SoberBoy
KalevA variant of Kaleva, meaning the land of Kalevi.Boy
KalevaName of a hero in Estonian mythology. It means the land of Kalevi.Boy
KaljuRock or boulderBoy
KeertEstonian form of Gerald, meaning bold ruler.Boy
KoitDay break; Estonian word meaning DawnBoy
LeenartLion or brave as a lion.Boy
LeksShort form of Leksik. It means defender of men.Boy
LeksikEstonian form of Alexander. It means defender of menBoy
LeksoLekso is a nickname for Leksik. It means defender of men.Boy
LuigasFrom LucaniaBoy
LuugusA form of Luigas, meaning from LucaniaBoy
MargusA variant of Margus, meaning from Mars.Boy
MarkkoFrom MarsBoy
MarthinOf MarsBoy
MartiinusOf MarsBoy
MatheiGift from God. It's a form of Matthew.Boy
MihkelEstonian form of Michael, meaning who is like God?Boy
MikkWho is Godlike? Estonian form of MichaelBoy
MikkliWho is like God? Estonian form of MichaelBoy
NigulEstonian form of Nicholas. It means victory of the people.Boy
NikolaisEstonian form of Nicholas. It means victory of the people.Boy
NikoliNikoli is Estonian form of Nicholas and means victory of the people.Boy
NikulaNikula is a variant of Nikulas and means victory of the people.Boy
NikulasNikulas is Estonian form of Nicholas and means victory of the people.Boy
OlevEstonian form of Olaf. It means ancestor's descendant.Boy
PeetRock or stoneBoy
PeeterPeeter is a form of Peter and means rock or stone.Boy
PrantsEstonian form of Frank, meaning a FrenchmanBoy
PredrikA form of Frederick, meaning peaceful ruler.Boy
PriidikEstonian form of Frederick. It means peaceful ruler.Boy
PriitShort form of Priidik. It means peaceful ruler.Boy
RikkartBrave rulerBoy
RikkeyRiky is Estonian form of Rick and means powerful, strong ruler.Boy
RiksRiks is a short form of Riky and means powerful and strong ruler.Boy
RikyRiky is Estonian form of Rick. It means powerful, strong ruler.Boy
RolliHe who is famous throughout the land.Boy
RuubertA form of Robert, meaning bright or fame.Boy
SaamelGod has heardBoy
SeppoEstonian form of Sebastian, meaning venerable.Boy
TaavetEstonian form of David. It means beloved.Boy
TanielA form of Daniel, meaning God is my judge.Boy
TannilA form of Daniel, meaning God is my judge.Boy
TiitusEstonian form of Titus. It means title of honor.Boy
TimmuA form of Timothy, meaning honoring God.Boy
TimusHonoring GodBoy
Toivothe faith or trust or promiseBoy
ToomasA child of the twinBoy
ToomisToomis is Estonian form of Thomas and means twin.Boy
TuudurGift of GodBoy
ValterEstonian form of Walter. It means ruler of the army.Boy
VicencTo winBoy
VillemEstonian form of William. It means helmet or protection.Boy
VitsentTo conquerBoy
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