81 Quranic Baby Names With Meanings


If you have knowledge of Islam or Muslim friends, you will likely observe that many of their names are directly influenced by the Holy Quran. Quranic baby names hold special importance in their culture.

Muslims deeply respect the Quran as the primary sacred book of Islam, believing it to be God's ultimate message to humanity, revealed through the angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (1). Muslims consider it to be the literal words of God and a guiding source for people worldwide (2). The Quran's significance as Muhammad's most significant miracle reinforces his position as a prophet, affirming his divine selection.

The belief is that when a child is bestowed with a Quranic name, they will always be reminded of the Holy book and its verses, encouraging them to contemplate and embody its teachings throughout their life journey. It also drives home the idea that believers turn to the Quran for all the confusion and dilemma they face, even when it's about naming their newborn. Of course, there are a few rules and regulations about picking a Quranic name. All the words in the Holy Quran have special meaning and significance. Some words are not suitable to be used as names due to their context, meaning, or historical background. It was also directed by Prophet Muhammad to avoid names that have negative, impractical, or strange meanings. Therefore, parents are advised to select names with positive meanings for their children. It is encouraged to pick from one of the names of messengers, prophets, and Allah from the Quran. It's important to mention that many names in the Quran are for males. If parents desire to use these names for baby girls, they can simply add the suffix 'ah' to the name or word, making it suitable and meaningful for girls. Below is MomJunction's extensive list of baby boy and girl names with meanings sourced directly from the Holy Quran.

heart image Aabdar Baby Boy Sign Boy Moonlight; Early; Quick; The name of a famous battle
heart image Aabid Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful; Complete; Worshipper of Allah; The one who is good intellectually and requires several outlets of energies
heart image Aabida Baby Girl Sign Girl Worshiper; Devotee; Adorer
heart image Aayat Baby Girl Sign Girl Miracle or signs of the divine
heart image Aleem Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has knowledge
heart image Aminah Baby Girl Sign Girl Honesty; Trustworthy
heart image Anwaar Baby Boy Sign Boy The luminous and bright one; An eternal flame and light
heart image Asar Baby Boy Sign Boy Mark; Sign
heart image Ayah Baby Girl Sign Girl Sign; Evidence
heart image Azad Baby Boy Sign Boy An independent and a free person
heart image Azhar Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A shining and luminous being
heart image Azim Baby Boy Sign Boy The great and magnificent being
heart image Aziz Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful; Respected; Beloved
heart image Badr Baby Boy Sign Boy A learner; The name of the full moon
heart image Bahaar Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful spring season; Peaceful
heart image Bayyinat Baby Girl Sign Girl Clear signs or clear proof
heart image Dunya Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful and smart human being
heart image Faiqa Baby Girl Sign Girl A sublime woman of high status
heart image Faraz Baby Boy Sign Boy A feeling of elevation
heart image Fardeen Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has the strength of three men; A name of the first month of the Parsi year
heart image Farhana Baby Girl Sign Girl A cheerful and merry woman
heart image Farida Baby Girl Sign Girl One with no match
heart image Fazl Baby Boy Sign Boy One who does good deeds
heart image Ghafur Baby Boy Sign Boy To forgive
heart image Hakim Baby Boy Sign Boy One of God's ninety-nine names
heart image Haq Baby Boy Sign Boy Truth; True; Real; Just; Right
heart image Hasun Baby Boy Sign Boy A good-looking, handsome, and pretty man
heart image Hyat Unisex Baby Sign Unisex To be alive
heart image Ilm Baby Boy Sign Boy Knowledge
heart image Janna Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Jassim Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Courageous warrior
heart image Marib Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with an ultimate goal
heart image Marriam Baby Girl Sign Girl Pious and God-fearing woman devoted to God
heart image Maruf Baby Boy Sign Boy He does good deeds
heart image Mashhur Baby Boy Sign Boy A person that is well-known and famous
heart image Mashkur Baby Boy Sign Boy A person whose acts have gained his gratefulness of people
heart image Masir Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is going after his ultimate goal
heart image Maslama Baby Girl Sign Girl A feeling of safety and security
heart image Mastoorah Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is hidden, covered and modest
heart image Masuda Baby Boy Sign Boy A happy and joyful Boy
heart image Masudah Baby Boy Sign Boy A man whose personality is happy and joyful
heart image Matar Baby Boy Sign Boy Rain
heart image Mawada Baby Girl Sign Girl Love; Affection; Compassion; Harmony
heart image Mawadda Baby Girl Sign Girl A loving and compassionate woman
heart image Mawaddah Baby Girl Sign Girl Harmonious; Sympathetic; Loving
heart image Mawhub Baby Boy Sign Boy A bestowed and gifted man
heart image Meezan Baby Boy Sign Boy To weigh and judge the propriety and justice of deeds
heart image Mohammad Baby Boy Sign Boy The most important and precious part of the human body, the eyes
heart image Mohammed Baby Boy Sign Boy Vastness; Magnitude in size; Greater than anything
heart image Mohmmedidrees Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet as nectar and honey
heart image Moosa Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is saved out of the water; The name of a Prophet of Almighty
heart image Musa Baby Boy Sign Boy Drawn out of the water; Savior
heart image Raheem Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is kind and tender
heart image Rahma Baby Girl Sign Girl Girl who is graceful and kind
heart image Rauf Baby Boy Sign Boy A person with great compassion for others; A merciful person
heart image Rayhan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who smells good; A fragrance
heart image Rayyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The Paradise's gate for those who fasted often in their lives
heart image Rihanna Baby Girl Sign Girl The herb, Basil; A sweet scent
heart image Riyyan Baby Boy Sign Boy A special gate of Heaven for people who fasted a lot in their lives
heart image Riza Unisex Baby Sign Unisex He who fears God and is full of virtue
heart image Rizwan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is pious and devoted to God
heart image Ruhab Baby Boy Sign Boy An open-minded and generous Boy
heart image Rushdan Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is guided down the right path
heart image Ruwaa Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a beautiful appearance
heart image Ruwayd Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is like a soft breeze; A leader
heart image Saadaat Unisex Baby Sign Unisex People who are lords, leader, and superiors
heart image Saaqib Baby Boy Sign Boy Piercing; Sharp, Keen
heart image Sadan Baby Boy Sign Boy A sensible, prudent, and reasonable person
heart image Salihat Baby Girl Sign Girl Good deeds
heart image Samaa Baby Girl Sign Girl A heaven; The sky
heart image Samawat Baby Girl Sign Girl Skies; Heavens
heart image Shalan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is emanating light
heart image Sirah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who leads a traditional way of life
heart image Soha Baby Girl Sign Girl She is like a star
heart image Sumaiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Taahira Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Chaste
heart image Taul Baby Boy Sign Boy A powerful man
heart image Tayyebah Baby Girl Sign Girl A chaste woman
heart image Tayyiba Baby Girl Sign Girl Good-natured girl
heart image Tayyibah Baby Girl Sign Girl A chaste woman
heart image Thazeen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beautifully radiant one

This compilation of Quranic baby names with meanings presents a delightful range of name options rooted in Islamic tradition. Each name carries a unique significance, reflecting a deep connection to the Holy Quran. Opting for one of these names for your child can bring a sense of divine inspiration and guidance throughout their life journey. Embracing these names allows you to celebrate your faith and pass on the timeless wisdom of the Quran to generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of choosing a Quranic name and how do I choose one for my baby?

According to the Islam faith, choosing a good name for children is one of the first responsibilities of a parent. Muslim parents are bound to choose the best names for their children which preferably proclaim servitude and connection to their Creator. Picking a name that has been mentioned in the Quran can help achieve this criterion. To pick a good Quranic name for your baby, you can go through the names of religious figures and holy prophets. You can also study the Quran and pick a name that reflects the uniqueness of your little one.

2. How are Quranic baby names different from other types of Muslim names?

Quranic baby names are names that have been specifically mentioned in the Holy Book Quran, whereas, Muslim names can be names that are connected to Islam or may have Arabic origins, but are not mentioned directly in the Quran.

3. What are some popular Quranic baby names and their meanings?

One of the most popular Quranic names is Muhammad. It is the name of the prophet and means ‘to praise.’ Aisha is a feminine name and is the name of the prophet Muhammad’s third wife. Aisha means ‘living,’ or ‘alive.’ Fatimah is another feminine name that belonged to the daughter of the prophet Muhammad and the wife of Ali, the fourth Caliph. Fatimah means ‘to abstain.’

4. Are there any cultural or traditional naming conventions for Quranic baby names?

Some cultural or traditional naming conventions for Quranic names include choosing prophetic names that can indicate a deep connection with their creator. It is considered imperative to name at least one son as Muhammad if one has four sons. Names for babies should be chosen before their birth, even before knowing their gender. It is suggested to name a baby boy Muhammad for seven days after he is born, and later the name may be changed.

5. Are there any restrictions on Quranic baby names based on gender or religious beliefs?

Yes, there are certain restrictions when using Quranic baby names. Certain names are reserved only for Allah and shouldn’t be given to children. They include al-Khaliq (the Creator) and al-Quddus (the Most Holy). It is also recommended that names given to babies should have positive connotations.


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