220 Kenyan Baby Names With Meanings


Kenya, a diverse and multilingual country, is renowned not just for its vast wildlife preserves and scenic landscapes, but also for several ethnic groups, which speak their native languages within their communities. This explains the varied Kenyan baby names of this country with fascinating stories behind them. Kenyans are particular about the name they bestow on their children. They believe that each name has a specific trait and that anyone with a particular name is sure to bear it. Parents also give names that honor and preserve their Kenyan heritage. A Kenyan name helps the child maintain their individuality and a sense of belonging to their respective community and tribe. So even if the first names are Western (which is rare), the second would be about the circumstances surrounding the child’s birth. Not just first names, but even second names or ethnic names are extremely important in Kenya, so much so that you haven't introduced yourself until you disclose the second name. Also, Kenyans feel incomplete when they bear non-ethnic names. But they may create variations of the typical name to make them appropriate for their ethnic tribes. Traditional Kenyan communities also use matronym in their names, which is appended with ‘wa’. The use of matronyms stems from the practice of polygamy among men. Hence, using the mother’s name is important, since the father needs to know which wife gave them which son or daughter. These Kenyan baby names carry stories, meanings, and connections that span generations. They serve as a reminder of the community’s collective heritage and geo-political attributes. Giving a Kenyan name to your child enables you to stay connected to your roots and honor your traditions. If you’re looking for unique and beautiful Kenyan baby names, you’ve come to the right place. We have an excellent collection of Kenyan baby boy and girl names to make your child stand out. Take a look.

heart image Aasir Baby Boy Sign Boy One with a captivating and fascinating personality
heart image Absco Baby Girl Sign Girl One with an inventive mind
heart image Absko Baby Boy Sign Boy Power and strength
heart image Abuya Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born when the garden was overgrown
heart image Achieng Baby Girl Sign Girl One born during the day time
heart image Adamu Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Adam; Father of mankind
heart image Adimu Baby Girl Sign Girl Rare
heart image Adongo Baby Girl Sign Girl The second of twins
heart image Afaafa Baby Girl Sign Girl Virtue
heart image Akello Baby Girl Sign Girl Baby girl born after twins
heart image Akeyo Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born during the harvest
heart image Alamini Baby Boy Sign Boy Trustworthy
heart image Alhaadi Baby Boy Sign Boy Guide
heart image Almasi Baby Girl Sign Girl Diamond
heart image Aluna Baby Girl Sign Girl Come here
heart image Aluoch Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born on an overcast morning
heart image Amara Baby Boy Sign Boy Immortal being; Blessed with eternal life; Grace and gracious
heart image Amelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking and industrious
heart image Aminifu Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is faithful
heart image Angavu Baby Girl Sign Girl Shining one
heart image Angweng Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born during the time of white ants
heart image Anyango Baby Girl Sign Girl Midday-born; Born at noon
heart image Apiyo Baby Girl Sign Girl First of the twins
heart image Arogo Baby Girl Sign Girl One who nagged a lot during pregnancy
heart image Asher Baby Boy Sign Boy Happy; Blessing
heart image Ashura Baby Boy Sign Boy Friend; The one who accompanies
heart image Asilia Baby Girl Sign Girl Honest
heart image Atieno Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born at night
heart image Atticus Baby Boy Sign Boy A person from Attica
heart image Aurora Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn
heart image Ava Baby Girl Sign Girl Guarantee
heart image Awino Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born with the cord around
heart image Barasa Baby Boy Sign Boy Meeting site
heart image Barongo Baby Girl Sign Girl The younger of twins
heart image Bishara Baby Girl Sign Girl Good tidings
heart image Charlotte Baby Girl Sign Girl Free person; Petite
heart image Chausiku Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born at night
heart image Chege Baby Boy Sign Boy The Kikuyu people of Kenya
heart image Chilemba Baby Boy Sign Boy Turban
heart image Chineye Baby Girl Sign Girl God lives
heart image Chitundu Baby Boy Sign Boy Bird nest
heart image Chiumbo Baby Boy Sign Boy Little
heart image Chuki Baby Girl Sign Girl Born in a time of strike and hatred
heart image Cora Baby Girl Sign Girl Maiden; Daughter; Virtous
heart image Dabiku Baby Girl Sign Girl Offering
heart image Darweshi Baby Boy Sign Boy Holy
heart image Declan Baby Boy Sign Boy Full of goodness
heart image Dhakiya Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is smart
heart image Ducha Baby Girl Sign Girl Small; Humble
heart image Duni Baby Girl Sign Girl Small
heart image Durah Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Durra Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Durah; Pearl
heart image Eidi Baby Girl Sign Girl Guardian of wealth and health
heart image Elinah Baby Girl Sign Girl Shining light
heart image Esiankiki Baby Girl Sign Girl Young maiden
heart image Eucabeth Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is great
heart image Fadhili Baby Boy Sign Boy Aid, favor, compassion, and kindness
heart image Fanaka Baby Girl Sign Girl Prosperity or success
heart image Faraja Baby Girl Sign Girl Comfort; relief; rest
heart image Farashuu Baby Girl Sign Girl Kenyan word for butterfly
heart image Felistas Baby Girl Sign Girl Happiness
heart image Feruzi Baby Boy Sign Boy Turquoise
heart image Feye Baby Boy Sign Boy The beginning
heart image Firyali Baby Girl Sign Girl Unusual; Extraordinary
heart image Gacoki Baby Boy Sign Boy He returns
heart image Gakere Baby Boy Sign Boy Small muscle; Muscular
heart image Gakeri Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Gakere; A small muscle
heart image Gakuru Baby Boy Sign Boy Elderly one
heart image Gasira Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is brave
heart image Gatete Baby Boy Sign Boy Milk gourd
heart image Gathee Baby Boy Sign Boy Elderly one
heart image Gathii Baby Boy Sign Boy Traveler; Wanderer
heart image Gathoni Baby Girl Sign Girl She is an in law
heart image Gatimu Baby Boy Sign Boy A spear
heart image Genevieve Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman of the race
heart image Geteye Baby Boy Sign Boy My master
heart image Gheche Baby Girl Sign Girl Small
heart image Gichinga Baby Boy Sign Boy A firebrand
heart image Gicicio Baby Boy Sign Boy Mirror
heart image Gikuyu Baby Boy Sign Boy Founder of the Agikuyu nation
heart image Githinji Baby Boy Sign Boy A butcher
heart image Gitonga Baby Boy Sign Boy Wealthy one
heart image Hamisi Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born on a Thursday
heart image Hanuni Baby Girl Sign Girl Happy and cheerful
heart image Hashiki Baby Girl Sign Girl Passion
heart image Hawla Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is graceful like an antelope
heart image Henry Baby Boy Sign Boy Home ruler
heart image Hiari Baby Girl Sign Girl Free will
heart image Huso Baby Girl Sign Girl Sadness of the bride
heart image Indusa Baby Girl Sign Girl Desire for a system
heart image Ingumba Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is easy going
heart image Isla Baby Girl Sign Girl Island
heart image Jaali Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful
heart image Jack Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Jasper Baby Boy Sign Boy One who brings treasure
heart image Jimiyu Baby Boy Sign Boy Born during summer
heart image Jumapili Baby Girl Sign Girl Sunday
heart image Kaweria Baby Girl Sign Girl The loving one
heart image Keanjaho Baby Boy Sign Boy A mountain of beans
heart image Kerubo Baby Girl Sign Girl Born on the plain
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Kenyan baby names are versatile and stand for the country’s rich culture and traditions. These names also represent the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of the country. They are symbols of the vibrant blend of languages and histories. They depict the diversity of different communities that exist in Kenya. For a name bearer, having a Kenyan name is what connects them to their roots and reminds them of their heritage. Parents choose these names not only to honor their culture but also for the unique meanings they stand for.

Infographic: Vibrant Names For Babies From Kenya

Kenyan names are special as they are not too common in foreign lands and are deeply rooted in the country’s history and tradition. These baby names are connected to virtues the natives uphold in their community. They are also symbols of their respective tribes. The infographic below will give you a glimpse of some traditional Kenyan names for boys and girls.

authentic kenyan names for babies (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning behind traditional Kenyan baby names?

Traditionally, Kenyans tend to name their children based on the circumstances around their birth. For instance, Odongo meaning ‘second of twins,’ Okeyo meaning ‘born during harvest,’ Omoni meaning ‘born at dawn,’ Barasa meaning ‘meeting site,’ and Owiti meaning ‘born after misfortune’ are among the beautiful names, each carrying a unique story within its meaning.

2. What are some Kenyan baby names that have specific cultural, historical, religious, and spiritual significance?

Wathaika, symbolizing those 'born of the land,' Jomo, bearing unknown origins but reminiscent of the first President and Prime Minister of Kenya (1), Chineye, encompassing the profound meaning of 'God lives,' and Mumbi, epitomizing the honored title of 'mother of people,' carry immense cultural, historical, religious, and spiritual weight when bestowed upon Kenyan infants, weaving a rich tapestry of significance into their names.

3. How do Kenyan baby names differ from names in other African countries?

In contrast to neighboring African nations, Kenya distinguishes itself by adopting Swahili as its official language, albeit with a minority conversing in Kikuyu, Luo, and Kalenjin. Kenyan naming traditions embody a unique blend of environmental circumstances at birth or the incorporation of dual components, one Christian and the other Muslim. Conversely, diverse cultures opt for names inspired by nature, ancestral lineage, or drawn from the wellspring of Hebrew and Arabic origins.

4. What are some unique or unusual Kenyan baby names?

Unique and extraordinary names like Chilemba, meaning ‘turban’ and Gicicio, meaning ‘mirrors’ for boys and Faraja, meaning ‘comfort’ and Waitherero, meaning ‘the better one’ are some good choices that you can consider for your little sunshine.

5. What are some modern Kenyan baby names that have recently become popular?

In modern times, Kenyan names like Layla, meaning 'night,' Zayn, meaning 'beauty,' Kamau (meaning unknown), and Ayda, meaning 'visitor' are extraordinary and popular among parents.


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  1. Jomo Kenyatta
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