95 Vietnamese Baby Names With Meanings

Vietnam, the nation of dragons, doesn’t just boast of scenic mountains, hills, beaches, tropical forests, and delicious cuisine. It also offers beautiful and unusual baby names. Vietnamese baby names are highly positive and uplifting. They may appear similar to the Korean, Japanese, and Chinese names, but that’s not true. The Vietnamese language is tonal, which means the spelling may be same, but the tone is entirely different.

The female Vietnamese names are flowery, feminine, and refer to the mythical creatures or desired attributes of a woman. Vietnamese baby boy names represent the strength of character, morality, and intelligence. In some cases, names are combined to create a unique name.

As for the convention, Vietnamese personal names consist of three parts - family name, middle name, and given name and are used in this order. Children can be referred to by their complete name, the first name, or the hierarchic pronoun. If the family names are too common, the child should be referred to by his or her middle name along with the given name.

To help you narrow down the search, MomJunction has compiled a list of Vietnamese baby girl and boy names with meanings. The names are arranged alphabetically and according to gender for better readability and navigation. Have a look!

AnThe one who is gracious and satisfyingUnisex
AnhSmart, intelligentBoy
AnhSmart, intelligentUnisex
BachOne who lives by the streamBoy
BaoTo Order, To BidUnisex
BienOcean, SeaBoy
BinhVase, JarUnisex
BuHe who is a leaderBoy
BuuA person who is a chiefBoy
CaisA person who rejoicesUnisex
CanhThe endlessness of the environmentBoy
ChuongChapter; a part of a whole storyBoy
CucA flower called ChysanthemumGirl
CuongFlourishing, healthyBoy
DanhOne who cannot be explained; famousBoy
DatAn accomplished individualBoy
DhinA calm and suitable person; liberalBoy
DiepThe lover of natureGirl
DineshaA stable and calm individualBoy
DinhA calm person; stable and peace lovingBoy
DucVirtuous and noble being; fortunateBoy
DungA brave and compassionate beingBoy
DuoaudA male and virile individualBoy
DuyOne who can save the worldBoy
DuyenA charming and graceful personGirl
GyaTo be a part of the familyBoy
HaKiss Of Life,Sunshine and warmthGirl
HaiAlive, The living (Islam) ocean, seaGirl
HangVietnamese - Full moon angelGirl
HanhVietnamese - Upright; Apricot tree, happinessGirl
HeiuRespectful, honourableBoy
HienGentle; Nice; Quiet; PerseveringGirl
HieuRespected; Admired; A variant of HyewBoy
HoaA Type of FlowerGirl
HoaiAlways, Eternal; ImmortalBoy
HoangA mythical Bird; PheonixBoy
HucaHang Up, Call Again (Abbr), A Vietnami name alsoBoy
HueHue (Hew) and Cry; WaGirl
HuongVietnamese - Scent Of The FlowerGirl
HuyVietnamese - Glorious; Radiant as sunlightBoy
HuyenVietnamese - Jet blackGirl
KhoiKhoi means The One who is not AvailableBoy
KhuongKhuong means To Offer HelpBoy
KhuyenThe name means To Give AdviceUnisex
KieuKieu means To be PrettyGirl
LamA Vietnamese name that means ForestBoy
LanFrom Chinesee orchide and mountain mistGirl
LanhGood, gentle, the favourable oneBoy
LapAn Independent and self-suffient personBoy
LieuA Willow TreeGirl
LinhA soul or a spiritGirl
LocOne whose character is as gentle as a flower budBoy
MinhA bright person, intelligent one, a clever personUnisex
NamPossessing good qualities befitting a man.Boy
NgocValuable gem stone or expensive diamond.Girl
NguyenDerivation, beginning, foundation, source, cause.Boy
NguyetThe goddess of moon or the lady of the new moon.Girl
NhiThe small one or the tiny one.Girl
NhuSoft, mild, harmony, passive, concord.Girl
NhungLook a lot like velvet.Girl
NienThe period of time that it takes for a planet to make a complete revolution around the sun.Boy
PhongVietnamese - Of the wind;Boy
PhucVietnamese - Blessing; Luck; Fortune; A variant is PhuocBoy
PhuocVietnamese - Blessing; Luck; Fortune; A variant is PhucBoy
QuangA bright, clear oneBoy
SenName of Lotus flowerGirl
SuongShe is like a fogGirl
TeoA form of tomBoy
ThamShe who has descreet graceGirl
ThangVictorious oneGirl
ThanhA young voiceGirl
ThaoRespectful, obedientGirl
ThiA single womanGirl
ThienHe who is smoothBoy
ThoShe who has a long lifeGirl
ThuanHe who is tamedBoy
ThucHe who is awareBoy
ThuongOne who loves tenderlyUnisex
ThuyA friendly manBoy
ThuyetA theoryBoy
TiCommon Vietnamese middle nameGirl
TienA fairy, an angel or a spiritGirl
TinIn Croatian a suffix name that means a Saint. In Vietnamese it means a thinkerBoy
TrangAn intelligent or a serious personGirl
TrieuA tide or a small waveUnisex
TrinhOne who is pure, virtuous, virginGirl
TuRefers to a person who learns quickly and intelligent.Boy
TuyenRefers to archangel or messenger.Girl
TuyetThe girl who is fair in complexion like snowflakes.Girl
TwanSmart and brainy.Boy
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