210 Bengali Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Aadidev (आदिदेव)the hindu word aadidev means First of God, the one closest to the almightyBoy
Aaditya (आदित्या)The name aaditya means belonging to aditi or SunBoy
Aadyot (आद्योत)one who is surrounded by lightBoy
Aarulbeing brilliantBoy
AashirbaadThe one like a blessingBoy
AathmikRelated to soul or aatmaBoy
Aayumanhaving a young mindBoy
AbaniPlanet EarthBoy
Abanimohonthe KingBoy
Abanishbeing a KingBoy
AbeshOne who has complete possession or controlBoy
AbhanjaOne who is an excellent speakerBoy
AbhidhanRefers to vocabulary or word list.Boy
AbhidhyanDream or deep consideration.Boy
AbhikBeloved; Dearest to Heart; Most LovedBoy
AbhoyOne who is not afraid of anything, fearlessBoy
AbinaashjotA light that cannot be destroyedBoy
Achintaone of many names of Lord Shiva; VishnuBoy
AchintyaRelease of Tensions; Inconceivable; Beyond Comprehension; Healer of all worries;Boy
AdrisarOne who is strong like ironBoy
AhibhusanThe god shivaBoy
AjatasmatruA man who has no enemiesBoy
AkantakThornless, free from pain or problemBoy
AkashadharLord Visnu; Strength gained through experienceBoy
AkhilbandhuA Boy who is everyone's friendBoy
AmitavaBoundless Lustre; One with unlimited splendour; One who will shine forever;Boy
AniruddhaUncontrolled; Unrestrained; Without Obstacles; Name of Grandson of Lord KrishnaBoy
ArdhenduHalf MoonBoy
ArupShapeless; Formless; One without any form; Extremely BeautifulBoy
BalmikiThe name means Prophet. It is the name of a famous poet.Boy
BanafulWild flowerBoy
BasavLord Of BullsBoy
BasudebFather of KrishnaBoy
BatukBoy, young man, youngsterBoy
BenoyPolite; Courteous; Respectful; Refined; Well-mannered; GraciousBoy
BhageerathA King of Suryavamsha who Brought River Ganga from Heavens to EarthBoy
BhashkarThe SunBoy
BhaskorSun; Bright, Radiant and Luminous light of the SunBoy
BhojrajAn Ancient KingBoy
BhrihadbanuSon of Krishna and Satyabhama; Bhringaraj a BeeBoy
BinobaA man wh is full of talents and knowledgeBoy
Bipinforest (Vipin)Boy
BishwajitOne who won over the whole worldBoy
BorenyaOne who is a great personBoy
BuburamOne who is a gentlemanBoy
ChaitaliOwner of sharp memoryUnisex
ChandrachurAnother name of Lord ShivaBoy
DaiwikGrace; one who has extraordinary powerBoy
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