5 Interesting Lord Shiva Stories For Kids

Stories Of Lord Shiva

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Shiva, the destroyer, is the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon. Also known as the Lord of mercy and compassion, Lord Shiva can obliterate ignorance, annihilate evil, and even grant wisdom. There is a plethora of legends and stories surrounding Lord Shiva. Here, we have collected some wonderful stories of Lord Shiva for kids, which you can read to your little disciples today.

1. The Birth Of Lord Shiva:

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is one of the three supreme gods. There is an interesting story behind the birth of Lord Shiva. One day Brahma and Vishnu were arguing which among them is more powerful. The same time, a massive, fiery pillar appeared. The roots and branches of the tree extended beyond the view of the earth and sky.

Both Vishnu and Brahma ran to find the start and end of the pillar. Brahma turned himself into a goose and flew to the top of the pillar and Vishnu turned into a boar and dug the earth to look for the roots. Just then, Lord Shiva emerged from an opening in the pillar. Recognizing Lord Shiva’s great power, Both Brahma and Vishnu accepted that Shiva is the third Supreme God, who will rule over the universe. It is one of the best known stories of Shiva.

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2. Marriage Of Shiva And Parvati:

Himavantha, the ruler of the Himalayas and his wife Mena Devi, were devout followers of Lord Shiva. They even wished that their daughter grew up to be Shiva’s wife. Mena Devi performed a 3-day long Tapasya to gratify Gauridevi, Shiva’s wife. Appeased by Mena Devi’s meditation, Gauridevi promises her to be reborn as her daughter. She jumps into the fire, only to be reincarnated as Parvati.

Meanwhile, Shiva went on long meditation to mourn the death of his wife. When Himavantha learned about Shiva’s plight, he asked Narada for help. Narada told Himavantha that Parvati could earn Shiva’s love only through prayers. Parvati spent days and night worshipping Lord Shiva. Impressed by Parvati’s devotion, Shiva resolved to test her love. He disguised as a Brahmin and said that it would be futile for her to marry someone who has no wealth and lived the life of a beggar. Parvati became furious hearing these and replied in anger, “I would marry none, but Shiva”. Pleased with her answer, Shiva returned to his original form and agreed to marry Parvati.

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3. The Mythological Story Of Lord Shiva And The Fisherman:

One day, Lord Shiva was explaining Vedas to his wife, Goddess Parvati. The discussion went on for several years. One day, Goddess Parvati lost her concentration in the discussion. This angered Lord Shiva, who in a fit of anger said “Go to earth and take birth as a fisherwoman.”

Goddess Parvati pleaded, “What have I done?” But Lord Shiva did not reply.

In the absence of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva grew sadder day by day. His servant Nandi could not bear the anguish of his master. He thought that his master would be happy only is his beloved would come back to Mount Kailasha.

Meanwhile, Goddess Parvati took the form of the baby girl. The chief fisherman noticed her by the tree, picked her up and got her home. The fisherman brought the girl up as his daughter and named her Parvati. Soon, years went by, and Parvati grew into a beautiful girl. She would assist her father in fishing and could even row faster than anyone else in the village.

On the other side, Lord Shiva was still yearning for his wife. Nandi went to him and asked, “Why don’t you call Goddess Parvati back?” Lord Shiva replied. “I cannot! According to her birth, she is destined to marry an angler”.

Hearing this, Nandi came up with a plan. He turned himself into a large whale and went to the sea where the fishermen would go fishing. He annoyed and troubled the fishermen by upturning their boats and tearing off their nets.

The fishermen then went to complain the chief of the fisherman. The fisherman announced “Whoever catches the whale would win the hand of my daughter”. Many fishermen tried, but none could catch the whale.

Dismayed, the chief then prayed to Lord Shiva, “Oh Lord, help us get rid of the large fish”. Even Parvati prayed, “Oh Lord, please come to our help”.

Lord Shiva heard Parvati’s pleadings and transformed into a young and handsome fisherman. He appeared in front of the Chief Fisherman and said that he will catch the whale. Seeing his master, Nandi happily let Lord Shiva catch him.
The marriage of Shiva and Parvati was arranged, and they were again reunited.

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4. The Story Of The Birth Of Lord Shiva’s Daughter, Ashok Sundari:

As per the mythology, Shiva and Parvati were taking a stroll when they came across a wish-fulfilling tree, the Kalpavriksha. Parvati used to feel very lonely when Lord Shiva would go out of the Kailash Mountain to get rid of the negative forces. So she asked for a daughter from the wish fulfilling tree. Her wish was granted, and she received Ashok Sundari.

When Lord Shiva beheaded Lord Ganesha, Ashok Sundari got terrified and hid behind a sack of salt. When Parvati came to know about her son’s fate, out of anger, she cursed Ashok Sundari to become a part of the salt. When Lord Shiva restored Lord Ganesha’s head, he even revived Ashok Sundari. Since then, Ashok Sundari has been associated with salt, without which the food would be tasteless. This is an interesting tales of Lord Shiva for kids.

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5. Lord Shiva And The Story Bhasmasura:

Bhasmasura was a giant demon, but was extremely foolish. He would never think before acting. One day, he decided to meditate and pray to get a boon from Lord Shiva. He meditated for several days, and each day he would cut off a part of the body and offer to Lord Shiva.

After several days of meditation and offerings, Lord Shiva decided to appear before him. Lord Shiva said, “I am thoroughly pleased with your love and devotion. As one thing that you want as a boon”.

Bhasmasura replied, “My Lord, grant me the boon that whoever I put my hand on would die instantly”. Lord Shiva granted him the boon.

Then Bhasmasura got up and said, “How would I know whether the boon is true or not”. Bhasmura then went near Lord Shiva to place his hand. It alerted Lord Shiva, and he ran off. But Bhasmasura continued following him. Just then, Lord Vishnu appeared disguised as a priest.

The priest told Bhasmasura, “Why are you running? Tell me the matter”. Bhasmasura told him everything about Shiva’s boon.

The priest replied, “Why Lord Shiva would let you put your hand on his head? If he does so, you will come to know that the boon isn’t true”.

He further challenged, “If you want to check the boon, then why don’t you put your hand on your head?”

The foolish Bhasmasura placed his hands on his head and died in an instant.

We hope you and your children have fun reading these stories. Besides being engrossing, these stories will also make good lessons for your kids. Do you have some Lord Shiva stories for kids to share with us? Then please leave us a comment below!

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