221 Kenyan Baby Names With Meanings

Kenya, a diverse and multilingual country is renowned not just for its vast wildlife preserves and scenic landscapes, but also several ethnic groups, which speak their native languages within their communities. This explains the varied baby names of this country.

Kenyans are very particular about the name they bestow on their children. They believe that each name has a specific trait and anyone with the particular name is sure to bear it. Parents also give names that honor and preserve their Kenyan heritage. So even if the first names are western (which is rare), the second would be about the circumstances surrounding the child’s birth.

Not just first names, even second names or ethnic names are extremely important in Kenya, so much that you haven't introduced yourself until you disclose the second name. Also, Kenyans feel incomplete when they bear non-ethic names. But they may create variations of the typical name to make them appropriate for their ethnic tribes.

Traditional Kenyan communities also use matronym in their names, which is appended with ‘wa’. The use of matronym stems from the practice of polygamy among the men. Hence, using mother’s name is important, since the father needs to know which wife gave them which son or daughter.

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AmaraImmortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or BitterBoy
AmeliaThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertileGirl
AsherBlessed, happy; fortunate and blessed individualBoy
AtticusA person from AtticaBoy
AuroraA Roman Goddess; wonderful dawn and breezyGirl
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystemGirl
CharlotteFeminine form of Charles; freemanGirl
CoraBoiling water that has foams; can also mean maiden, a young womanGirl
GenevieveTirbe womanGirl
HenryEstate rulerBoy
IslaFrom Islay or Aileach, which means Rocky PlaceGirl
JackOne who thinks that the God is graciousBoy
JasperOne who brings treasureBoy
MiloA merciful soldierBoy
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.Girl
RoseA beautiful flowerGirl
SilasOf the forestBoy
TheodoreA gift from GodUnisex
WyattThe little warriorBoy
AasirOne with a captivating and fascinating personality.Boy
AbscoOne with an inventive mind.Girl
AbskoPower and strengthBoy
AbuyaOne who was born when the garden was overgrown.Girl
AchiengOne born during the day time.Girl
AdamuA variant of Adam, meaning father of mankind.Boy
AdongoThe second of twins.Girl
AkelloBaby girl born after twins.Girl
AkeyoOne who was born during the harvest.Girl
AlunaKenyan term, literally meaning come here.Girl
AluochOne who was born during an overcast morning.Girl
AminifuA woman who is faithful.Girl
AngavuShining oneGirl
AngwengOne who was born during the time of white ants.Girl
AnyangoOne who was born during mid day.Girl
ApiyoFirst of the twins.Girl
ArogoOne who nagged a lot during pregnancy.Girl
AshuraFriend or the one who accompanies.Boy
AtienoOne who was born at night.Girl
AwinoOne who was born with the cord around.Girl
BarasaKenyan term meaning meeting site.Boy
BarongoThe younger of twin.Girl
BisharaGood tidings.Girl
ChausikuOne who was born at night.Girl
ChegeA Kikuyu people of KenyaBoy
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