230 Bengali Baby Boy Names With Meanings


A versatile and meaningful name is one of the first gifts every parent can give to their children. We bring you a list of Bengali baby boy names with meanings that reflect the values and culture of the community, connecting the present generation to their past and carrying it forward through them. These names also celebrate the region's rich culture and history. In the Bengali tradition, a christening ceremony, also called 'Naamkaran,' holds great cultural and religious significance for the baby, parents, and entire family. During the ceremony, the parents and the family's elders bestow the name on the newborn with utmost sincerity and devotion. In the Bengali tradition, like in any other culture, it is important for parents to pass down their cultural values and beliefs and wish their children to carry their legacy forward (1). Parents also look for the most meaningful names rooted in their culture for their bundle of joy. Names such as Tapas meaning 'sun,' Probhakor, signifying 'one who is sun-like,' Sahasranshu, implying 'one who is like the sun,' Aaditya, meaning 'sun,' and Mihir, symbolizing 'the sun' are popular in Bengali culture. With these names, parents hope their children will bring light, happiness, and prosperity to their life. In Bengali Hindu families, Vedic astrology is heavily relied upon while selecting a name for their baby boy. Several aspects, like the position of planets at the time of birth, the child's month of birth, the family deity, the child's zodiac sign, and the worldly name, are taken into account to zero in on a suitable name. In addition, astrologers believe letters in even numbers for a baby boy are auspicious. Now that you've learned about naming traditions for Bengali boys' names, continue reading as we share beautiful baby boy names with meanings. You can choose your favorite name for your adorable little prince and give them a unique Bengali identity.

heart image Aadidev Baby Boy Sign Boy First of God; The one closest to the almighty
heart image Aaditya Baby Boy Sign Boy Belonging to Aditi or Sun
heart image Aadyot Baby Boy Sign Boy one who is surrounded by light
heart image Aaraiz Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rain-bearing God
heart image Aarul Baby Boy Sign Boy being brilliant
heart image Aashirbaad Baby Boy Sign Boy The one like a blessing
heart image Aathmik Baby Boy Sign Boy Related to soul or aatma
heart image Aayuman Baby Boy Sign Boy having a young mind
heart image Abani Baby Boy Sign Boy Planet Earth
heart image Abanimohon Baby Boy Sign Boy the King
heart image Abanish Baby Boy Sign Boy being a King
heart image Abesh Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has complete possession or control
heart image Abhanja Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is an excellent speaker
heart image Abhidhan Baby Boy Sign Boy Vocabulary or word list
heart image Abhidhyan Baby Boy Sign Boy Dream or deep consideration.
heart image Abhijeet Baby Boy Sign Boy Variation
heart image Abhik Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved; Dearest to Heart; Most Loved
heart image Abhoy Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is not afraid of anything; Fearless
heart image Abinaashjot Baby Boy Sign Boy A light that cannot be destroyed
heart image Achinta Baby Boy Sign Boy one of many names of Lord Shiva; Vishnu
heart image Achintya Baby Boy Sign Boy Release of tensions; Inconceivable; Beyond comprehension; Healer of all worries
heart image Adrisar Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is strong like iron
heart image Ahibhusan Baby Boy Sign Boy The god shiva
heart image Ajatasmatru Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who has no enemies
heart image Akantak Baby Boy Sign Boy Thornless; Free from pain or problem
heart image Akashadhar Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Visnu; Strength gained through experience
heart image Akhilbandhu Baby Boy Sign Boy A Boy who is everyone's friend
heart image Amitava Baby Boy Sign Boy Boundless lustre; One with unlimited splendour; One who will shine forever
heart image Aniruddha Baby Boy Sign Boy Uncontrolled; Unrestrained; Without Obstacles; Name of Grandson of Lord Krishna
heart image Ardhendu Baby Boy Sign Boy Half Moon
heart image Arnab Baby Boy Sign Boy Ocean
heart image Arnob Baby Boy Sign Boy Eagle; King of eagles
heart image Arup Baby Boy Sign Boy Shapeless; Formless; One without any form; Extremely Beautiful
heart image Ayon Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Divine; Celestial; God-like
heart image Balmiki Baby Boy Sign Boy Prophet
heart image Banaful Baby Boy Sign Boy Wild flower
heart image Basav Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Of Bulls
heart image Basudeb Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of Krishna
heart image Batuk Baby Boy Sign Boy Boy; Young man; Youngster
heart image Benoy Baby Boy Sign Boy Polite; Courteous; Respectful; Refined; Well-mannered; Gracious
heart image Bhageerath Baby Boy Sign Boy A King of Suryavamsha who Brought River Ganga from Heavens to Earth
heart image Bhashkar Baby Boy Sign Boy The Sun
heart image Bhaskor Baby Boy Sign Boy Sun; Bright; Radiant and luminous light of the sun
heart image Bhojraj Baby Boy Sign Boy An Ancient King
heart image Bhrihadbanu Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Krishna and Satyabhama; Bhringaraj a Bee
heart image Binoba Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is full of talents and knowledge
heart image Bipin Baby Boy Sign Boy Forest
heart image Bishwajit Baby Boy Sign Boy One who won over the whole world
heart image Bivan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Full of life; Full of energy
heart image Borenya Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is a great person
heart image Buburam Baby Boy Sign Boy A gentleman
heart image Chaitali Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Owner of sharp memory
heart image Chandrachur Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva
heart image Daiwik Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; One who has extraordinary power
heart image Debashish Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is lord of the rings
heart image Debesh Baby Boy Sign Boy Pleased by gods; One who is delighted by God
heart image Devesh Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva
heart image Dey Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Sir; Lord
heart image Didi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Elder sister
heart image Dipankar Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has a lamp in his hands
heart image Fanikeshar Baby Boy Sign Boy The ruler of the snakes
heart image Felu Baby Boy Sign Boy A nickname for Boys
heart image Fulbabu Baby Boy Sign Boy A dancer who sounds out rhythms by using metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoes
heart image Gangaraaju Baby Boy Sign Boy The Lord of the rivers
heart image Grihamani Baby Boy Sign Boy A lamp which spreads light everywhere
heart image Hironmoe Baby Boy Sign Boy A Bengali male name
heart image Hridyanshu Baby Boy Sign Boy Light from Heart; Moon
heart image Hrishab Baby Boy Sign Boy Morality
heart image Ilish Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Fish
heart image Jayaketan Baby Boy Sign Boy The symbol of victory
heart image Jayanand Baby Boy Sign Boy Joy of success
heart image Jayashish Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory with blessing
heart image Jaydeb Baby Boy Sign Boy God of victory
heart image Jayeda Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Long-necked beauty
heart image Jeetu Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who always get success over difficulties
heart image Jhareshwar Baby Boy Sign Boy Splendor of flame
heart image Jnanendra Baby Boy Sign Boy Deep thinkers and seekers of truth
heart image Joeonto Baby Boy Sign Boy Splendor of flame
heart image Jotish Baby Boy Sign Boy Astrologer
heart image Kanakachur Baby Boy Sign Boy Paddy
heart image Kaustubh Baby Boy Sign Boy A Jewel worn by Lord Vishnu
heart image Koley Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Victorious; Triumphant
heart image Koushik Baby Boy Sign Boy Love and Affection; One who adores and worships; One who is devoted
heart image Labanga Baby Boy Sign Boy Cloves
heart image Lekhon Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who knows how to write
heart image Mehedi Baby Boy Sign Boy guided one ,divinely guided
heart image Mihir Baby Boy Sign Boy The Sun
heart image Mim Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Diminutive form of the name Miriam; Rebellious; Wished-for child
heart image Minati Baby Boy Sign Boy A prayer or an offering to the God
heart image Mithin Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who governs wisely
heart image Modan Baby Boy Sign Boy The God of love and infatuation
heart image Modanatha Baby Boy Sign Boy Hindu Lord of Love and affection
heart image Monohar Baby Boy Sign Boy one who is a great charmer
heart image Monojit Baby Boy Sign Boy One who wins over other's mind
heart image Mounish Baby Boy Sign Boy The lord of minds; The conqueror of minds
heart image Naba Baby Boy Sign Boy New or fresh
heart image Nabakumar Baby Boy Sign Boy Newborn boy
heart image Nabhas Baby Boy Sign Boy Resembles the blue sky
heart image Nabin Baby Boy Sign Boy Fresh and original
heart image Nabina Baby Boy Sign Boy The person who is new and fresh
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A baby's name plays an important role in their personality and the way they are perceived by others. Apart from identification, carrying the cultural heritage and values helps them connect to their roots. These Bengali baby boy names embody unique cultural and historical connotations. Hence, parents who are keen to pass down their Bengali heritage to their children can pick from the above list of names. Also, names that begin with the first letter of the parent’s names or rhyme well with them can be excellent choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any traditional Bengali baby boy names still commonly used today?

Yes, there are traditional masculine Bengali baby names that have been used for ages. Some examples include Abhijeet, which means 'one who is victorious' and refers to Lord Krishna, and Abhimanuya, the name of the son of Arjun in Mahabharat. Another popular name is Anil, meaning 'God of wind' and associated with Vishnu and Shiva. Arijit, meaning 'conqueror of enemies,' is also commonly used and is the son of Krishna and Subhadra.

2. Can you explain the significance of a baby's name in Bengali culture?

In Bengali culture, personal names comprise given names and surnames, reflecting religious and linguistic influences from Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, and Pali. Typically, individuals possess two names; a 'good name' for official purposes and a 'call name' employed by loved ones. Some may also use abbreviated forms of their given names. While middle names are prevalent, they are not obligatory. Many people use their nickname as their middle name [2].

3. What are some common Bengali baby boy names with religious or mythological origins?

Some common Bengali baby boy names with religious or mythological origins, include Arun, meaning the red glow of the rising Sun, the mythical charioteer of the Sun, and the Sun God. Arjun signifies fairness, open-mindedness, purity, and brilliance, and he is a Pandava Prince, one of the five Pandavas. Indrajit is a popular name that means ‘conqueror of Indra.’ Indra is the Hindu God of sky and rain. Basu is a popular Bengali name and surname which is used as an epithet for many Hindu gods.

4. What are some common nicknames given to Bengali baby boys?

In Bengali culture, baby boys are given two names: a Dak Naam (nickname) and a Bhalo Naam (official name). Dak Naam is often embarrassing and has no meaning. They can be based on personality traits or short forms of the official name. Some common nicknames include Babai, Papai, Choton, Chotka, Shantu, Mantu, Jhontu, Dustu, and Poltu.

5. How do Bengali baby boy names reflect regional and cultural diversity within the Bengali community?

The Bengali community reflects regional and cultural diversity through its baby boy names. With its rich history and influences from various empires, Bengal has produced renowned figures in arts, music, dance, architecture, textiles, and fashion. The names of Bengali baby boys often reflect this diverse cultural heritage and historical legacy.

Infographic: Prominent Bengali Names For Your Baby Boy

Bengali baby boy names have a distinct identity, rich heritage, and cultural significance. In addition, they are traditionally based on Vedic astrology and imply a deeper meaning. You can check out the names provided in this infographic if you are looking for such Bengali baby boy names.

charming bengali names for your baby boy (infographic)

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