217 Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter N

Naabhithe middle part of the body.Boy
NadhamuniThe name of Naradha Maharishi.Boy
NagabhooshanThe one who is wearing snakes as ornaments around his body.Boy
NagabhooshanamWho wears ornamental snakeBoy
NagabhushanThe Lord Shiva who is wearing cobra around his neck as a necklace.Boy
NagadharWho keeps snake as petsBoy
NagarajuThe master king of all kind of serpents.Boy
NaguA gentle person, a simple oneBoy
NaishadhA heroic king from MahabharataBoy
NaishadhaKing Nala, King of NishadhaBoy
NaitarpalOne who do care for the eyesBoy
NakshathranThe sovereign or royal of the star planet.Boy
NaleshLord Vishnu, the preserverBoy
NamadevOne of the ancient sacred people.Boy
NamadevaThe Lord of the name, a sacred personBoy
NamagiriOne who posses a name, a famous personBoy
NamahaPleading or praying to God in a acceptable way.Boy
NamanBow down before the creator or salaam or greeting.Unisex
NambanA humble Indian greeting by bowing down in respectBoy
NamgeetA song of names of his lifeBoy
NamiA popular personBoy
NamishThe lord of names, Lord VishnuBoy
NamishaThe Lord of all, Lord VishnuBoy
NamoThe Hindu greeting when the meetBoy
NampalThe defender of the nameBoy
NampremThe love of the nameBoy
NamrangThe color of the titleBoy
NamuchiA permanent one, a demon slain by KrishnaBoy
NamvarOne who is very famous, whose name is popularBoy
Namyabowed down, a humble personBoy
NandanbirA cheerful brave personBoy
NandanjeetJoy of a victoryBoy
NandanpreetThe love of tranquillityUnisex
NandapalThe protector of the comfort or joyBoy
NandessThe God of tranquillityBoy
NanduA very happy and sweet childBoy
NangA naked person, without fearBoy
NangaA fearless person, no fear at allBoy
NarA male or a masculine personBoy
NarakaInnate of the concentration, born of the awarenessBoy
NarasimhaThe Sun, who gives powerful light to whole world.Boy
NarikaLord of manBoy
NarishyantaA lion in the form of manBoy
NaritpalThe protector of mankindBoy
NarjeepA seeker of mankindBoy
NarjesGrace of mankindBoy
NarjessThe gracious manBoy
NarjodhA great male warriorBoy
NarkipOne who seeks mankindBoy
NarleetPermeated with the kingBoy
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