40 Quranic Baby Girl Names With Meanings


The names of girls in the Quran are captivating and carry deep meanings. Those who follow the Islamic faith greatly respect the Quranic girl names. Familiarity with Islam reveals a noticeable trend of using many of the names that draw direct inspiration from the Holy Quran. Within its pages, one finds the very words unveiled to the Holy Prophet Muhammad throughout twenty-three years. It serves as the Holy Book or Scriptures for Muslims (1). These names, which usually originate from Arabic, are like precious gems, holding deep meanings and significance. Each name carries a message of goodness, virtue, or historical importance, just like pages from a book. These names are like gentle whispers, shaping a child's character and connecting them to the wisdom of Islam. For girls, the names resemble the birds and the delicateness of flowers, reflecting the timeless values of beauty, modesty, and goodness. These names are like a bridge to the past, a link to Islamic heritage and the qualities that define womanhood. Bestowing a Quranic name upon a child is like placing the Lord’s choicest blessings on them and providing them with a constant reminder of the divine teachings and guidance found in the Holy book. It's a way to ensure that the child's journey through life is guided by the wisdom of the Quran's verses. Each name, from the soft murmurs of Aayat to the strong echo of Thazeen, holds a fragment of history, a small piece of knowledge, and a glimmer of motivation. These names from the Quran mean more than just a name. They're like a bright light showing the way for your child, helping them find meaning. When things change quickly, these timeless names stand the test of times. They stand as proof of the lasting intelligence of the Quran, giving us a peek into the lessons and tales that have influenced societies and civilizations. Allow the names within this thoughtfully selected collection to serve as a source of inspiration when choosing your child’s name to nurture a lasting bond with the abundant spiritual legacy of Islam.

Name Gender Meaning
heart image Aayat Baby Girl Sign Girl Miracle or signs of the divine
heart image Ayah Baby Girl Sign Girl Sign; Evidence
heart image Bayyinat Baby Girl Sign Girl Clear signs or clear proof
heart image Dunya Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful and smart human being
heart image Janna Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Rahma Baby Girl Sign Girl Girl who is graceful and kind
heart image Salihat Baby Girl Sign Girl Good deeds
heart image Samaa Baby Girl Sign Girl A heaven; The sky
heart image Samawat Baby Girl Sign Girl Skies; Heavens
heart image Aabida Baby Girl Sign Girl Worshiper; Devotee; Adorer
heart image Aminah Baby Girl Sign Girl Honesty; Trustworthy
heart image Azhar Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A shining and luminous being
heart image Bahaar Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful spring season; Peaceful
heart image Faiqa Baby Girl Sign Girl A sublime woman of high status
heart image Farhana Baby Girl Sign Girl A cheerful and merry woman
heart image Farida Baby Girl Sign Girl One with no match
heart image Hyat Unisex Baby Sign Unisex To be alive
heart image Jassim Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Courageous warrior
heart image Marib Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with an ultimate goal
heart image Marriam Baby Girl Sign Girl Pious and God-fearing woman devoted to God
heart image Maslama Baby Girl Sign Girl A feeling of safety and security
heart image Mastoorah Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is hidden, covered and modest
heart image Mawada Baby Girl Sign Girl Love; Affection; Compassion; Harmony
heart image Mawadda Baby Girl Sign Girl A loving and compassionate woman
heart image Mawaddah Baby Girl Sign Girl Harmonious; Sympathetic; Loving
heart image Rayyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The Paradise's gate for those who fasted often in their lives
heart image Rihanna Baby Girl Sign Girl The herb, Basil; A sweet scent
heart image Riza Unisex Baby Sign Unisex He who fears God and is full of virtue
heart image Rizwan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is pious and devoted to God
heart image Ruwaa Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a beautiful appearance
heart image Ruwayd Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is like a soft breeze; A leader
heart image Saadaat Unisex Baby Sign Unisex People who are lords, leader, and superiors
heart image Sirah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who leads a traditional way of life
heart image Soha Baby Girl Sign Girl She is like a star
heart image Sumaiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Taahira Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Chaste
heart image Tayyebah Baby Girl Sign Girl A chaste woman
heart image Tayyiba Baby Girl Sign Girl Good-natured girl
heart image Tayyibah Baby Girl Sign Girl A chaste woman
heart image Thazeen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beautifully radiant one

This collection of Quranic girl names and their meanings offers a lovely variety of name choices tied to Islamic heritage. Every name has a special meaning which is strongly linked to the Holy Quran. As you begin the process of choosing a name, may the Quran's words serve as a guiding light. May the name you pick lead and guide your child through life's journey.

Infographic: Spiritual Quranic Baby Names For Girls

When parents give their child a Quranic name, that is, a name from the holy book of Islam, it helps them link the child to the teachings and beliefs of Islam. This act calls for blessings and safety from the Almighty. Selecting a Quranic name for your baby reflects your faith and dedication to Islamic values. Go through our infographic below, where we've compiled some beautiful Quranic names for baby girls.

glorious quranic names for your daughter (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of choosing Quranic baby girl names, and what values and beliefs do they represent?

The Holy Quran is a spiritual book that passes down the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. According to Islam, a baby's name should announce its beauty and its implications for life by connecting the child to its creator. It is for this reason that Prophet Muhammad named felicitous names to people and places. Names like Muhammad, meaning ‘praised’ and Fatima, meaning ‘captivating,’ reflect a strong sense of Islamic heritage. These help children to connect to their values and beliefs.

2. What are the meanings and origins of popular Quranic baby girl names, and how do they reflect Islamic beliefs and values?

Baby girl names in Quran are inspired by figures in the Holy book. Such names have Arabic roots and they help instill a sense of Islamic cultural heritage in the child. The names reflect Islamic values like patience, forgiveness, and justice and many of them have meanings that are rooted in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Some popular girl names with Arabic roots include Aalifa, which means ‘compassionate,’ Aaliyah, which is the feminine variant of Ali and means ‘high,’ and Ameira, which means ‘leader’ or ‘commander.’ Bayyinat is another popular girl name that occurs 52 times in Quran.

3. Are there any gender-neutral or unisex Quranic names that can be used for baby girls?

Yes, there are various gender-neutral Quranic names you can use for your girl. Some of the popular ones are Aamirah meaning ‘abundant,’ Dara, meaning ‘possessor,’ Zain meaning ‘beauty,’ and Isa, meaning ‘a Prophet named Jesus.’


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  1. The Holy Qur’an

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