43 Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SatThe true or everlastingBoy
Satparvanthe one who is accepted by the GodBoy
SatyadeepThe lamp of truthBoy
SatyanarayanaThe righteous path of truthBoy
SauraOf the sun or the sun worshipperBoy
ShaikshaOne who is a KingBoy
ShailenA mountain KingBoy
ShailenderThe King of all mountainsBoy
ShamHe has a strong personalityBoy
ShamikAn ancient and wise sageBoy
ShankaranThe name means SinkamBoy
ShankhdharA man with the counch shellBoy
SharadinduOne who is as beautiful as the Autumn Moon on the skyBoy
ShariniA person who protects the EarthBoy
ShasankaTo be like a Moon in skyBoy
Shayam charanName of Lord KrishnaBoy
SheyaamThe dusk or the dusky complexed personBoy
ShivcharanjitOne who win a place at the feet of Lord ShivaBoy
ShravyaOne whose vice is like a musical toneUnisex
ShreeragGod's musical RagaBoy
ShreyankA Boy that found fame in lifeBoy
ShreyanshA lucky one who gives fame to othersBoy
ShreyovardhanaOne who is the best of allBoy
ShrimanOne who possesses the wealth of YogaBoy
ShrishOne who is the Lord of wealthBoy
ShrotOne who is a good listenerBoy
ShrutikA name of the Goddess ParvatiBoy
ShubhasunadOne who recieved blessingBoy
ShubhrathoOne who is well-bornBoy
ShuboolOne who is like a lion cubBoy
SiddhashramaMystical hermitageUnisex
SinhikhaThe grim who rose from the seaBoy
SkandajitA name of the Lord VishnuBoy
SmaramA man who is a God's giftBoy
SmartaA name of the movement in HinduismUnisex
SodhiTo be a firendly personBoy
SombirHe who conquered the MoonBoy
SovitHe is the SunBoy
SreyasThe most excellent man with many virtuesBoy
SuhashOne with a sweet smile, sweet smiled.Boy
SumatikumarSumatikumar is a variation of Sumatinath. Sumatinath is the name of 5th Tirthankara.Boy
SushenaA name of one of the kauravasBoy
SuvratOne who is strict in religious vows. It's also the name of a Jain god.Boy
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