65 Kurdish Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Kurdish baby girl names reflect diverse linguistic, historical, and cultural elements. They are as varied and vibrant as the Kurdish people themselves, with roots spreading across several regions in the Middle East, including Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq (1). These names have great historical significance and are frequently chosen to convey the parents' wishes, hopes, and blessings for their newborn daughters. They also uniquely link to Kurdish heritage, uniting the past and present. Kurdish naming patterns often resonate with the community's deep respect for nature and the environment. In Kurdish culture, naming ceremonies and customs are also quite important. The naming ceremony for a child is often a joyful event that includes family and friends. The name selection is often a thoughtful process involving elders of the family. It is believed that a name can influence a child's destiny, making the naming ceremony a crucial cultural practice. Due to the impact of globalization, there has been a noticeable trend in Kurdish parents incorporating international, primarily Western, nomenclature into their naming traditions. Kurdish women generally do not adopt their husband's family name upon marriage. However, some may do so in Western society (2). Despite these multicultural influences, traditional Kurdish titles maintain their appeal for parents seeking names with deep cultural resonance and meaningful connotations. Moreover, Kurdish baby girl names often reflect the resilient spirit of the Kurdish people and serve as a beautiful testament to their enduring culture and heritage. Whether parents adopt a traditional Kurdish name or opt for a more globally influenced name, they choose a name steeped in meaning, tradition, and a strong feeling of Kurdish identity. Continue reading as we present some charming Kurdish girl names to help you select a suitable name for your precious daughter.

heart image Amira Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess; Tree top; High born girl
heart image Ariya Baby Girl Sign Girl Honorable; Noble
heart image Asmin Baby Girl Sign Girl Sky
heart image Avesta Baby Girl Sign Girl Received knowledge
heart image Azade Baby Girl Sign Girl Free and independent
heart image Liyan Baby Girl Sign Girl Snowshoe
heart image Rona Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy is mine; Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired
heart image Rozerin Baby Girl Sign Girl Where the sun rises
heart image Sarya Baby Girl Sign Girl A pious woman
heart image Tela Baby Girl Sign Girl Short form of Ottelia
heart image Aferin Baby Girl Sign Girl Lucky or trustworthy
heart image Aheng Baby Girl Sign Girl Harmony
heart image Ahin Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish word for whole
heart image Ajwan Baby Girl Sign Girl A small gulf
heart image Alal Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish word for red rose
heart image Ariman Baby Girl Sign Girl Wish
heart image Arjin Baby Girl Sign Girl Fire of life
heart image Ase Baby Girl Sign Girl A variation of Asa; Doctor
heart image Ashti Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace
heart image Awira Baby Girl Sign Girl An interesting personality
heart image Aylan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Tree; Greenery
heart image Berivan Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish term for milkmaid
heart image Beza Baby Girl Sign Girl Despise or neglect
heart image Bihin Baby Girl Sign Girl Better than others
heart image Birwa Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish word for belief
heart image Delal Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweetheart; Dear or beautiful
heart image Dersima Baby Girl Sign Girl A name from Kurdish city Dersim
heart image Diblin Baby Girl Sign Girl The fragrance of soul
heart image Dila Baby Girl Sign Girl Right from the heart
heart image Dilnaz Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish variant of Delnaz; Beloved; Sweetheart
heart image Dilva Baby Girl Sign Girl From the heart
heart image Elfesya Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl as beautiful as a fairy or princess; Fairy or princess
heart image Gizem Baby Girl Sign Girl Mysterious
heart image Glay Baby Girl Sign Girl Rosemoon
heart image Gorkem Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Magnificent
heart image Gulistan Baby Girl Sign Girl House of flowers
heart image Irem Baby Girl Sign Girl Gardens in heaven
heart image Jiyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Life, soul, spirit
heart image Kejal Baby Girl Sign Girl Gazelle
heart image Keje Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl of radiant beauty
heart image Lilan Baby Girl Sign Girl Yodel
heart image Medya Baby Girl Sign Girl Land of Medes
heart image Mizgin Baby Girl Sign Girl Evangel; Good news
heart image Naza Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved or sweetheart
heart image Pelin Baby Girl Sign Girl Little leaf
heart image Perseng Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a star
heart image Revin Baby Girl Sign Girl Escape or flight
heart image Rewan Baby Girl Sign Girl Soul; Adult; Properly
heart image Rezan Baby Girl Sign Girl A clear and birght woman
heart image Rojan Baby Girl Sign Girl Daily
heart image Rojin Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is like a sun, pretty
heart image Rozhin Baby Girl Sign Girl The beginning of the day
heart image Rusen Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is jovial and cheerful
heart image Sazan Baby Girl Sign Girl Carp; Roach
heart image Sercan Baby Girl Sign Girl Servant; Slave
heart image Seyda Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is crazy in love
heart image Shanar Baby Girl Sign Girl Pomegranate flower
heart image Sidar Baby Girl Sign Girl Shade; Canopy
heart image Solin Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful flower garden or parterre
heart image Sozan Baby Girl Sign Girl Glowing or burning
heart image Tujela Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a plateau
heart image Viyan Baby Girl Sign Girl Intention; Wish
heart image Yelda Baby Girl Sign Girl Winter solstice
heart image Yezda Baby Girl Sign Girl A divine creature
heart image Zerya Baby Girl Sign Girl Sea

Kurdish baby girl names offer a unique mixture of cultural diversity and historical significance. The conventional Kurdish naming pattern has seen global influence reflected in the new naming schemes adopted in recent years. However, one thing is sure, Kurdish names have allured many parents looking for a unique identity that binds them with their roots and heritage and strengthens their feeling of Kurdish identity. Also, these names' are so versatile that parents from different cultures and linguistic backgrounds can embrace them.

Infographic: Amazing Kurdish Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Kurdish baby girl names reflect the vibrancy of Kurdish culture and represent the parents' wishes, blessings, and aspirations. These names are strongly related to the natural world and the community's history. The infographic below presents names honoring the Kurdish people's tenacious character and cultural history.

incredible kurdish girl names for your charming princess (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Kurdish girl names be modified or combined with other names?

Kurdish girl names can be modified or combined with other names in different ways. You can combine two Kurdish girl names to form a new name. Alternatively, you add prefixes or suffixes from Kurdish or other languages to existing titles. Furthermore, you can combine masculine names with Kurdish words to form female names. For instance, the masculine name Ciwan (young) can be combined with Kurdish words like can (life), gula (rose), and xanim (lady) to develop titles like Ciwancan, Ciwangula, and Ciwanxan.

2. What are some Kurdish girl names that are popular in the diaspora community?

Dilnaz originates from the Persian terms del and naz, meaning 'delight.' Mizgîn is another popular name that means 'happy message.' Dila meaning' heart,' and Awira translating to 'interesting,' are some more delightful Kurdish names for girls.


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  1. Kurds in Turkey.
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