44 Baby Boy Names That Mean Intellect

AabidThe word aabid means powerful, complete, worshipper of allah, it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlet of energiesBoy
AbdulraafiServant of the one who raises intellect and respectBoy
AbsarThe perception or the vision or the intellectBoy
AdeebIntellectual; Erudite; Scholar; Literature; Arabic (Learned One)Boy
AftanSuitable for both a girl and a Boy which means powerful, intellectual, poise, charming and attractive.Unisex
Aidyneducated, intellectual, enlightenedBoy
AjzalOf Great IntellectBoy
AkalapathiMeaning Lord Shiva and it is the name of flexibility and intellect to male childBoy
AkiliWisdom, Intellect, senseUnisex
AlphegeA high Elf having intellectual and spiritual superiority over othersUnisex
AmelynA serious, intellectual and independent individualsUnisex
AoshnarA man of intellect. A variant of this name is Aoshanara.Boy
AriesRam (Latin meaning); is very good intellectuallyBoy
ArshesA highly intellectual and talented individualBoy
AtamaiKnowing all, an intellectual man.Boy
AurasaA gentle being; highly intellectualBoy
AzzouzOne who is very intellectualBoy
BaladhiSanskrit - Intellect; Deep Insight; One who is intelligentBoy
BalamadiYoung Intellect; Young Intelligent Child; Young ThinkerBoy
CittaOne's thoughts and intellect; one's collection of thoughtsBoy
CnebbaAn expressive, talented and intellectual humanBoy
DhayalIntellectual; Wise; Knowledgeable; Intelligent;Boy
EadsigeAnalytical, smart and intellectual beingBoy
EkaakshuOne who is very intellectual and cleverBoy
ElaveA highly intellectual personBoy
EldrichThe one who has intellect of a sageBoy
FahmOne who posesses a great intellectBoy
FikriAn intellectual personBoy
GyandevLord of Knowledge; God of Wisdom and IntellectBoy
GyanendraKnowledgeable; Wise and Intellectual PersonBoy
GyansinghKnowledge; One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge; Wise and IntellectualBoy
HewlittMind Little Hugh, Intellect, Intelligent OneBoy
HirokaLord Genius; Intellectual; BrilliantBoy
HitomuWisdom; Intellect; BeautifulUnisex
HobardBright; High; Shining IntellectBoy
HubbardGraceful; Bright or Shining IntellectBoy
HubieBright; Shining IntellectBoy
JourdainThey are honest, intellectual and professional people. They feel themselves incomplete withour sharing their ideas or work routine.Boy
MatucA variant of Matthias; intellectual beingBoy
NabahaCelebrity, dignity, intellect, glow, genius.Boy
PavloA natty and intellectual personBoy
SkylahA person who is an intellectual, a scholarBoy
SudhishLord of excellent intellectBoy
SumatOne who is wise and has a big intellectBoy
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