1491 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter N

Baby Girl Names Starts With N

The first letter of a name can say a lot about the fate of the bearer. What job will make a success of her, what character traits she’s likely to possess, and even how others will view her. So parents, if you want to give your daughter a name starting with the letter N, we’d let you know beforehand how it can mold her.

The letter N, associated with imagination, intelligence, and determination are some of the greatest initials you can consider for your little princess. Giving a name with this letter means she’ll take immense pride in whatever she undertakes and will successfully overcome every obstacle. This will make her interesting and intriguing to others.

N girls are also very adaptable and flexible. They can stop doing something suddenly and go off in an entirely different direction. They are even very welcoming towards new experiences and changes. However, this trait can make them fickle minded and imbalanced if not kept in check.

From Arabian Naaheed to Indian Nupur, there are hundreds of appealing baby girl names starting with the letter N. And you don’t have to go anywhere to find them as MomJunction has listed almost all of them in our baby name tool.

NadimahThe person who is very closer to your heart.Girl
NadinSlightly wet, care, trust, subtle.Girl
NadinaGrounds for feeling hopeful.Girl
NadineA trustful relationship.Girl
NadiraThe one who is uncommon and tough to search.Girl
NadirahThe one who is occasional and valuable.Girl
NadiyahEasily broken or damaged or destroyed.Girl
NadiyyaThe one who is soggy, affectionate and gentle.Girl
NadìždaA variant of Nadeja, meaning hope.Girl
NadjaThe person who will not give up easily.Girl
NadraThe one who is specific to a person or thing or category.Girl
NadrahA specified person, highly recognizableGirl
NadwaThe body serving in an administrative capacity.Girl
NadwahThe one who gives sensible advices.Girl
NadyaThe specific instance of feeling hopeful.Girl
NadylieThe Christmas dayGirl
NadyneFlower head, bud, blossom, floret.Girl
NadziejaThe person who is mild, saturated and affectionate.Girl
NaeemaTo be comfortable or to be satisfied.Girl
NaeemahGladness, relaxation, joy.Girl
NaemaTo live a contented and joyful life.Girl
NaeniaDivinity of memorials, theology of burials.Girl
NaethrThe person who is having good eyesight.Girl
NaevaThe person who was born during sunset or dawn.Girl
NaeviaThe person is full of life and spirit.Girl
NafThe valuable and priceless one.Girl
NafayThe one who is full of profitable income and turnover.Girl
NafeesaThe person who is extraordinary and precious.Girl
NafeesahTremendous, marvellous, stunning, splendidGirl
NafeezaRemarkable, spectacular, fabulous, impressiveGirl
NafeezahExtraordinary, outstanding, excellent, strikingGirl
NaffoHighpoint, uncommon, valuable.Girl
NaffyZenith, intermittent, expensive.Girl
NafiaA person who benefits othersGirl
NafiahThe person who is benevolent, beneficial, favourable.Girl
NafisThe one who is treasurable and valuable.Unisex
NafisaThe person who is admirable and cherished.Girl
NafisahThe person who is costly, slight and jewel.Girl
NafizaThe person who is treasurable and appreciated.Girl
NaflahThe person who is embarrassment, richness or wealth.Girl
NafrinAccessible, manageable, adaptable, reachable.Girl
NafulaOne who was born during the rainy season.Girl
NafunaThe one who is carried his feet first.Girl
NagalataThe spiritual serpent or deity cobra.Girl
NaganandiThe girl child of the snakeGirl
NagarajiOne who have snakesGirl
NagashreeSupernatural snake or deity serpent.Girl
NagchudaThe holy bangles of a serpentGirl
NageenaThe one who resembles nugget or stone or jewel.Girl
NageenahPrecious stoneGirl

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