131 Kannada Baby Names With Meanings


The gift of a name is a gift for life, and as parents, you want your child’s name to be unique, meaningful, and perfect. A Kannada baby name would offer you just what you need. Kannada is a Dravidian language spoken by nearly 50 million people in Karnataka, India. It is recognized as one of the country's 22 scheduled languages. The language is more than 2000 years old, finding mention even in the exploits of Alexander the Great (1). Over time, three influences have shaped the language: Pāṇini's grammar, non-Pāṇinian schools of Sanskrit grammar, and Prakrit grammar. These sources are reflected in Kannada vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, morphology, and syntax. Kannada names contain four or three main parts, depending on the region. The first name could be anything parents like, but it is preferred that the initial of the name should be the first letter of their ancestor’s village name or the baby’s native place. In Southern Karnataka, it is customary to use the father’s name as the baby’s second name. The third name of the baby is usually regarded as their given name. These names are derived from human virtues, names of gods, and elements of nature. Kannada surnames are handed down from generation to generation. In North Karnataka, surnames are derived from various sources, such as places, temples, types of people, professions, and clothing, to name a few. They can also be based on houses, such as Doddamani, meaning ‘big house,’ and Hadimani, ‘house next to the road.’ Surnames also indicate the type of community and caste an individual belongs to. Although these caste names are given only to people of higher castes, people who belong to South Karnataka rarely use caste names. Some parents even include the child’s birthplace in the name. Married women often take their husband’s given name as their surname. Below, we have compiled a collection of some modern, traditional, and popular Kannada baby names. Have a look to find the perfect name for your little one!

heart image Aabharana Baby Girl Sign Girl Valuables; Jewels; Ornaments; The person who brings prosperity, happiness, and honor
heart image Aadeshwar Baby Boy Sign Boy God; The one who is in a high position of authority
heart image Aagar Baby Boy Sign Boy A person having an interest in Music; Excelling in music
heart image Aagarna Baby Girl Sign Girl A person having natural or born abilities in music
heart image Aashirya Baby Girl Sign Girl Creative and strong personality from the land of God
heart image Aasin Baby Girl Sign Girl Driver; Calling himself, A wheel-maker, Lucky in life
heart image Aavi Baby Boy Sign Boy Smoke
heart image Abezag Baby Boy Sign Boy The one is clean; Pure and blessed
heart image Akalapathi Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva; A name denoting flexibility and intellect
heart image Akalendra Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva; A potential worker destined to express wonderful organizational skill
heart image Akalesvara Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva; Strength gained through experience, success after test and trials
heart image Akanda Baby Boy Sign Boy Easygoing Gentleman
heart image Akarya Baby Boy Sign Boy Leadership
heart image Gandhika Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet and nice smell
heart image Impana Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Light of knowledge; Illumination
heart image Natkunam Baby Boy Sign Boy Morally upright person
heart image Nooreh Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Enlightenment, radiance, beauty
heart image Prakruthi Baby Girl Sign Girl Weather and nature
heart image Pranaam Baby Boy Sign Boy Namaskara
heart image Prasiddhi Baby Boy Sign Boy One of many accomplishments and a great fame
heart image Pratapavat Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is known for his valor
heart image Prathish Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who was born to rule due to his or her good behavior and beauty
heart image Praver Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who in charge of things
heart image Prinit Baby Boy Sign Boy A very pleased and gratified person
heart image Pudhumai Baby Boy Sign Boy One with an innovative and creative mind
heart image Pujesh Baby Boy Sign Boy A worshipped object
heart image Puli Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is like a tiger
heart image Purnayan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is born full of his parents traits
heart image Purvanshu Baby Boy Sign Boy A Kannada male name
heart image Purvith Baby Boy Sign Boy A Kannada male name
heart image Rhyah Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is the Queen of the sun
heart image Ruchiparv Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is filled with beauty
heart image Rudhir Baby Boy Sign Boy Rudra
heart image Rupalekha Baby Girl Sign Girl Vedic hymn
heart image Rupamanjari Baby Girl Sign Girl Made of silver
heart image Rupina Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Rushik Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord of earth
heart image Rushikulya Baby Girl Sign Girl Sprout of beauty
heart image Rusyendra Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of an ascetic
heart image Rutanshi Baby Girl Sign Girl Truth
heart image Ruthvik Baby Boy Sign Boy Seasonal sacrificer
heart image Ruthvika Baby Girl Sign Girl Speech
heart image Rutwaak Baby Boy Sign Boy A sage
heart image Suvrita Baby Girl Sign Girl A well behaved woman
heart image Suvyuha Baby Girl Sign Girl An angel; Pure as an angel
heart image Suyashas Baby Boy Sign Boy Glorious fame
heart image Svaramaya Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is good looking
heart image Svojas Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is very strong and powerful
heart image Swabhiram Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is very delightful
heart image Swabhu Baby Boy Sign Boy Self born
heart image Swapnasundari Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman of dreams
heart image Swapnika Baby Girl Sign Girl Dreams
heart image Swardhuni Baby Girl Sign Girl River of heaven
heart image Swarnalata Baby Girl Sign Girl Lustrous
heart image Swarnalaxmi Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Parvati
heart image Swarnamala Baby Girl Sign Girl Garland of gold
heart image Swarnaprabha Baby Girl Sign Girl Golden light
heart image Swetambari Baby Girl Sign Girl An angel dressed in white
heart image Swrnav Baby Boy Sign Boy Golden
heart image Taamraparnee Baby Girl Sign Girl Copper leaves
heart image Thrishika Baby Girl Sign Girl Trident
heart image Thrithika Baby Girl Sign Girl Meeting of the three goddesses
heart image Tivri Baby Girl Sign Girl Auspicious
heart image Tokini Baby Girl Sign Girl A bird
heart image Trinesha Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower opening on the third day
heart image Turvash Baby Boy Sign Boy Overpowering; Victorious
heart image Turviti Baby Boy Sign Boy Superior and overpowering
heart image Tushnimsara Baby Girl Sign Girl Fine drops of water
heart image Tushtiman Baby Boy Sign Boy Satisfied
heart image Tuviksh Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Indra's bow; Powerful
heart image Tuvishtam Baby Boy Sign Boy Creator of living being, the heavenly builder
heart image Tvashta Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is the strongest
heart image Tvesin Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is impetuous
heart image Udakanjali Baby Girl Sign Girl Lustrous
heart image Udantika Baby Girl Sign Girl Satisfaction
heart image Upshobhin Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is brilliant and bright
heart image Urjamedh Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is strong and intelligent
heart image Uruthiran Baby Boy Sign Boy The name of Lord Shiva
heart image Usakirana Baby Boy Sign Boy The first light of dawn
heart image Ushadevi Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of morning; Goddess of dawn
heart image Usharvi Baby Girl Sign Girl Raga in the morning
heart image Ushashi Baby Girl Sign Girl Morning
heart image Uttaragita Baby Girl Sign Girl Enthusiasm; Zeal
heart image Uttarika Baby Girl Sign Girl Crossing river
heart image Vasantamalika Baby Boy Sign Boy Garland of spring
heart image Veeramani Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is brave and confident
heart image Vishweswari Baby Girl Sign Girl Subject
heart image Vitaka Baby Girl Sign Girl World
heart image Vividha Baby Girl Sign Girl Strange
heart image Vivika Baby Girl Sign Girl Alive; War fortress
heart image Vivitsa Baby Girl Sign Girl Desire of knowledge
heart image Viyoginee Baby Girl Sign Girl Pathway
heart image Vridhi Baby Girl Sign Girl Increase
heart image Vrika Baby Girl Sign Girl The moon
heart image Vyombha Baby Boy Sign Boy Like heaven
heart image Vyusta Baby Boy Sign Boy Dawn; Daybreak
heart image Vyusti Baby Girl Sign Girl The first gleam of dawn
heart image Yaminichandra Baby Boy Sign Boy A name of Lord Vishnu
heart image Yatharth Baby Boy Sign Boy Complete truth
heart image Yatheesh Baby Boy Sign Boy Leader of the devoted
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Selecting a baby name is not an easy task. Choosing a Kannada baby name provides you and your child a beautiful way to bond with Karnataka's rich heritage and culture. The naming system, which includes using the ancestor’s village and father’s names, instills a sense of family pride and belonging in the child. Even more interesting is the sources of surnames in Karnataka, which can be anything from clothes, houses, trades, and even temples. By exploring this collection, you can embrace the beauty and diversity of Kannada names.

Infographic: Magnificent Kannada Baby Names With Meanings

Are you looking for a name for your child from one of India’s designated classical languages? Kannada baby names are rich in meaning and exude a distinctive charm. From being inspired by gods and goddesses to depicting one’s region and culture, these names intertwine your baby’s identity with the culture. The infographic below presents some of the finest Kannada baby names with their meanings.

charismatic kannada names for your little one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Kannada baby names unique?

Kannada, a Dravidian language predominantly spoken in Karnataka, a southern state of India, showcases its uniqueness through a vibrant vocabulary and a captivating sound system, bestowing Kannada names with an enchanting and harmonious allure. Distinguished by their pronunciation, phonetics, and distinct syllable structure, Kannada names are set apart from names found in other languages (2).

2. What are the traditional values associated with Kannada Baby Names?

Kannada names beautifully encapsulate regional identity and cultural pride, embracing the rich legacy of family and ancestry. With a belief in bestowing good fortune and protection upon children, names like Lakshmi (sign), Aruna (dawn), Darshan (understanding), and Dipti (brightness) shine brightly as cherished favorites among Kannadigaru, the people of Karnataka.


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