57 Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter P

PalashFlowering Tree; A fruitful personBoy
ParitoshContentment; Complete satisfaction; Delight; GratificationBoy
ParthivOne who is son of Earth; earthyBoy
ParthoName of an hero of Indian epic MahabharatBoy
PinakpaniThe bow that belongs to the Lord ShivaBoy
PingakshiA brown eyed BoyBoy
PinkeshThe serpant's mouthBoy
PitamThe dearest one of them allBoy
PitteshOne who has high expectations from lifeBoy
PoltuOne whose name is sweetBoy
PonmudiOne who wears a crown of goldBoy
PrabhasSplendour; Lustrous; Brilliance; RadianceBoy
PrabirA brave person who is a heroBoy
PrabodhTo have an awakeningBoy
PradiptHe who is illumanted, glowingBoy
PradiptaAn enlighted, blazing bozBoy
PrahorAn eight part of the night or a dayBoy
PrajaranjakA person who is deeply devoted to GodBoy
PrajaranjanOne who likes to please othersBoy
PralayA name for Himalaya. Also means disasterBoy
PralhaladHe who brings joy to the worldBoy
PramathaOne who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva's faithful companionUnisex
PramathanathA male name of Benglai orginBoy
PrambratraTo make a good oathBoy
PramtiOne who is consciouss and awareBoy
PranabThe Om Sound. Can also mean the feeling of LoveBoy
PranabenduThe feeling of pure loveBoy
PranasakhaA friend of the heartBoy
PraneswarOne who will be a husbandBoy
PranjalGod; One who is as dear as life; Modest; Simple; StraightforwardBoy
PranpratimOne who is just like the lifeBoy
PranshulThe name of the Lord ShivaBoy
PrasoonTo be graceful and pretty as a flowerBoy
PratapavatA person who is known for his valorBoy
PrathmeshOne who is the Lord of the bestBoy
PratipravaA flourescent individualBoy
PrattyaA trustworthy and trusting personBoy
PratulOne who owns plentyBoy
PrayogAn investigation, test, experimentBoy
PreetheshOne who is like the Lord of LoveBoy
PrithyisTo be the Lord of the WorldBoy
PritwishThe best and the greatest love of allBoy
PriyambadA person who is very sweet tonguedBoy
ProbalSomeone adored and belovedBoy
ProbhakorOne who is Sun-likeBoy
ProsenjitThe spreader of happiness and joyBoy
ProtikTo stand as a symbol for somethingBoy
ProvakarOne who is the Lord of the lightBoy
PundarikakshyaOne who is an epiteth of Lord VishnuBoy
PunyakotiA holy cow's nameBoy
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