138 Slavic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AlexandraShelter provider Of MankindGirl
AndreaFeminine of Andrew; a defender of mankind who is manly and strongGirl
AngelinaThe holy angels of God sent from heavenGirl
ElenaGreek name Helen; bright oneGirl
Evalife or living one.Girl
IvanGift of GodGirl
Julianait means downy bearded person or young. They are blessed with a lot of blessings and are organized type of persons. They are unique, inspire and abundant.Girl
MariaVariation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for childGirl
MilaA Gracious or a beautiful dearGirl
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
ValentinaStrong, vigourous, healthyGirl
Ajlahalo, circle of light, moonlightGirl
AlaDefending men, Excellence, Fragrance, esteemUnisex
AleenaVariation of Alina which means Bright and BeautifulGirl
AlianaSlavic - Bright; Beautiful; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; A variant of the name AlinaGirl
BelaTime; one who lives inside heartGirl
BeliasA white womanGirl
BeylaBy God!Girl
BiseraDerived from the South Slavic word biser pearl.Girl
BohdanaGiven by GodGirl
BohuslavaA woman who always glorifies the almighty.Girl
BoyanaBulgarian form of Bojana, meaning battle.Girl
BozhidaraBulgarian feminine form of Bozidar, meaning divine gift.Girl
BundaOne with a furcoatUnisex
CattaThe one woman that is pureGirl
ChesnaA calm placeGirl
ChessaThe one who is at peaceGirl
DanicaMorning StarGirl
DanikaElement name; morning starGirl
DannikaLord is supreme; morning starGirl
DarvaHoney Bee; sweetGirl
DarynaThe gift of GodGirl
DeanicaA beautiful morning StarGirl
ElgivaA holy and sacred human beingGirl
Emikain Slavik this name means charming.Girl
Endellionfire or soul.Girl
Esteraa Polish word for star.Girl
EvkaThe mother of lifeGirl
FeoShe is the gift of GodsGirl
FeodoraShe who is a gift of heavenGirl
FeodosiaA gift of the godGirl
FialaA violet womanGirl
Iskra"Iskra is derived from a South Slavic word meaning ""spark""."Girl
JaName that means "Me"Unisex
JalenaThe bright oneGirl
JanikaSlavic name meaning God is graciousGirl
JarmilaOne who loves springGirl
JaromiraFamous Spring; Feminine version of JaromirGirl
JaroslavaShe who is energetic and fierceGirl
JaroslawaShe who is fierceGirl
JaseyGod is graciousGirl
JasikaSlavic name for girlsGirl
JasnaA clear oneGirl
JasoslavaGlory of lightGirl
JehonaRefers to an imitation or repetition.Girl
JenickaGod has shown his kindness towards me.Girl
JereniFree from disturbanceGirl
Juliannait means young and youthful or Joves child. These people are abundant, organized, full of ideas and useful for others.Girl
KajlaThe name Kajla means Chain Golden ChainGirl
KalinaThe name Kalina means Like a Flower in Slavic, in Aboriginal orgins the name means To LoveGirl
KamiliaKamilia means Attending the Ceremony or Sweet FlowerGirl
KatinkaKatinka means Transparent, Clear, PureGirl
KhozaThe name means GoatGirl
KitkaKitka means a Bunch of FlowersGirl
KorvaKorva means CowGirl
KrasimiraFeminine form of Krasimir. It means beautiful peace.Girl
KristinaA woman of Christian faithGirl
KrpanaKrpana means PatchworkGirl
KrpanakaThe name means PtchworkGirl
KryskaKryska means a Follower of ChristGirl
KrystkaKrystka means She is ChristianGirl
LadaLada is the name of pagan Slavic Goddes of Love, means maiden, GirlGirl
LaddaLadda means Maiden. Young Girl, Goddes of LoveGirl
LadecaThe name means a MaindenGirl
LadinaThe name means Domination and GloryGirl
LalaSlavic - Tulip; Arabic - Intoxication; Wine; English:Spanish - EmeraldGirl
LenkaThe one who illuminates, bright oneGirl
LexaThe defender of mankindGirl
LidaA person from Lydia, a region in Asia MinorGirl
LilijanaSlavic variation of names Lily and ElisabethGirl
LjubaA Slavic word that means LoveGirl
LonnaA bright, almost blinding lightGirl
LudieGraceful, favorable peopleGirl
LudivineOne who is friend of the peopleGirl
LudmilaLoved by the peopleGirl
LuminaBright as a SunshineGirl
LyubaThe one who lovesGirl
LyudmilaA dear person who loves and feels deeplyGirl
LyudmylaOne who is nice to everyoneGirl
MadjaA splandid, noble oneGirl
MagdaA maiden from the towerGirl
MajaShe who is splendidGirl
MalynaA woman sweet as a raspberryGirl
MarjamOne who is happyGirl
MarjetaA Slavic form of the name Margaret meaning pearlGirl
MayIndianThe day of the MayGirl
MilabelleA beautiful girl, full or graceGirl
MiladaA gracious young girl, The lovable girlGirl
MilanaSlavic - Union; Favor; Grace; PeopleGirl
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