78 Baby Boy Names That Mean New And Starts With Letter N

NabaThe new or the fresh oneBoy
NabadipA new lightBoy
NabajitA new winner or a new winBoy
NabakumarNewly delivered baby Boy.Boy
NabanilA new, clear blue skyBoy
NabinaThe person who is new and fresh.Boy
NaotauNew born baby Boy.Boy
NaqeebA chief, a leader, one who announce or give newsBoy
NaubaharThe new or fresh springBoy
NaurozNew year day of Persians.Boy
NaurozeThe first day of new year for Persians.Boy
NavadeepThe new or fresh lampUnisex
NavadvipThe new lamp or nine lampsUnisex
NavagopalThe new or baby cow-herdBoy
NavajThe newly born babyBoy
NavakanthThe newly wed groomBoy
NavalA new modern personBoy
NavaljyotThe fresh or new lightUnisex
NavamaniThe fresh or new pearlBoy
NavaneethThe eternally newBoy
NavarajThe fresh or new empireBoy
NavarangA color Who will new everBoy
NavarathnaThe new or freshest GemBoy
NavaratnaThe new gemstone, that will remain freshBoy
NavarunThe new Lord of SunBoy
NavayuganThe new era or newest timeBoy
NavdeepaA fresh lamp, new foreverUnisex
NavedOne who brings good newsBoy
NaveedThe messenger of good newsBoy
NavendanA new or young personBoy
NavendhanThe new or fresh wealthBoy
NavenduThe new moon after amavasyaBoy
NavidOne who gives the good newsBoy
NavijeetThe new invincible winnerBoy
NavinA new person who is eternal freshBoy
NavindThe new king of mankindBoy
NavinderThe new monarch of humansBoy
NavishThe New Lord of mankindBoy
NavitThe new, fresh or the newestBoy
NavkunjThe new home or the houseUnisex
NavmandeepThe lamp of the new heart or soulUnisex
NavmeetThe new friend, who is always newUnisex
NavneetThe fresh butter, one who is eternally newBoy
NavneethNew and fresh to the eternityBoy
NavnihalThe teenager, or the newest youthBoy
NavnitAlways new for the whole lifeBoy
NavoditOne who is newly arisenBoy
NavpremThe love which is new till the endBoy
NavrajThe new King or the fresh MonarchBoy
NavrangThe new beautiful colorsBoy
NavsarupAn admirable new shape or roopUnisex
NavtekThe moral support or the new highlandBoy
NavyugThe New era or the new timeBoy
NawaidA good news, Joyous newsBoy
NawalIn Arabic it means new. In Hindi it means new or freshBoy
NawalkishorThe wondrous Kid, the new oneBoy
NaweedA news that brings the goodBoy
NawidThe good news that brings tranquillityBoy
NawinThe newest of the freshest of allBoy
NawwalGift in Arabic and New or Sailor in HindiBoy
NemilFresh, new one, or newly born.Boy
NeofitBulgarian form of Neophytos, meaning newly planted.Boy
NeophytosNewly plantedBoy
NeoptolemusNew warBoy
NevNew villageBoy
NevalThe new city or original place.Boy
NewlandThe newly bought land or location or place.Boy
NewlynFrom the shrine of Saint Newelina.Unisex
NewmanThe new born child or the fresh one.Boy
NewtThe newly built city.Boy
NewtonThe newly established urban.Boy
NielThe good news from God.Unisex
NiewheallNewly constructed hall, fresh place.Boy
NikauName of a palm tree found in New ZealandBoy
NirvairaThe new comer to the family, fresh family member.Boy
NokhezNewly born or fresh one or newcomer.Boy
NovakThe new comer to the family, fresh family member.Boy
NuncioThe one who brings good news and messages.Boy
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