40 Greenlandic Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Greenland is an island nation between the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Greenlandic baby boy names are as unique and beautiful as this magical land and its people. The world's largest island, Greenland, is best known for its pristine environment and stunning natural beauty. It is one of the few places on the planet that can boast of landscapes consisting of regions of vast tundra and immense glaciers. Though its environment is awe-strikingly beautiful, it is also harsh and inhospitable. Such climatic conditions have molded the local inhabitants of this icy land. The indigenous inhabitants and majority of the residents of Greenland are known as Inuits.

The main elements influence several of the traditions, customs, and naming practices in the lives of these indigenous people. These people have a profound respect for nature and its components, which is quite evident in their naming practices. Some names associated with nature and natural elements include Jenseraq, a masculine name meaning 'young animal,' and Agpa, a gender-neutral name meaning 'Thick-billed Murre.' Other aspects that the people of Greenland base their names around include religion. The majority of the population in Greenland follow Christianity. The biggest branch of Christianity existing in the island nation is Evangelical Lutheranism. Some Greenlandic names that bear an association with religion include Iisaja, a Greenlandic masculine variant of Îsaia, meaning 'God is salvation' and Gaaba, which is a Greenlandic variant form of Kaapa, meaning 'God is my strong man,' and Eliaser, which signifies 'God's help.' The name beautifully correlates with spirituality, implying unwavering faith in divine assistance. Do check out our extensive list of Greenlandic baby names for your little bundle of joy. Do not forget to save a few intriguing and captivating names for future reference.

heart image Aputsiaq Unisex Baby Sign Unisex An exquisite snowflake
heart image Hans Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Inuk Baby Boy Sign Boy Human being; Man
heart image Inunnguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet little person or man
heart image Malik Baby Boy Sign Boy King
heart image Minik Baby Boy Sign Boy A tough layer of fat; To seal the skin cuts
heart image Peter Baby Boy Sign Boy Rock; Stone
heart image Salik Baby Boy Sign Boy One who follows the spiritual path
heart image Aaju Baby Boy Sign Boy Older sibling of the same gender
heart image Aajunnguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Dear older sibling
heart image Aakkuluk Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet little one
heart image Aamannguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Glow; Glowing coal
heart image Aanarsi Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Anders; Manly
heart image Agpa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Thick-billed Murre
heart image Agssile Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Aksel; The father is peace
heart image Akimiu Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who wanders by place under windows
heart image Alaappaat Baby Boy Sign Boy White
heart image Alagsantere Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Alexander; Defending men
heart image Anori Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wind
heart image Avva Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Powerful; Strength
heart image Benjamini Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Benjamin; Son of the south
heart image Daavi Baby Boy Sign Boy Daavi is a form of David; Beloved
heart image Eeriuffi Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior wolf
heart image Eikili Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Eigil; Awe; Terror
heart image Ejnare Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Ejnar; Lone warrior
heart image Eliaser Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Elieser; God is help
heart image Erneeraq Baby Boy Sign Boy Son
heart image Fare Baby Boy Sign Boy Ancient Germanic variant form of Faro; Journey
heart image Gaaba Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my strong man
heart image Hansinguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet dear
heart image Igaliko Baby Boy Sign Boy Abandoned hearth; Fireplace
heart image Iggiaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Throat
heart image Iisaja Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic variant of Îsaia; God is salvation
heart image Ijaakaaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Moon
heart image Ikila Baby Boy Sign Boy How sweet you are
heart image Jenseraq Baby Boy Sign Boy Young animal
heart image Juaannguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet, dear
heart image Justuse Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Justus, fair
heart image Pilu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A great bilberry
heart image Stene Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is a stone

Greenlandic baby boy names resemble Greenland's vibrant and fun culture, whose landscapes are as beautiful as the people of the land. This land is no stranger to unfavorable conditions, which has shaped the lives, customs and traditions of the local inhabitants. The profound influence that nature has on people's lives has also impacted the type of names they choose for their young. Glance through our list to gain an insight into some popular Greenlandic baby names and take your ideal pick.

Infographic: Beautiful Greenlandic Baby Boy Names

The indigenous inhabitants of Greenland are known as the Inuits. Numerous languages exist in this island country, and they are all referenced under the umbrella term Greenlandic. The names adorned by the inhabitants of this beautiful land are usually associated with nature, social aspects, and religion. Do read through our informative infographic as we present Greenlandic baby boy names. You may also save and share it with your friends.

glorious greenlandic names for your little prince (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a common name in Greenland?

Feminine names such as Ivaana and Nivi, and masculine names such as Inuk and Malik are quite common in Greenland. They are probably most chosen names because they are short and have a sweet melody.

2. Are there any Greenlandic baby boy names with a connection to Greenlandic mythology or folklore?

Yes. The masculine name Anningan is the name of God of the moon who was also the brother of the Sun goddess. Similarly, according to Intuit mythology, Anguta is the name of God responsible for transporting the souls of the dead to the underworld.

3. What do Greenlandic baby boy names typically mean?

Many Greenlandic baby boy names are inspired by elements of the Arctic environment, animals, natural phenomena, and traditional beliefs. For instance, the name Aputsiaq means ‘snowflake,’ while Qillaq refers to ‘seal hide.’ However, not all names will fit into such categories as naming practices vary among families and depend on personal preferences.

4. How are Greenlandic baby boy names different than Nordic names in terms of popularity?

Most Greenlandic baby boy names are deeply rooted in the Inuit language and traditions. While they may have some similarities to other Nordic names, they often have distinct characteristics and reflect the specific cultural heritage of Greenland. Hence, the natives of Greenland may prefer using their traditional names instead of names popular in other Nordic countries.

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