263 Baby Boy Names That Mean Brilliant

BertrandoBrilliant Raven; Italian Form of BertrandBoy
BertyHigh-born; Brilliant; Shining BrightlyUnisex
BharupaWith a Glorious Form; Shining; BrilliantBoy
BhasantaSpring; Splendid; Shining; Glorious; BrilliantBoy
BhasinShining; BrilliantBoy
BrandebanA brilliant, systematic, versatile and assertive beingBoy
ChanakshaChanakya; Clever; Intelligent; Brilliant; SmartBoy
ChandreyiOne who is beautiful like a moon; As Appealing and Brilliant like the moonBoy
ChariIntelligence; Thoughtful; Clever; Brilliant; SmartBoy
CharvikIntelligent; Brilliant; Bright; Clever; Smart; ThoughtfulBoy
CharvkIntelligent; Brilliant; Bright; Clever; Smart; ThoughtfulBoy
ChavrikIntelligent; Brilliant; Bright; CleverBoy
ChoyenIntelligent; Brilliant; Clever; KnowledgeableBoy
ChudarmaniIntelligent; Brilliant; Lighting from the Fire; Bright; Radiant; Splendid; MagnificientBoy
ChudaroliIntelligent; Brilliant; Lighting from the Fire; Bright; Radiant; Splendid; MagnificientBoy
CitryaSparkling; bright; effervescent; brilliantBoy
CorbalengiLoyal, brilliant and fantastic human beingBoy
CunogususFamous; BrilliantBoy
DabirA brilliant teacherBoy
DaksayanOne who is brilliant and blessed with great knowledge;Boy
DakshakAble, Brilliant and Knowledgeable personBoy
DakshanOne who is brilliant; Lord of Krishna; Lord of DakshinamoorthyBoy
DakshatTalented; Able; Fit; Brilliant; Smart and Capable of doing anythingBoy
DaksheyuPerfect; Capable; Talented; Fit; BrilliantBoy
DakshyaPerfect; Capable; Talented; Fit; BrilliantBoy
DeenpremOne who loves the helpless; brilliantBoy
DeeptangHaving a brilliant body; One who is looking bright like a lightBoy
DeeptangaHaving a brilliant body; One who is looking bright like a lightBoy
DellingrShining or brilliant.Boy
DemasonA successful and brilliant writer; optimisticBoy
DhillipIntelligent; Smart; Brilliant; Bright; KnowledgeableBoy
DhimaniOne who is Intelligent and Brilliant; Related to the mindBoy
DhimatPossessed with Wisdom; One who is Intelligent; Brilliant; Bright; KnowledgeableBoy
DiveshLight; Brilliant; Bright; Luminous; RadiantBoy
DofngarthThe one who is very brilliantBoy
DousikIntelligent; Smart; Brilliant; Bright; KnowledgeableBoy
DubriciiA brilliant, untiring and idealistic beingBoy
DyuksaLight; Brilliant; Bright; Luminous; RadiantBoy
DyumatBrilliant; Splendid; Excellent; Bright; Radiant; MagnificientBoy
DyutitIlluminated; Light; Brilliant; Bright; Luminous; RadiantBoy
EkacakraThe brilliant son of KashyapaBoy
EldridaA brilliant wise advisorBoy
ErothPsychic; Intelligent; Brilliant; CleverBoy
EtashLuminous; Radiant; Bright; BrilliantBoy
EthariLuminous; Radiant; Bright; BrilliantBoy
EvarajOne who shines as Bright as the Sun; Luminant and Radiant like Sun; Brilliant like SunBoy
FaibelA brilliant manBoy
FarozanLuminous; Radiant; Bright; BrilliantBoy
FelabeorbtA brilliant young BoyBoy
FilberteA brilliant, well-learned individualBoy
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