430 Baby Boy Names That Mean Servant

AatazazSomeone important or servant of the mighty.Boy
AbadunThe one who is subordinated as a servant or slave to God.Boy
Abd al AlimServant of all knowingBoy
Abd al BariServant of AllahBoy
Abd al HakimServant of the wiseBoy
Abd al JabbarServant of mightyBoy
Abd al MatinServant of strongBoy
Abd al QadirServant of capableBoy
Abd al RashidServant of the guided.Boy
Abd al SamiServant of all hearing.Boy
Abd er RahmanServant of the merciful one.Boy
Abd-althe Servant of AllahBoy
Abd-almuhsinThis means servant of charitable ones ans also used in Arabic language.Boy
Abdalahthe Servant of godBoy
Abdalalimthe Servant of the All-knowingBoy
Abdalatithe Servant of AllahBoy
Abdalazizthe Servant of the Mighty OneBoy
Abdalfattahthe Servant of the One who Gives NourishmentBoy
Abdalhadithe Servant of the LeaderBoy
Abdalhakimthe Servant of the Wise OneBoy
Abdalhalimthe Servant of the Patient OneBoy
Abdalhamidthe one who is Servant of the Praiseworthy OneBoy
Abdaljabbarthe Servant of the ComforterBoy
Abdaljabirthe servant of the one who helps othersBoy
Abdaljawwadthe Servant of the Noble OneBoy
Abdalkadirthe Servant of the CapableBoy
Abdalkarimthe Servant of the Generous OneBoy
AbdallaServant Of God; Servant of AllahBoy
Abdallafifthe one who is a Servant of the Kind OneBoy
Abdallahthe Servant of AllahBoy
Abdalmajidthe Servant of the Glorious OneBoy
Abdalmalikthe one who is Servant of the KingBoy
Abdalmatinthe Servant of the StrongBoy
Abdalmufithe Servant of the DonorBoy
Abdalmuhsinthe Servant of the Charitable OneBoy
Abdalqadirthe one being Servant of the CapableBoy
Abdalrahimthe Servant of the CompassionateBoy
Abdalrahmanbeing Servant of the MercifulBoy
Abdalrashidthe Servant of the well GuidedBoy
Abdalraufthe servant of sympatheticBoy
Abdalraziqbeing Servant of the ProviderBoy
Abdalrazzaqthe Servant of the helperBoy
Abdalsalamthe Servant of PeaceBoy
Abdalsamithe one who is Servant of the All-hearingBoy
Abdalwahabthe Servant of the GivingBoy
Abdarrahmanthe Servant of the MercifulBoy
AbdelServant Of God; Servant of AllahBoy
Abdeladirthe Servant of the CapableBoy
Abdelatithe one being Servant of AllahBoy
Abdelazimderives from the Arabic "ʻAbd Al-'Azīm that is one of names of God in the Qur'an which names servant of mighty.Boy
Abdelazizthe Servant of the Mighty OneBoy
Abdelfattahthe one being Servant of the One who treat others with tendernessBoy
Abdelgawwadthe Servant of the Noble OneBoy
Abdelhadithe Servant of the supreme LeaderBoy
Abdelhakimthe kind Servant of the Wise OneBoy
Abdelhalimthe Servant of the Patient OneBoy
Abdelhamidthe Servant of the Praiseworthy OneBoy
Abdelkadirthe Servant of the one who is CapableBoy
Abdelkarimthe one who is Servant of the One who is of noble birthBoy
Abdelkerimthe Servant of the Principled OneBoy
Abdelkrimthe Servant of the Generous OneBoy
Abdellafifthe Servant of the Kindest OneBoy
Abdelmalikthe Servant of the KingBoy
Abdelmufithe Servant of the DonorBoy
AbdelouahidTakne from Quranic origin that means servant of the OneBoy
Abdelqadirthe Servant of the CapableBoy
AbdelrahimTaken from word abd al rahim which stand for servant of the compassionate oneBoy
Abdelrahmanservant of the Merciful where "the Merciful" is Characteristic of AllahBoy
Abdelsalamthe Servant of PeaceBoy
Abderrahimthe Servant of the CompassionateBoy
Abderrahmanthe one who is Servant of the MercifulBoy
Abderrazithe Servant of the ProviderBoy
Abderrazzathe Servant of the one who helps othersBoy
AbdiOriginated from Hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slaveBoy
AbdiesoDerived from name Abdiel that means my servantBoy
Abdmanafthe Servant of ManafBoy
AbdoulIn Arabic langugage, it is use as Abdal (Arabic) that means servant of compassionate oneBoy
AbduallaA servant of god who serves mercifulBoy
AbdukhdraA servant of the devotee of GodBoy
Abdul adlIt is a Islam name who is servant of completely justBoy
Abdul afuwServant of Allah or servant of remissive; Indirectly Quranic name for BoysBoy
Abdul ahadBeing one of names of God that means servant of only oneBoy
Abdul azeemThe people who are servants of almightBoy
Abdul azimAzim is name of allah which means servant of the Majestic OneBoy
Abdul baasitThis Islam name stands for servant of extender & creatorBoy
Abdul baithServant of Resurrector that means to bring back to lifeBoy
Abdul baqiA servant of the everlasting, which being one of the God names in Qur'anBoy
Abdul basirBuilt from Arabic word Abd and it means servant of the All-seeingBoy
Abdul basitThis Islam name means servants of god who helps all personalitiesBoy
Abdul fattahAbdul name means servant of Allah who helps all the fightersBoy
Abdul ghafarDerives from Arabic name Abd al-Ghaffar which means servant of all forgiving people"ŽBoy
Abdul ghaffarAbdul is servant of Allah and ghaffar means merciful and most forgivingBoy
Abdul ghafoorPeople with highly immaginative personality means servant of forgiverBoy
Abdul ghafurStands for servant of all the forgivingBoy
Abdul haafizThis Islam name means servants of guardian or protectorBoy
Abdul hadiBasically used in surname; it means servant of al-Hadi that stands for the guideBoy
Abdul hafezhThis Islamic name means servant of all the protectorsBoy
Abdul hakeemA servant of Allah who helps wise peopleBoy
Abdul haqA servant of the truth; being one of God's one nameBoy
Abdul haseebA great servant of respected and honouredBoy
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