122 Macedonian Baby Names With Meanings

Macedonia, an ancient kingdom situated in the north of ancient Greece is one of the most famous nations in the history. The country attained freedom during Israel’s middle kingdom years but was captured by Persia in the fifth century. But King Alexander I helped free Macedonia in the Peloponnesian war.

The lingua Franca of Macedonia is derived from Latin, Greek, which was why Macedonian names have a Greek and Latin flavors in them. Some Thracian, Turkish, Slavic, Latin, and Paionian names are also used. But in the olden times, Macedonian names were as Greek as Thessalian, Peloponnesian, Sicilian, or Ionian names, with some being used exclusively in their dialect. Hebrew names, especially those appearing in the Bible, began appearing in Macedonia with the arrival of Christianity. This also led to the fading of Thracian names, and it eventually disappeared by the fourth century, leaving only Greek, Latin, and Hebrew names surviving.

The Macedonian naming custom involves giving children a Christian name, and any other name of the parents’ choice. The second name could be taken from any source, culture, or region. But the first name must be derived from the Bible. To help you in making choices, MomJunction has compiled a list of Macedonian baby names. Take a look!

AcoOne who helps or defends mankindBoy
AdmetosOne who cannot be tamed.Boy
AeroposMale form of the name Aerope.Boy
AgelaeiaShe who belongs to a herd.Girl
AlketasStrength, a strong man.Boy
AnaGracious and satisfyingGirl
AnastasijaResurrection; coming back to lifeGirl
AndrejOld Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name AndreasBoy
AndrotimosOne who is honest and brave.Boy
AntigonosLike the ancestorBoy
AntipatrosLike the fatherBoy
ArchelaosMaster of the people.Boy
ArgaiosGlistening and shining.Boy
ArridhaiosSomething that's too terrifying.Boy
AutodikosThe one who takes law in hands.Boy
AxiosA capable man.Boy
BalakrosOne who is bald.Boy
BashkimUnity or allianceBoy
BerenikeOne who brings victory.Girl
BesartGolden oathBoy
BlagorodnaA noble womanGirl
BlazheA sweet and pleasant man who is blessedBoy
BogdanoffGift of God.Boy
CynnaOne who is tough.Girl
DafinaHigh worthy individualGirl
DamjanCroatian form of Damian, meaning to tame.Boy
DavidA beloved friendBoy
DeinokratisA terrible ruler.Boy
DimitarA female variant of Demetrius, which means Mother or Earth motherBoy
DimitrovMacedonian form of Demeter, meaning earth.Boy
DimnosA term meaning I have fear.Boy
ElisieMy God is salvationBoy
EurydikeWide justiceGirl
Evalife or living one.Girl
HegelochosThe one who always walks ahead.Boy
HephaistionGreek god of fire and ice.Boy
HerakleidesThe key of Hera.Boy
IlinaMy God is YahwehGirl
JakleMacedonian form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.Boy
JakovMay the God watch over youBoy
JanaMan; People; One who is a kind human beingGirl
JosifMacedonian form of Joseph, meaning God will increase.Boy
JovanThey are sensative, refined and intelligent persons. They enjoy their life and keep happy others.Boy
JovanaThey inspire others, control and relief the matters of others. They want to make a different and unique world to attract others.Girl
JulijanMacedonian form of Julian. It means youthful.Boy
KaranosRuler, king or leaderBoy
KassandrosShining upon man.Boy
KleitusCalling forth or summoned.Boy
KleocharisA famous manBoy
KleopatraA form of Cleopatra, meaning glory to father.Girl
KlimentOne who is merciful and mild. A variant of Clement.Boy
KoinosSomething or someone common or usual.Boy
KorragosLeader of the army.Boy
KrasomilaLover of beautyGirl
KraterosOne who is powerful.Boy
KritolaosThe chosen of the people .Boy
LaomedonThe one who governs .Boy
LazarGod will helpBoy
LeocharisLion's grace.Boy
LeonnatosOne who is dashing like the lion.Boy
LiljanaMacedonian form of the name LilyGirl
LukaOne who shines his light on othersBoy
MacedoniaAdoration or burningBoy
MarijaA woman of the sea of sorrownessGirl
MarijanaA graceful woman in the sea of bitternessGirl
MarkoOne who is malny but tenderBoy
MatejOne considered a God's GiftBoy
MatejaHe is a God' s GiftBoy
MenelaosWithstanding the people .Boy
MihailA lovely gift from the GodBoy
MilaA Gracious or a beautiful dearGirl
MitronThe man who loves his mother.Boy
MojcejA form of Moses. It means to draw out.Boy
NeoptolemusNew warBoy
OdisejTo hate or to be grieved.Boy
ParmenionThe descendant of Parmenon.Boy
PaskalA variant of Pascal, meaning one born during Easter.Boy
PausaniasName of a Spartan king. It means grief or sorrow.Boy
PeithonThe one who persuades.Boy
PetarOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Pero; A form of PeterBoy
PetkaFriday or preparation.Girl
PetrovA form of Peter. It means rock.Boy
PeukestasOne who is sharp.Boy
PhilotasAncient Greek word for friendship.Boy
PhiloxenosFriend of strangersBoy
PolemonThe one who is fighting in a war.Boy
PolyperchonMuch rushBoy
PrepelaosOne who is distinguished.Boy
PtolemeosOne who is aggressive or war like.Boy
RistoOne who hears the ChristBoy
RosaA woman who is like a dewGirl
RozalijaA woman who is like the beautiful roseGirl
RumenaFeminine form of Rumen, meaning ruddy or red cheeked.Girl
SeleukosTo be light or to be white.Boy
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