14 Baby Boy Names That Mean Holy And Starts With Letter O

OdaniyanSacred Light; Divine Light; Holy BrightnessBoy
OistinLatin - August; Dignified; Holy; A variant of AustinBoy
OleosThe holy oil used in the church.Boy
OmkaranathaThe master of the holy chant of Om.Boy
OmnaPious; Pure; Sacred; Holy; DivineBoy
OmnadaOne who is pious, pure, sacred, holy and divineBoy
OmprakasaThe holy light or the divine nimble.Boy
OngkarThe holy chant of OmBoy
OpasaSacred Light; Divine Light; Holy BrightnessBoy
OracleThe one who brings holy greetings.Boy
OrmondOne of the Holy prophets, prophet Nooh.Boy
Oscytelholy spear, the person who really admires the animal deerBoy
OsgoodHoly graceful, celestial nimble.Boy
OviHoly Massege of Marathi Saint; Pretty; SheepBoy
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