135 Baby Boy Names That Mean Sacred

AarshinPious; Sacred; Religious DevotionBoy
AlhricSacred RulerBoy
AngatiMaintainer of sacred fire and is full of gloryBoy
AraratSacred Land or High LandBoy
AumThe Sacred Syllable; Name of God in its unmanifested formBoy
BanarasiOne who Belongs to Benaras a Sacred place in IndiaBoy
BaruchBlessed; Sacred; HolyBoy
BehrozSacred; NobleBoy
BenedictBlessed, sacredBoy
BhanaviyaBelonging to Sun; Sacred; Glorious; Holy; Radiant; IlluminousBoy
BhanudattaOffered by the Sun; Sacred; Holy; PiousBoy
BhartDivine; Godly; Celestial; Holy; Pious; SacredBoy
BhasuraThe Shining God; Crystal; Enlightened; Sacred; Divine; Holy and PiousBoy
BhavaboothiAshes of Shiva; Sacred ash; Name of a Sanskrit AuthorBoy
BhrajaShining; Sacred; Illuminating; Glorious; Radiant; GleamingBoy
BhrajataShining; Sacred; Illuminating; Glorious; Radiant; GleamingBoy
BilvaA Sacred Leaf Used while performing Shiva Pooja to worship Lord ShivaBoy
BilwaAuspicious Fruit - Bael, A sacred leaf used in Shiva PoojaUnisex
ChokshaPure; Clean; Holy; SacredBoy
ChoskaPure; Clean; Holy; SacredBoy
CohenOne who performs sacred rituals; a priestBoy
DahmanPious People; Religious; Spiritual Person; Principled and Sacred in his thoughtsBoy
DaivanshOf Divine Origin; Religious; Godly; Sacred BeingBoy
DaivikReligious; Godly; Divine; Holy; SacredBoy
DeiviganSpiritual; Divine; Religious; Pious; Holy; SacredBoy
DevahridhayDivine Heart; Pious and Sacred soul;Boy
DevainReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevanaReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevanamanDivine Joy; Sacred name of God; Pious and Religious PersonBoy
DevanesanReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevrathReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharmeeReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharmicReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharmveerReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharshanaReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DhevanPious; Religious; Sacred; Godly; PiousBoy
DhevaneyanPious; Religious; Sacred; Godly; PiousBoy
DhvenDevotional; Spiritual; Religious; Pious; SacredBoy
DilveenDivine; Spiritual; Religious; Pious; SacredBoy
DioneOne who came from the sacred springBoy
DivaasFrom Divine; Spiritual; Religious; Pious; SacredBoy
DwarakaA sacred city in IndiaBoy
EckerdOne who is sacred and connected with godBoy
EdeworSacred day of worship in traditional religionBoy
EkerdA sacred individual; God lovingBoy
ElluchamiTamil equivalent of Sesame Seed which is considered SacredBoy
Erchanboldsacred or bold.Boy
Erchanhardta German word meaning sacred and pious.Boy
Erchebalda German word which means something which is sacred and pious in essence and form.Boy
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