36 Baby Boy Names That Mean Holy And Starts With Letter A

Abdul jaleel Stands for servant of most majestic or holy Boy
Abdul quddous An individual who works hard for slave to the Allah (Holy) Boy
Abdulquddus Quddus stands for the perfect one, the holy one and the pure one Boy
Abdulqudoos A devoted suporter who serves blesses and most holy one Boy
Abuahmad Father of the holy praised person Boy
Agustin Latin - August, dignified, holy; A variant of name Augustine Boy
Aidh Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran Boy
Ajwa Name of a date in Saudia Arabia Tree planted by Holy Prohpet PBUH Boy
Alhrik Holy Ruler Boy
Alhsom Holy Fame Boy
Amrick The one who is filled with sweet holy nectar Boy
Aneelroop The holy one Boy
Anibal The one who is holy and satisfying Boy
Ansab A blessing who is a holy stone Unisex
Aqdas A holy and pure individual; elderly Boy
Aradhaka A holy and pure individual who worships Boy
Aradhaya A holy saint Unisex
Ardafravash The name of the holy spirit guardian in Zoroastrian religion. Boy
Ardakhoreh A boy with holy and divine luster. Boy
Ardaviraf The holy resplendent hero. Also the name of a Zoroastrian religious text of Sassanid era in Middle Persian language. Boy
Aristahan A holy person; Another name of Lord Vishnu Boy
Arrian Holy Unisex
Art?rs A physician; holy people Boy
Arthmail A united and caring individual; they have holy glory Boy
Artin Righteous, Pure or Holy (also a name of a Median king) Boy
Ashvins The holy,divine twins Boy
Asvattha Holy tree under which the gods sit Boy
Atambhu The Holy Trinity Boy
Atamdev A spiritual, holy and godly person Boy
Atamprakash The holy and spiritual light Boy
Atamteerath A person who regards soul as the holy place Boy
Augustine Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; Derived from the element 'augustus' which means to increase Boy
Augustinus Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name Augustine Boy
Augusto Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name Augustine Boy
Auston One who has a dignified and holy being; august Boy
Austyn Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name Augustine Boy
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