1108 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter F

Baby Boy Names Starts With F

Did you know, the letter F is an ancestor of U, V, and W? It even takes on the sound of ‘V’ in a few words. So if the letter itself is so fascinating, don’t you think a name starting would be even more charming?

The letter F is equivalent to number six, which suggests love in all its forms. F people are compassionate, warm hearted, and extremely lovable. They have a high degree of understanding and a wish to keep harmony and balance in every situation. They even have a great sense of humor and love bringing people together with their entertainment and other artistic endeavors. Numerology also states that people with names starting with F are responsible, easy to get along with, and selfless to the point of being self-sacrificing.

However, this letter brings with itself a few insecurities. So you may have to remind your child regularly of his importance as he grows up. Also, the empathic nature of F people makes it difficult for them not to stick their nose in others' matters. This isn’t generally liked by everyone.

From Faadhil to Fshd and beyond, take a look at MomJunction's baby boy names starting with the letter F below.

FarmanAn edictBoy
FarmandIntelligent; Pure; WiseBoy
FarmanullahA command od the GodBoy
FarmerOccupational nameBoy
FarnallOne who comes from the slope of fernsBoy
FarnamA Boy whose home is the fern meadowBoy
FarnazOne who is from hgh status and greatBoy
FarnbagGod's glory. It's also the term for the first sacred Fire of Sassanian Iran.Boy
FarnellA person who came from the fern slopeBoy
FarnhamHe who came from the field of fernsBoy
FarnleaA male from the fern fieldsBoy
FarnleeHe is from the fern meadowBoy
FarnleighHe is from the fern fieldsBoy
FarnleyA person who lives on the fern fieldsBoy
FarnlyHe is from the valley of fernsBoy
FarnumA Boy from the meadow of fernBoy
FaroharConquest; Angel; SpiritBoy
FarokhA fortunate and blessed oneBoy
FarolA heroic and a superior manBoy
FaroldA traveler of powerBoy
FaronOne who is like a ferretBoy
FarookA man of high moral standardsBoy
FarookhOne who has the power of discriminatinBoy
FarooqOne who knows the difference between right and wrongBoy
FarooqueA very fortunate BoyBoy
FaroqhA good and blessed manBoy
FaroukA truthful BoyBoy
FaroukhA honest manBoy
FarozanLuminous; Radiant; Bright; BrilliantBoy
FarqadA two bright stars of Ursa MinUnisex
FarqadinTwo stars near the poleUnisex
FarquharA friendly and dear oneBoy
FarrOne who loves to travelBoy
FarrajA relief and comfortBoy
FarranOne who is a bakerBoy
FarrarAn occupational name, a blacksmithBoy
FarrelA brave and victorious manBoy
FarrellOne who winsBoy
FarrenHe who is of adventurous natureBoy
FarrierAn iron grey person. A surnameBoy
FarrinOne who is close to the landsBoy
FarrisOne with the strenght of the ironBoy
FarrleighOne who is from the sheep meadowBoy
FarrleyA person from the sheep meadowBoy
FarrokhA happy and fortunate manBoy
FarrokhzadOne who was happily bornBoy
FarronOne who is a servant and handsomeUnisex
FarrowOne who is like an iron. An English surnameBoy
FarrsHe who likes the travelsBoy
FarrukhAn auspicious and fortunate manBoy

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