Leo And Leo Compatibility In Love, Sex And Friendship

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A relationship between two Leos is usually electrifying, alluring, passionate, and refreshing. If you want to explore Leo and Leo compatibility, this post will help. Leos are dynamic individuals who always grab eyeballs wherever they go. As they are born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are ambitious, optimistic, and persistent individuals.

Leos understand each other pretty well, which helps their relationship to a large extent. These two natural-born leaders bring a lot of affection and energy to the table. Read this post to know more about Leo and Leo’s compatibility.

Are Leo And Leo Compatible?

Their connection is filled with vivaciousness and zealousness.

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Leo loves being the center of attention at any party. They are social, imaginative, and extraordinary individuals. When two Leos fall in love with one another, their connection is filled with vivaciousness and zealousness. They want a partner who boosts their ego and is full of enthusiasm like them. So, who better to fill these criteria than another Leo?

Leos are natural-born leaders, so both of them will have that benevolent yet endearing personality. Wherever they go, they are in complete sync with one another. Just like their celestial animal, when one Leo finds their better half, it’s an intrinsic recognition of each other’s souls. The king of the jungle demands a faithful queen.

With time, they will know that their biggest strength lies in their unconditional love and support for one another during the toughest of times. Leos love being the star of the show, so when one of the partners is basking in the spotlight for too long, the other will remind them that they aren’t alone.

Reasons A Leo And Leo Compatibility Might Work

They both have a gift of communicating and expressing their thoughts clearly.

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The attraction between the two is undeniably strong. Let’s take a look at why both of them form such a strong duo.

  • The level of understanding between them is astounding. Having the same sun sign means they share similar values and have similar personalities. They are both courageous, charismatic, and graceful. They share a love for pleasure and luxurious things, so both love to go out shopping quite often than not.
  • Both the partners harbor a deep respect for one another. In any endeavor, both of them can trust their partner to be by their side. They share similar traits, so they don’t have a problem conveying their feelings to one another. They divide their time clearly for work and socialization.
  • They are eloquent and highly intellectual beings. With the sun being their ruling planet, both are honest and straightforward about each other’s feelings. They both have a gift of communicating and expressing their thoughts in a crystal clear manner without any hesitation. They have values of nobility and righteousness which contribute to their compatibility.
Did you know?
Celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are both Leos and their breakup and reunion have made headlines. The gorgeous couple proves that when two fiery Leos are meant to be together, nothing can keep them apart for long.

Problems A Leo And Leo Compatibility Might Face

When one tries to dominate the other, there can be a clash between them.

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Just like the best traits, Leo partners may also have the worst traits. This can lead to conflicts between the duo.

  • Leos have gigantic egos, so sharing responsibilities and duties between the partners might cause quite a few inconveniences. Instead of fighting for the crown, it is better to share. When both partners come to an understanding and compromise for one another, they will rise above the conflict.
  • When Leos’ pride inflates, it leads to vanity. This can become quite competitive for both partners. When one tries to dominate the other, there can be a clash between them. Moreover, their pride can become a battle of show-offs, which may make both of them quite jealous of one another.
  • Leos have a vigorous need for everything. When that happens, it can often cloud their judgment. They cannot plan their future, which leads to a mental breakdown one after the other, which can turn ugly. Both the partners must have a deeper connection instead of a superficial one.

Love Match Between Leo Man And Leo Woman

They feel comfortable and safe in each other’s company.

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The match between a Leo man and a Leo woman is nothing short of a match made in heaven. With a few compromises here and there, both of them are sure to find themselves in a long-lived utopia. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so there is no shortage of energy between them. In a social setting, both will be the life of the party.

Both of them, when in love, have immense respect and trust for one another. Leo man and woman dotes on each other. They feel comfortable and safe in each other’s company. Both do not feel any trouble sharing their deepest feelings, leading to a stronger emotional bond between them.

When they commit to each other, there is no turning back. They know they can trust their partner with their eyes closed. However, Leo is a fixed sign, and there is always a power struggle between the two. However, it can be mended with proper communication and understanding. Their stubborn nature may lead to disputes between them, but as fast as Leo’s anger flares up, it does not take long for them to cool down.

Point to ponder
When two Leos fall in love, there is a lot of PDA, exchange of gifts, and fancy proclamations of love. This couple is not afraid of openly expressing their love for each other; hence, they would like to show the same to the world.

Leo And Leo Sexual Compatibility

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Leo is a fire sign, so the intense chemistry between them is undeniably strong. There is passion and a lot of ardor with a hint of competition between the two. What makes this pair so fundamentally strong is that they get each other. They don’t have to say it out loud. Each of them can sense their partner’s desires.

Their unrepressed and open inclination towards experimenting between the sheets is because of their fiery nature. It isn’t just the flavor of vanilla for them, but a mix of chocolate, strawberry, and whatnot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are July Leos different from August Leos?

Since July Leos (also known as first decan Leos) are solely ruled by the Sun, they could have more stereotypical features of a Leo than their August counterparts. Also, July Leos are known for their loyalty and affectionate nature, while the August Leos are known to be slightly bolder and more competitive than the July Leos.

2. Are Leos introverts or extroverts?

Usually, Leo is extroverted; they are great at making social connections and don’t mind being in the spotlight. However, being choosy in conversing with people, a Leo may sometimes come across as an introvert.

Leo and Leo compatibility is strong. A Leo duo has an unwavering level of understanding and deep mutual respect. They have shared traits, interests, and beliefs, which sparks a strong attraction between them effortlessly. However, even with several similarities, their peculiarities, such as gigantic egos, urge for dominance, and emotional needs for everything, might cause turbulence in their relationship. Nevertheless, making a few compromises here and there and bolstering their emotional bonding can make them connect at a deeper level.

Infographic: Dos and Don’ts in Leo & Leo Relationships

Leo, the fifth zodiac sign, has a personality filled with empathy and compassion. They are big-hearted, vibrant, and born leaders. Leos can find compatible partners in other Leos as they match their passion and energy. Let’s explore more about a Leo & Leo relationship through this infographic.

dos and donts in leo & leo relationships [infographic]
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Key Pointers

  • Leos are courageous, graceful, and honest. They share a high level of understanding and deep respect for each other.
  • However, their pride and ego may sometimes lead to conflict and jealousy in the relationship.
  • As a couple, they are energetic, passionate, and tied with strong emotional bonds.

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