99 Kenyan Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AmaraImmortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or BitterBoy
AsherBlessed, happy; fortunate and blessed individualBoy
AtticusA person from AtticaBoy
HenryEstate rulerBoy
JackOne who thinks that the God is graciousBoy
JasperOne who brings treasureBoy
MiloA merciful soldierBoy
SilasOf the forestBoy
TheodoreA gift from GodUnisex
WyattThe little warriorBoy
AasirOne with a captivating and fascinating personality.Boy
AbskoPower and strengthBoy
AdamuA variant of Adam, meaning father of mankind.Boy
AshuraFriend or the one who accompanies.Boy
BarasaKenyan term meaning meeting site.Boy
ChegeA Kikuyu people of KenyaBoy
ChitunduBird nestBoy
DeclanOne who prays and full of goodnessBoy
FadhiliAid, favor, compassion, and kindness.Boy
FeyeThe beginningBoy
GacokiHe returns.Boy
GakereSmall muscle, muscular.Boy
GakuruElderly one.Boy
GateteKenyan form for milk gourd.Boy
GatheeElderly one.Boy
GathiiTraveler, wandererBoy
GatimuA spearBoy
GeteyeMy masterBoy
GichingaA firebrandBoy
GikuyuFounder of the Agikuyu nation.Boy
GithinjiA butcherBoy
GitongaWealthy one.Boy
JimiyuBorn during summer.Boy
KeanjahoA mountain of beans.Boy
MukamiA person who milks cows.Boy
NdwigaKenyan word for giraffe.Boy
ObamaThe enchanting support to someone.Boy
ObuyaBorn when the garden was overgrown.Boy
OchiengBorn in the daytime.Boy
OdikinyiOne who was born in the early morning.Boy
OdongoSecond of twins.Boy
OdourBorn after midnight.Boy
OhonThe name is preserved.Boy
OjwangOne who survived despite neglect.Boy
OkelloOne who was born after twins.Boy
OkeyoOne who was born during the harvest.Boy
OluochOne who was born on a cloudy day.Boy
OmaribaKenyan word for clay.Boy
OmondiHe who was born at dawn.Boy
OmwanchaHe who loves people.Boy
OnkwaniHe who talks a lot.Boy
OpiyoFirst of the twins.Boy
OsogoThe Osogo birth.Boy
OthenioGive birth by night.Boy
OthiamboOne who was born in the evening.Boy
OwitiOne who was born after a misfortune.Boy
OwuorOne who was born mid morning.Boy
PiliSecond childBoy
RethThe King, the RulerBoy
RiithoKenyan term meaning an eye to see with.Boy
RuguruComes from the west.Boy
SokoroLucky oneBoy
ThabitiA true manBoy
TuwileKenyan term meaning death is invincible.Boy
WachiruSon of a judgeBoy
WaithakaOf the land.Boy
WaitimuBorn of spear.Boy
WaiyakiFamous leader of the Agikuyu.Boy
WamaiThe one who came from the water.Boy
WambuaBorn during the rainBoy
WamugundaOf the landBoy
WamukotaOne who is left handed.Boy
WamwaravHe who is intelligent.Boy
WangombeOf the cattle.Boy
WangonduOf the sheepBoy
WanjohiKenyan word for brewer.Boy
WaruhiuOne who always bears a weapon.Boy
WaruiOne who comes from the river.Boy
WasakiThe EnemyBoy
WaweruBorn of plain.Boy
WekesaBorn during the time the crops gather.Boy
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