1474 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter N

Baby Girl Names Starts With N

The first letter of a name can say a lot about the fate of the bearer. What job will make a success of her, what character traits she’s likely to possess, and even how others will view her. So parents, if you want to give your daughter a name starting with the letter N, we’d let you know beforehand how it can mold her.

The letter N, associated with imagination, intelligence, and determination are some of the greatest initials you can consider for your little princess. Giving a name with this letter means she’ll take immense pride in whatever she undertakes and will successfully overcome every obstacle. This will make her interesting and intriguing to others.

N girls are also very adaptable and flexible. They can stop doing something suddenly and go off in an entirely different direction. They are even very welcoming towards new experiences and changes. However, this trait can make them fickle minded and imbalanced if not kept in check.

From Arabian Naaheed to Indian Nupur, there are hundreds of appealing baby girl names starting with the letter N. And you don’t have to go anywhere to find them as MomJunction has listed almost all of them in our baby name tool.

NamartaThe softness or gentlenessGirl
NamasriThe respectful name, a holy nameGirl
NamasyaThe person who deserves the worthy of honour and praise.Unisex
NamiaA growing thing, increasingGirl
NamidA bright dancer, who dance wellUnisex
NamieBlessings or little helpGirl
NamiraA tigress, beauty and strengthGirl
NamitaOne who bestow in humblenessGirl
NamiyahA force to move forward, keep goingGirl
NamjasWho praises the name through singingUnisex
NamjeetWho wins over his nameUnisex
NamjotThe light of a name, enlightens the nameGirl
NamleenWho is submerged in own nameGirl
NampreetOne who is in affection of her nameGirl
NamraA tigress, beauty and strengthGirl
NamrahThe clean drinking waterGirl
NamrataHumbleness, noblenessGirl
NamritaThe most humble or a modest personGirl
NamritadeepThe light of the humblenessUnisex
NamritajeetOne who wins over through the humblenessUnisex
NamritajotThe lamp of the modestyUnisex
NamritameetThe humble or modest friendUnisex
NamritapreetThe modest infatuationGirl
NamroopThe beauty of a nameGirl
NamsitThe queen of the namesGirl
NamylaA reserved person, quiteGirl
NanGrace, elegant, poise, balancedGirl
NanaIn Hawaiian it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa it signifies the status of a monarch.Unisex
NanakName of the first Sikh GuruGirl
NanakiGuru nanak's sister's nameGirl
NanakoThe child of the greensGirl
NanamiSeven seas or beautiful green vegetablesGirl
NanceeAn elegant personGirl
NanceyThe person with graceGirl
NanciThe graceful person, elegantGirl
NancieA balanced person, gracefulGirl
NancijaneThe grave of Jehovah, Jehovah was graciousGirl
NancyA divine person, full of graceGirl
NandanaOne who is enjoying the happinessGirl
NandanjotThe light of the Joy or happinessGirl
NandanpreetThe love of tranquillityUnisex
NandarRejoice or happinessGirl
NandedkarOne who halls from Nanded cityUnisex
NandhaJo of peace and comfortGirl
NandhikaA Girl who is very happy. Goddess LaxmiGirl
NandhiniThe Goddess of Luck. Goddess LaxmiGirl
NandikaWater vessel made up of clayGirl
NandiniThe pleasure or enjoymentGirl
NanditaOne who is at ease and joyousGirl
NandnaA baby girl or a daughterGirl
NandraA cheerful or happy girlGirl
NandraniThe queen of Happiness or JoyGirl
NaneA nice natured personUnisex
NaneaA land of the heavenGirl
NanettaA graceful queen or empressGirl
NanetteA ruler full of grace and charmGirl
NangialaiAn honorable and notable womanGirl
NaniIn Hawaiian it meant beauty or splendour. In Japanese it too means beauty.Unisex
NaniceOne who is favoured by GodGirl
NaninaA graceful person, a charming oneGirl
NanjaOne who is merciful, who favoursGirl
NanmaniResembles as outstanding gemstone.Girl
NannGod has preferred me.Girl
NannaMercy or kindness.Girl
NannerlGod is merciful.Girl
NannetteGod has shown mercy upon me.Girl
NanniGod has shown his kindness on me.Girl
NannieKindness of GodGirl
NanoukNanouk is a variant of Nanuq, which means polar bear.Unisex
NansharOne who is preferred by GodGirl
NansiLoveliness or elegance.Girl
NanssyThe grace of GodGirl
NansyGod has forgiven me.Girl
NanuPretty or cute or handsome.Girl
NanuliDiminutive of Nana, meaning graceGirl
NanurjukThe starUnisex
NanyamkaGod's giftGirl
NaoimhThe enjoyable pleasantnessGirl
NaokoRespectful and submissive child.Girl
NaolinAztec ancient tribe god of the sunGirl
NaomaEnjoyable and agreeable.Girl
NaomeMy happy and my glad.Girl
NaomhThe pleasantness of a personGirl
NaomiEnjoyableness or niceness or satisfaction.Girl
NaomieAgreeable nature or appeal or loveliness.Girl
NaomikaGoddess Dhurga or Lakshmi.Girl
NaomyWonderful or enchanting or charming.Girl
NaouscaOne who burn shipsGirl
NaphtaliGrappling or fighting or struggling.Unisex
NaptiDaughter's daughter, grand daughter.Girl
NapuaResembles floras or flowers.Girl
NaqaOne who is pure and refineGirl
NaqeebaThe female leader or who gives newsGirl
NaqiaFaultless, free from evil or corruptionGirl
NaqibaWho gives news to the massesGirl
NaqitName of a Islam scholarGirl
NaqiyaFree from any blamesGirl
NaraExtraordinary blossom from paradise, superior floret from dreamland.Girl
NarainA Godly Person; The God Vishnu; A variant of name NarayanGirl
NarangOrange color, as Orange is the color of Hindu. Hindu clan ArorasUnisex

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