210 Bengali Baby Boy Names With Meanings

NevaanThe one who is spiritually holy.Boy
NideeshPresenter of fortune materialsBoy
NihithEssential, intrinsic, characteristic, natural.Boy
NikhalasApproachable, welcoming, pleasant, kindly.Boy
NikharProspering, developing, maturing, blooming.Boy
NikhilchandraCastle, hall, lodge, grange, house.Boy
NilanjanThe one who has bluish eyes.Boy
NiloyThe blue colored person, referred to Lord ShivaBoy
NingappaRecognize with gratitude.Boy
NinuThe one who is recognized with gratefulness.Boy
NiqilesThe unpleasant or harsh taste.Boy
NirantakAdditional name for Lord Shiva.Boy
NiratapThe one who is filled with shades and shadows.Boy
NirdharThe one who is carrying the boulder.Boy
NischithaHead of nation or royal leader.Boy
NishThe one who leads the country.Boy
NripanHead of nation or royal leader.Boy
NripatiThe one who leads the country.Boy
OhitThe brightness of the eyes, nimble of the eyesight.Boy
OhitlalThe girl who has gorgeous, stunning and fine looking eyes.Boy
OmioThe one who is strong and stable and dependable.Boy
OngkarThe holy chant of OmBoy
OnindroA romantic personBoy
OrnobDeep ocean or large sea.Boy
PalashFlowering Tree; A fruitful personBoy
ParitoshContentment; Complete satisfaction; Delight; GratificationBoy
ParthivOne who is son of Earth; earthyBoy
ParthoName of an hero of Indian epic MahabharatBoy
PinakpaniThe bow that belongs to the Lord ShivaBoy
PingakshiA brown eyed BoyBoy
PinkeshThe serpant's mouthBoy
PitamThe dearest one of them allBoy
PitteshOne who has high expectations from lifeBoy
PoltuOne whose name is sweetBoy
PonmudiOne who wears a crown of goldBoy
PrabhasSplendour; Lustrous; Brilliance; RadianceBoy
PrabirA brave person who is a heroBoy
PrabodhTo have an awakeningBoy
PradiptHe who is illumanted, glowingBoy
PradiptaAn enlighted, blazing bozBoy
PrahorAn eight part of the night or a dayBoy
PrajaranjakA person who is deeply devoted to GodBoy
PrajaranjanOne who likes to please othersBoy
PralayA name for Himalaya. Also means disasterBoy
PralhaladHe who brings joy to the worldBoy
PramathaOne who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva's faithful companionUnisex
PramathanathA male name of Benglai orginBoy
PrambratraTo make a good oathBoy
PramtiOne who is consciouss and awareBoy
PranabThe Om Sound. Can also mean the feeling of LoveBoy
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