64 Kurdish Baby Boy Names With Meanings


The Kurds are an ethnic group indigenous to Kurdistan, a mountainous region in Western Asia. Like the uniqueness of the region and its people, Kurdish boy names reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Kurdish communities. Over the years, several different cultures, including Persians and Lurs, have influenced Kurdish culture. Also, most Kurds live in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, contributing to the diversity of the Kurdish naming traditions. For instance, many Iraqi Kurdish people are believed to have adopted Arabic naming customs (1). However, traditionally, Kurds have their family names as their surnames, and these were usually related to their tribe or the region to which they belonged (2). They also take their grandfather's or great-grandfather's name as the last name. Kurdish given names typically draw inspiration from different aspects of nature, mythological characters, historical and cultural significance, and literature. However, many parents prefer names associated with desirable qualities and virtues. For instance, Amajgar in Kurdish means 'a sound advisor,' whereas Ara means 'one who is strong and opinionated,' reflecting desirable qualities a parent would want their child to imbibe. With increased exposure to global cultures, some Kurdish parents might adopt names from other cultures or create new names based on their preference, which makes the Kurdish names flexible and versatile. So whether you want a unique name or something traditional, Kurdish baby names can offer several options. Whatever name you pick, know the name's origin, history, and cultural association to ensure that the name is cherished and respected appropriately. Scroll down to discover a list of delightful Kurdish names for your baby boy. These names are picked based on their versatility, so parents across diverse cultures and linguistic backgrounds can find a name that fits their familial beliefs and expectations.

heart image Ako Baby Boy Sign Boy Tired; Weary
heart image Ameda Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince of Diyarbakir
heart image Ariyan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who belongs to the noble people
heart image Arman Baby Boy Sign Boy Desire; Hope; Warrior
heart image Aro Baby Boy Sign Boy Wet meadow
heart image Daryan Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince or monarch
heart image Elend Baby Boy Sign Boy The first ray of the sun in the morning.
heart image Olan Baby Boy Sign Boy Long-lasting; Not easily destroyed
heart image Royar Baby Boy Sign Boy Where the sun rises
heart image Soran Baby Boy Sign Boy Kurdish princedom
heart image Afran Baby Boy Sign Boy Created
heart image Agrin Baby Boy Sign Boy Fiery
heart image Ajda Baby Boy Sign Boy Sprout; Buckwheat
heart image Akam Baby Boy Sign Boy Kurdish word for result
heart image Alacan Baby Boy Sign Boy Life-flag
heart image Alaz Baby Boy Sign Boy Intention
heart image Amajgar Baby Boy Sign Boy A sound advisor
heart image Amanc Baby Boy Sign Boy Aim; Goal
heart image Amez Baby Boy Sign Boy Hug
heart image Amraz Baby Boy Sign Boy Target
heart image Apso Baby Boy Sign Boy A source of fresh water; Name of a Sumerian God
heart image Aras Baby Boy Sign Boy Aras river
heart image Ardalan Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a Kurdish vassal
heart image Aso Baby Boy Sign Boy Horizon
heart image Asos Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a mountain in Kurdistan
heart image Avdar Baby Boy Sign Boy March
heart image Awdil Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Adil; Fair; Honest; To act justly
heart image Aylan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Tree; Greenery
heart image Azwer Baby Boy Sign Boy Proud
heart image Cano Baby Boy Sign Boy Life
heart image Destan Baby Boy Sign Boy Destiny; By the still waters
heart image Diyako Baby Boy Sign Boy Deioces
heart image Dozan Baby Boy Sign Boy Struggler or owner of a case
heart image Ejder Baby Boy Sign Boy Dragon; one with a serious and thoughtful nature
heart image Elind Baby Boy Sign Boy Dawn
heart image Erdelan Baby Boy Sign Boy A royal family
heart image Eylo Baby Boy Sign Boy Eagle or brave
heart image Ferhad Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper or phraortes
heart image Gorkem Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Magnificent
heart image Hawre Baby Boy Sign Boy Comrade
heart image Hemin Baby Boy Sign Boy Calm; Peaceful; Quite
heart image Hestan Baby Boy Sign Boy From Heston
heart image Hozan Baby Boy Sign Boy Poem
heart image Jiyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Life, soul, spirit
heart image Jorin Baby Boy Sign Boy High or precious
heart image Kawa Baby Boy Sign Boy A mythical figure in Kurdish mythology
heart image Lawin Baby Boy Sign Boy Young man
heart image Lewend Baby Boy Sign Boy A handsome boy
heart image Mazar Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a Medes general
heart image Peros Baby Boy Sign Boy Enthusiasm
heart image Rebin Baby Boy Sign Boy Path finder
heart image Rekan Baby Boy Sign Boy Runnel; Spring waterway
heart image Renas Baby Boy Sign Boy Mentor; Pioneer
heart image Rivin Baby Boy Sign Boy Flame
heart image Roder Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunrise
heart image Rojyar Baby Boy Sign Boy Where the sun rises
heart image Simco Baby Boy Sign Boy One who harkens
heart image Sirvan Baby Boy Sign Boy A river in Kurdistan
heart image Yado Baby Boy Sign Boy A Kurdish leader
heart image Yaran Baby Boy Sign Boy A close friend
heart image Yezdanser Baby Boy Sign Boy The lion of God
heart image Zaza Baby Boy Sign Boy Movement
heart image Ziryan Baby Boy Sign Boy Storm
heart image Zoran Baby Boy Sign Boy Sultan; King

Kurdish boy names are unique and versatile. Several of them are passed down through generations, encapsulating the beliefs and aspirations of the Kurdish people. Besides, many of these names have deep meanings and significant cultural associations that add to their beauty. The list above gives many options that parents from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds can embrace. So explore the list and pick a name that fits your requirements, and whatever name you select, ensure to stay respectful of the traditions of the Kurdish people.

Infographic: Striking Kurdish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

The Kurdish people are a community found in the northern parts of the Middle East, particularly in Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. This infographic presents a selection of authentic Kurdish boy names that can provide you with ideas and inspiration when picking a name for your child. Take a moment to discover the meanings and roots of these distinct names.

classic kurdish names for your baby boy (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular Kurdish name?

The most popular Kurdish name may vary over time and across regions, but some commonly used Kurdish names for boys include Mohammed, meaning praise or commendable; Seyyed, meaning Lord or master; and Ali meaning sublime.

2. How do Kurdish baby boy names reflect the diversity and richness of the Kurdish language and culture?

Kurdish baby boy names reflect the diversity and richness of the Kurdish language and culture by encompassing various origins, including Kurdish, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish influences. Since the Kurdish people were once part of present-day Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Armenia, and Syria, their influences may be seen in the Kurdish names. Moreover, Kurdish names are traditionally based on the circumstances surrounding the baby’s birth, such as the day and time, and may also be influenced by ancestors and chiefs.

3. What are some Kurdish baby boy names that have been passed down through generations in a family, and what is the significance of these names?

Some Kurdish baby boy names that have been passed down through generations in a family include names like Barzan, Kurda, Zebar, Soran, Aaisha, Kawa, and so on. These names hold significance as they are passed down from parents, grandparents, or chiefs and thus honor family lineage, preserve ancestral connections, and carry the weight of tradition and heritage within Kurdish culture.


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