1491 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter N

Baby Girl Names Starts With N

The first letter of a name can say a lot about the fate of the bearer. What job will make a success of her, what character traits she’s likely to possess, and even how others will view her. So parents, if you want to give your daughter a name starting with the letter N, we’d let you know beforehand how it can mold her.

The letter N, associated with imagination, intelligence, and determination are some of the greatest initials you can consider for your little princess. Giving a name with this letter means she’ll take immense pride in whatever she undertakes and will successfully overcome every obstacle. This will make her interesting and intriguing to others.

N girls are also very adaptable and flexible. They can stop doing something suddenly and go off in an entirely different direction. They are even very welcoming towards new experiences and changes. However, this trait can make them fickle minded and imbalanced if not kept in check.

From Arabian Naaheed to Indian Nupur, there are hundreds of appealing baby girl names starting with the letter N. And you don’t have to go anywhere to find them as MomJunction has listed almost all of them in our baby name tool.

NageshwariThe Goddess of the serpentsGirl
NagheenA gem-stone, stone on the ringGirl
NaghmaA melody or musical note.Girl
NaghmahA melody or a songGirl
NagiA calm or a lull personGirl
NagiaThe one who is savedGirl
NagiahThe safest personGirl
NagibaA distinguished personGirl
NagidA ruler or a princessGirl
NagikiranThe rays of the serpentsGirl
NaginA feminine form of snakeGirl
NaginaThe one who is very much priceless like a jewel or diamond.Girl
NaginiA female that turns into a large snakeGirl
NagiyaThe one who is free from any riskGirl
NaglaA girl with wide eyesGirl
NagmaThe tune or the melodyGirl
NagmaniThe gem of the serpentsGirl
NagodeallahI thank God.Unisex
NagwaA closely or acquainted conversationGirl
NahalA young plantGirl
NaharIn Arabic it refers to the daytime. In Hindi it refers to a small stream of waterUnisex
NahdiA strong and mighty treeUnisex
NaheedThe planet Venus of the solar systemGirl
NaheedaA delightful personGirl
NahiaAn aspiration to do somethingGirl
NahidThe Second planet of the solar system; VenusGirl
NahidaPlanet Venus, Referred in ShahanamaGirl
NahidahA delightful and beautiful girlGirl
NahimaFree from emotional and mental disturbanceGirl
NahizaA raised person, at high rankGirl
NahlaIn Arabic it means a drink of water. In Sanskrit it means the stem.Girl
NahlahWater drink, a drink of waterGirl
NahleejahA cool-tempered person, down to earthGirl
NahlinA fleet or a vehicle of footGirl
NahuatlGoddess of Water and riversUnisex
NahuelAn elegant and furious JaguarUnisex
NaiaIn Latin it means A Nymph. In Russian it refers to the hopeGirl
NaiadA young deity of water, a larvaGirl
NaiaraRefers to the Virgin MaryGirl
NaidaThe water nymphGirl
NaidelynModern English name.Girl
NaidhruaOne who is almost perfect, Goddess ParvatiGirl
NaidhruvLasting forever, close to perfectionGirl
NaifahAn exalted personGirl
Naifna'ilOne who acquire or earnGirl
NaijaThe one from the Niger riverGirl
NaikaThe female chief or the leaderGirl
NailaA successful person, an achieverGirl
NailadiOne who desires new experiences and is charmingGirl

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