225 Baby Boy Names That Mean Desire

AahwaanithOne who has Been Invited; Wanted; Something desired; wishBoy
AakankshDesire; Wish; Crave; LongingBoy
AarmanDesire; Awesome; Crave; Want; WishBoy
AarzooWish; Desire; Want; CraveBoy
AbeeshtWanted; Desired; To wish; CraveBoy
AbheeshtDesired; Wished; Wanted; CravedBoy
AbheeshthaOnes Desire; Wishes; Wants; CravingsBoy
AbheestWanted; Desired; Wished; CravedBoy
AbhilashDesire; Wish; Crave; Longing; WantBoy
AbhinathaLord of Desires; Another Name for Kama; God of wishesBoy
Abhinivesh (अभिनिवेश)A desire that is long cherished; persistenceBoy
AbhiniveshDesire; Love; affectionateBoy
AbhipsaMeans Strong Desire; Wishes; LongingBoy
AbhishehaOne who is full of desiresBoy
AbhniveshLong Cherished Desire; Idea; ResolutionBoy
AbilashPowerful and Complete, Desire; Name of Goddess LakshmiBoy
AdhanaOne without Money and worldly desiresBoy
AdityeshaVery High or Big Desires; One with lot of wishes and cravingsBoy
AftaThe meaning of Afta is "younger or later born". Friendly nature, easy going, practical, diplomatic, stubborn yet has a desire to please others.Boy
AhwanithWanted; desired; needed; wish; like; crave; longBoy
AimalDesire, wishBoy
AishnaDesire; Wish; Crave; Longing; WantBoy
AivatSoul, A variant of name Aiva which means Desire birdBoy
AkankshDesire, wish. One who is capable of being a mediator with good friendship abilityBoy
AlolupaFree from Desire; Firm; SteadyBoy
AlvisAn all knowing wise person who is brilliant in every way possible and have strong emotional desiresBoy
AmadanaName of Lord shiva and who is free from worldly desires and passionBoy
AmahathaIn desire of a house often showing correct path and directionBoy
AmamSafe; They are blessed with a friendly nature and a desire to please people around themBoy
AmaniA name which means wishes, desires, aspirations and dreams to promote peaceUnisex
AmanyWishful person who has lots of hopes and desiresUnisex
AmenoolahkhanThe one whose desire is to please others and are confidentBoy
AmidThey have intense emotional desires and provide general support like a great manBoy
AmodPleasure; Delight; Source of enjoyment; DesireBoy
AneirinA man of honor who is noble and desires a lovely stable lifeBoy
AnuhuThe one who is without any desireBoy
ApekshitDesired; Expected; Wished; Longed; CravedBoy
AramanasThe one who is filled with desire, pleasure and happyBoy
ArmaanDesire, wish; has a generous and helpful natureBoy
ArmanDesire, hope; one who is yearningBoy
ArmandeepsinghDesire, lightBoy
ArmsteadHandsome one; they have a desire to learn and leadBoy
ArouzEmotional desires; has bright ideasBoy
AsapurnaOne whose desire is fulfilledBoy
AshayDesire; Hope; Promising; Faith; Wish; Being OptimisticBoy
AsotosaOne who fulfills the wishes, desires, wants and needs instantlyBoy
AutarOne who fulfills desires and wishesBoy
AzolaOne who has desire for successBoy
BabeeshOne who has a desire to do thingsBoy
BadiahName of Myrobalan tree; desire to be independentBoy
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