90 Swahili Baby Names With Meanings


If you're on the quest for ideal Swahili baby names, consider it an exciting treasure hunt where you're destined to be a winner. Hidden on the Internet or tucked within the pages of a baby name book, the perfect name awaits your discovery. You just have to find out the perfect one, which you surely will. We have crafted a helpful cheat sheet for Swahili baby names to make your search easier. Swahili, often referred to by its local name Kiswahili, holds a significant place as the native language of the Swahili people, primarily found in the picturesque lands of Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique. This captivating language finds its core in the Bantu languages spoken along the enchanting coast of East Africa. Swahili, the official language of Kenya and Tanzania, widely used in countries like Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, is highly influenced by other languages and dialects. Some of the Swahili words are Arabic, obtained from the ten centuries of contact with the Arabic nations. The Swahili loanwords emerged during the time of trade between the towns of the East African coast, Asia, and the Persian Gulf. It was during this period that Swahili evolved into a widely spoken bridge language in the region (1). Even the name of the language itself is derived from an Arabic term meaning 'of the coast' (2). However, several of its words are influenced by other languages as well. The vocabulary also includes English, Persian, Portuguese, German, and French words attained through contact with these countries in the past centuries. This influence is also reflected in Swahili baby names, considering a large number of Swahili names are either Arabic or Biblical. Below is our wide selection of traditional, modern, unique, and famous Swahili baby names with meanings and traditional gender use.

heart image Abedi Baby Boy Sign Boy Worshipper
heart image Adea Baby Girl Sign Girl A kind gift from the God
heart image Adia Baby Girl Sign Girl A gift
heart image Adiah Baby Girl Sign Girl God's gift or God's ornaments
heart image Ahadi Baby Girl Sign Girl Promising; With much promise
heart image Aiysha Baby Girl Sign Girl Powerful; Complete
heart image Akida Baby Boy Sign Boy Chief; Officer; One who is determined and diplomatic
heart image Akina Baby Girl Sign Girl Solidarity; Bond; Family bond
heart image Amana Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Faithful and loyal warrior
heart image Amaziah Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has the strength of God
heart image Amne Baby Girl Sign Girl Safe; Secure
heart image Asafa Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is the son of a chief; A Persian officer
heart image Asani Baby Boy Sign Boy Rebellious
heart image Asanis Baby Boy Sign Boy Rebel; a clear and modest person
heart image Ashura Baby Boy Sign Boy Friend; The one who accompanies
heart image Athumani Baby Boy Sign Boy The third Khalifa
heart image Atiena Baby Girl Sign Girl Guardian of the night
heart image Auni Baby Boy Sign Boy Help; Assist
heart image Azizi Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved; Precious one; Treasure; Valuable
heart image Badru Baby Boy Sign Boy Full Moon; A variant of the name Badr
heart image Bakari Baby Boy Sign Boy Hopeful; Noble oath
heart image Banou Baby Girl Sign Girl Female; Lady; Princess
heart image Barika Baby Girl Sign Girl Bloom; Be successful
heart image Binti Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter
heart image Chacha Baby Boy Sign Boy A strong man
heart image Chandu Baby Boy Sign Boy An octopus
heart image Chane Baby Boy Sign Boy The one having a strong oak heart
heart image Chiku Baby Girl Sign Girl The one talking a lot
heart image Djimon Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has strong blood; Powerful person
heart image Elewisa Baby Boy Sign Boy An intelligent and mindful person
heart image Enzi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong and powerful
heart image Hami Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender; Patron; Protector; Supporter; Show favor; From Swahili
heart image Hashaan Baby Boy Sign Boy Good-looking
heart image Hasnaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Very beautiful
heart image Hassian Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome
heart image Hediye Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift
heart image Iniko Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong, courageous, powerful
heart image Ishaal Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Light; Illumination
heart image Jabali Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is strong as a rock
heart image Jabori Baby Boy Sign Boy One who brings comfort to people
heart image Jahari Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Jjewel or precious stone
heart image Jel Baby Boy Sign Boy Refers to strong and hard
heart image Jina Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Born investigators with leadership skills; Curious and always seeking knowledge
heart image Johari Baby Girl Sign Girl Something of value; Jewel; Something precious; Which is adored
heart image Julani Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strength and bravery
heart image Kamaria Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon
heart image Kamili Baby Boy Sign Boy Perfect, without flaws
heart image Keny Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong, intelligent, determined
heart image Kenyada Baby Boy Sign Boy Gem
heart image Kenyatta Baby Boy Sign Boy Jewel
heart image Kenzi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The one who is artistic and unique
heart image Kesi Baby Girl Sign Girl Born at a time of great trouble for father
heart image Kichaka Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who blushes
heart image Kito Baby Boy Sign Boy A precious stone
heart image Kobe Baby Boy Sign Boy Holder of the heel
heart image Kondo Baby Boy Sign Boy A warrior
heart image Lakeisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Joyful
heart image Lakicia Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is a Favorite among people
heart image Liela Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Night's beauty
heart image Mosi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The first-born child
heart image Mosiya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A first-born child to the parents
heart image Nairobi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Cool water
heart image Nalah Baby Girl Sign Girl A lioness; As furious as a lioness
heart image Nalla Baby Girl Sign Girl A successful person; One who has achieved everything
heart image Nea Baby Girl Sign Girl Radiant; Shimmering; Glossy; Glistening
heart image Niagh Baby Girl Sign Girl An aim or a purpose
heart image Nya Baby Girl Sign Girl Friend; Young; Purpose
heart image Nyeema Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Graceful or blessed
heart image Nyimbo Baby Girl Sign Girl An Arabic word one who gives respect and honor others
heart image Nyota Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Star
heart image Pacca Baby Girl Sign Girl A pussycat; A lovely person
heart image Penda Baby Girl Sign Girl Admired; Loved; Beloved; A variant of Penha
heart image Reth Baby Boy Sign Boy The King, the Ruler
heart image Riziki Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Blessing or provision
heart image Russom Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is a leader; A head of the charge
heart image Sarabi Baby Girl Sign Girl Mirage; Illusion
heart image Sefu Baby Boy Sign Boy Sword
heart image Shani Baby Girl Sign Girl A wonderful woman
heart image Shomari Baby Boy Sign Boy One with a forceful personality
heart image Sikudhani Baby Girl Sign Girl A pleasant surprise
heart image Simba Baby Boy Sign Boy Power; Strength; Lion
heart image Tabari Baby Boy Sign Boy A famous Historian
heart image Tabia Baby Girl Sign Girl Polite behavior and talented
heart image Tambika Baby Girl Sign Girl Religious offering
heart image Tanzania Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Country in East Africa
heart image Thimba Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion hunter
heart image Tish Baby Girl Sign Girl A strong will; Will-power
heart image Tishala Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has strong willpower
heart image Zahara Baby Girl Sign Girl To shine; To bloom
heart image Zuberi Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is strong

This compilation of Swahili baby names with meaningful interpretations offers a treasure trove of options for parents seeking unique and culturally rich names for their children. Each name carries a story and essence from Swahili heritage, reflecting the beauty and diversity of African culture. Whether you're looking for names inspired by nature, virtues, or historical significance, this list provides a delightful array of choices. Embrace the richness of the Swahili language and let these names resonate with your heart as they grace your little ones with exquisite identities.

Infographic: Mesmerizing Swahili Names For Your Bundle Of Joy

The quaint Swahili region has a long and unique cultural history. Its eponymous language is a multicultural polyglot. So you can expect to find many profoundly meaningful names for your little one. Moreover, most of them are easy to pronounce without any silent letters. This infographic lists the top ones.

meaningful and warm swahili baby names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means beautiful in Swahili?

In Swahili, the feminine name Zuri means ‘beautiful.’ The names Jamila and Jamala are derived from the masculine Jamil, which means ‘beauty.’

2. What name means blessed in Swahili?

The gender-neutral name, Baraka, means ‘blessed’ in Swahili. The feminine name Neema means ‘blessing’ in the same language.

3. What name means lucky in Swahili?

In Swahili, the unisex name Bahati means ‘luck or ‘good fortune.’

4. What Swahili names mean faith?

The Swahili name Imani, with Arabic roots, means ‘faith.’ The feminine name ‘Taraji’ means ‘hope,’ also associated with faith.

5. What is the Swahili name for hope?

The unisex name Tumaini means ‘hope’ in the Swahili language. The feminine name ‘Taraji’ also means ‘to hope’ or ‘to wish for.’

6. What Swahili names mean courage?

The masculine first name Jabari means ‘the brave one’ in Swahili. The feminine name Jasiri refers to ‘bold and courageous.’

7. What Swahili names mean strength?

In Swahili, the masculine name Kiume means ‘stamina’ or ‘strength,’ while the unisex name Makini refers to ‘the strength of a person’s character.’ Nwabudike means ‘the father’s strength lies in his son.’ The name Nguvu means ‘strong’ in Swahili.

8. What are some creative ways that Swahili baby names are being incorporated into modern naming conventions?

Swahili names can be modernized by altering the spelling or adding prefixes or suffixes to create a fresh new variation while still maintaining the Swahili essence. Swahili words having positive meanings or those related to nature or good human virtues and qualities can also be adopted as a name for children.


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