38 Greenlandic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AputsiaqAn exquisite snowflakeUnisex
HansHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name JohnBoy
InukHuman being, manBoy
InunnguaqSweet little person or manBoy
MalikHe who is kingBoy
MinikA tough layer of fat, to seal the skin cuts. A title given to Denmark's Prince Vincent.Boy
PeterOne who is a rock and a stoneBoy
SalikOne who follows the spiritual pathBoy
AajuOlder sibling of the same genderBoy
AajunnguaqDear older siblingBoy
AakkulukSweet little oneBoy
AamannguaqGlow, glowing coalBoy
AanarsiGreenlandic form of Anders, meaning manly.Boy
AgpaThick-billed MurreUnisex
AgssileGreenlandic form of Aksel. It means the father is peace.Boy
AkimiuThe one who wanders by place under windows.Boy
AlagsantereGreenlandic form of Alexander., meaning defending men.Boy
BenjaminiGreenlandic form of Benjamin, meaning son of the south.Boy
DaaviDaavi is a form of David and means beloved.Boy
EeriuffiGreenlandic form of Herjulf. It means warrior wolf.Boy
EikiliGreenlandic form of Eigil, meaning awe, terror.Boy
EjnareGreenlandic form of Ejnar, meaning lone warrior.Boy
EliaserGreenlandic form of Elieser. It means my God is help.Boy
FareAncient Germanic variant form of Faro. It means journey.Boy
GaabaGreenlandic variant form of Kaapa, meaning God is my strong man.Boy
HansinguaqSweet dear.Boy
IgalikoAbandoned hearth, fireplaceBoy
IisajaGreenlandic variant of Îsaia. It means God is salvationBoy
IkilaHow sweet you areBoy
JenseraqYoung animalBoy
JuaannguaqSweet, dearBoy
JustuseGreenlandic form of Justus, meaning fair.Boy
PiluA great bilberryUnisex
SteneA man who is a stoneBoy
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