7 Bangla Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Name Gender Meaning
heart image Haqqi Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who supports; Holds the truth
heart image Qabiz Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the ninety men
heart image Qaid Baby Boy Sign Boy A commander of men
heart image Qaim Baby Boy Sign Boy A standing, rising, and well-grounded person
heart image Ratiq Baby Boy Sign Boy One who brings people together; Another name of Allah
heart image Rayhaan Baby Boy Sign Boy A sweet-smelling flower that isn't a rose; Something that brings comfort
heart image Rayhaan sweet Baby Boy Sign Boy A plant that has a sweet smell

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the naming conventions of Bangladesh for baby boys?

Bangladeshi Muslims often alter their names to fit the local naming conventions of South Asia. A boy can typically have two to three names including a religious name, a personal name, and the family name. Some boys may also have a caste name (1). Many people do not use a family name so the members of the same family may have different last names. This system (of not having a family name) is also followed by non-Muslims in the area occasionally. Moreover, many people in Bangladesh have two given names. One is a good name, which is used on legal documents, and the other is a nickname, which is used among family and friends. Baby boys also have prefixes like Muhammad or Mohammod added before their names. These names may be shortened and considered as first names while the given name appears as the last name (2).

2. How do Bangla baby boy names differ from Bangla baby girl names?

Baby girls typically have two or three names just like boys. However, they generally do not have a religious name. Baby girl names include honorific titles that denote their social status. They can also be used as a mark of respect. Some girls may also have two personal names and no title (1).


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