Taurus And Pisces: Compatibility For Love And Sex

Taurus is a practical, cheerful, and determined individual. On the other hand, Piscean is quite eccentric and highly emotional. Let’s explore the Pisces and Taurus compatibility. Born between April 20 and May 21, Taurean helps the emotional Pisces to think rationally and be practical.

So how does the sensitive Pisces get along with the stubborn Taurus? Read through this post to find out more about Pisces and Taurus compatibility.

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Are Pisces And Taurus Compatible?

Pisces and Taurus relationship is dream-like

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Taurus is graceful, trustworthy, and has a vehement nature. Being ruled by the planet of love, Venus, they harbor an affinity for extravagance and pleasure. They are known for having a big heart as they have sympathy for others. They feel a strong attraction for beautiful things that can sometimes give a sneak peek of their needful nature. Just like their celestial animal bull, Taurus isn’t afraid of hard work. They are tenacious and often stubborn.

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Pisces are compassionate and empathetic by nature, so they may be the perfect candidates to enter into a long-lasting relationship full of passion and trust.

On the other hand, Piscean is a wishful thinker. Being ruled by the planet of illusions, Neptune, Pisces natives are intuitive, empathetic, and imaginative. They are daydreamers and often think about imaginary situations, which makes them detached from the real world.

Can there be electric chemistry between a Taurus and Piscean? The relationship between the bull and the fish is idealistic and dream-like. The divine energy of Venus complements the dreamy nature of Neptune—maybe that’s why both of them share a deep bond that overflows with fondness, endearment, and affection alongside a strong spiritual connection. Taurus can help Pisces be more grounded and stay in touch with reality, while Pisces can bring out the poetic and artistic side of Taurus. Cooperation from both partners help make their relationship work smoothly.

Reasons A Pisces And Taurus Compatibility Might Work

Pisces and Taurus share a strong emotional bond

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There is harmony between the two elements, water and earth. When one falls short of something, the other fulfills it. Let’s take a look at why Pisces and Taurus love each other so dearly.

  • Taurus is trustworthy, honorable, and reliable. Pisces, on the other hand, is the “free-child.” Even though Taurus is quite reticent and does not open up much, Pisces is patient and gives them the space of comfort and warmth to show their vulnerable side. Once the emotional bond is formed, it becomes exceptionally strong. Loyalty to each other further strengthens their bond. Taurus has authoritative energy that draws Pisces in, while Pisces’ ingenious and poetic side attracts Taurus.
  • The earthen bull is enticed by Pisces’s transcendental mood. Both Taurus and Pisces crave a partnership that emanates warm and affectionate energy. They share a great rapport and will keep each other happy and comfortable. Their sustained endeavor at keeping their partners happy, along with trust and commitment, will make this relationship successful. Both Pisces and Taurus are understanding, caring, and determined individuals.
  • Once Pisces have attuned themselves to the needful nature of Taurus they tend to extend a helping hand towards them ever needed. Taurus, on the other hand, protects Pisces from people who want to take advantage of their selfless nature. Pisces taps into the emotional and sensitive side of Taurus, while Taurus helps in calming the turbulent emotions that Pisces sometimes feels.

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Taurus has a unique ability to inspire others, so they motivate Pieces to get out of their comfort zone, achieve greater heights, and transform into a better version of themselves.

Problems A Pisces And Taurus Compatibility Might Face

Pisces and Taurus can get into disagreements

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The deeply emotional Pisces sometimes feels exhausted by the hard-headed and stubborn Taurus. So, they may get into disagreements.

  • The empirical Taurus is aware of their decisions when it comes to their finances or anything important, but Pisces is quite absentminded, which bothers the grounded Taurus. Pisces’ acquiescent nature frustrates the bull since they find it disorderly. On the other hand, Pisces feels that Taurus is quite the buzzkill.
  • Taurus loves the comfort of their home. They most likely stay home than go out and socialize. Their homebound nature affects Pisces since they would most likely want to go out with their friends. Pisces’ affable nature will make them have a lot of friends, which can be beyond the comprehension of a Taurus making them feel jealous and possessive..
  • Taurus is oftentimes quite lazy, which bothers the hard-working Pisces. Pisces puts in a lot of passion and creativity in any work they do, which lacks in Taurus as they need a continuous flow of inspiration and motivation before they can get back to their diligent self.

Love Match Between A Pisces Man And A Taurus Woman

Taurus woman showers love on Pisces man

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The love affair between a Pisces man and a Taurus woman is quite a beautiful one. When earth and water get together, it results in a caring, gentle, and passionate relationship. Both of them love a calm environment, and that’s exactly how their relationship is, they are sensitive and emotional. The anxious nature of Pisces will lessen once he is in a relationship with Taurus. A Taurus woman provides him the intimacy and stability that he yearns for.

On the other hand, she falls for the sweet Pisces man. He is empathetic and nurturing towards her that she appreciates. A Pisces man cherishes and adores his Taurus woman by giving her unceasing attention. He entices her, and she is predictable and simple, which he appreciates. She craves the passion and comfort that Pisces can fulfill. Pisces man often falls into the depths of his imagination that might lead to depression, hence, Taurus woman needs to shower him with tremendous love and care to help him get rid of his negative feelings.

The stubborn nature and bad temper of Taurus woman might create certain problems within the relationship. Pisces, however, will be patient with his partner. If she cannot find emotional and financial stability even after persistent support, she may eventually call it quits.

Love Match Between A Pisces Woman And A Taurus Man

Pisces woman and Taurus man enjoy each other's company

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A Taurus man is humble, honorable, and modest. He has a pragmatic outlook on life. Pisces woman is child-like, innocent, and starry-eyed, and she is quite the opposite of her partner. When both of them come together for a romantic relationship, sparks fly.

Taurus man is sensuous and passionate, he appreciates the beauty and sophisticated nature of his partner. On the other hand, Pisces woman falls head over heels over her Taurus man from the beginning. She sees him as a strong and caring individual who can take care of her. The dreamy romance between them is something that seems out of a classic novel.

The timid and soft Pisces woman lets the Taurus man dominate the relationship. He dotes on his partner and always makes her feel safe and comfortable. Both of them enjoy each other’s company, that is why they will hardly go out during weekends and prefer to stay home and cuddle while watching a romantic film.

Pisces And Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Pisces is enticing, while Taurus has a lot of fervor. Pisces can give their partner love letters, write poems about them, and send them loving text messages. Taurus, on the other hand, brings passion into the relationship. With their slow and steady approach, both of them will take their time to know each other.

Taurus loves extravagant and luxurious treatment, so hot baths, scented candles, and a soft bed with lots of pillows are some of the things that entice the bull. Pisces, too, enjoys these things. Taurus might be used to a certain routine, but it is up to Pisces to bring in the thrill and excitement into the relationship. Taurus may feel out of their element at first, but once the trust is built, they will slowly get out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Pisces and Taurus soulmates?

Yes, Pisces and Taurus can make for soulmates. The water and earth signs can maintain a durable relationship and an ideal home as their differences are complementary. They may exhibit unconditional love and deep emotional connection.

2. Why is Taurus attracted to Pisces?

The softness of Pisces attracts a Taurus, whose stability is desirable for the former. It is said that Taurus and Pisces form a sextile (60º angle in planetary position) that promotes secure energy, good vibes, and positivity. This may lead to stable relationships.

3. What common interests do Pisces and Taurus share?

Pisces and Taurus have several interests in common, including love for art, music, literature, antiques, and recreational activities.

4. What kind of family life can a Pisces and Taurus build together?

Taurus and Pisces are charming and gentle, so they might make a lovely family. They can make a warm, friendly, and accepting household with spiritual elements in their family life.

Taurus loves extravagant life filled with pleasure. They have a strong desire for social stability and are highly graceful. However, they often act stubborn, pertinacious, and fanatical. In contrast, Pisces is intuitive, imaginative, and sensitive. However, they are also lazy, submissive, and dependent. These peculiar characteristics of these zodiac signs can cause them to get attracted and develop a strong connection. Friendship can be the base of their relationship which can slowly develop into love. However, some of these traits could cause rifts in the relationship. But Taurus and Pisces can satiate each other’s craving for affection, love, and support. And even if conflicts arise, Taurus and Pisces can resolve them with relative ease as they enjoy being together.

Infographic: More Reasons Why A Taurus And Pisces Relationship Might Work

In addition to the already given list of reasons why a Taurus and Pisces relationship might work, we have also prepared the following infographic with some more reasons to add to that list. So, if you have a beau who is a Taurean or a Piscean, we present you with more than enough reasons to know that you have the best chances of things working out in your favor.

taurus and pisces reasons they might work out (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • The relationship between a Piscean and a Taurean is an ideal one.
  • They have a stable emotional understanding and help each other grow.
  • The lazy and reclusive nature of Taurus can easily displease the Pisceans.
  • They can have a gentle, caring, and calming relationship.

Pisces and Taurus make a great match! Learn how these two signs can create a strong, loving relationship in this video.

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