2147 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter J

Baby Boy Names Starts With J

We all are aware of the importance of the name in a person’s life. It gives uniqueness and a sense of identity to an individual. But did you know the letter with which your name starts can also have a significant influence on your personality. Below we’ll discuss the highly probably personality traits of the jolly and jubilant letter J.

The letter J brings with itself intelligence, creativity, and exuberance, all of which can help your baby boy succeed in life. People with this letter are self-confident, ambitious, determined, self-reliant with an unyielding courage, and will.

There’s a high possibility that your baby boy can be deemed selfish. And they may even need help to keep their feet on the ground. We’re sure you’ll help your son with it.

The letter J also happens to be the most popular initials for baby boys. In fact, most of the classic and traditional baby boy names start with the letter J, take Jacob, Joseph, John, and Jack for example. But if you want something original and unique, take a look at MomJunction's list below. Apart from the timeless beauties, we even have some latest and distinctive baby boy name starting with the letter J in our list below.

JadynHebrew - Thankful; Spanish - Jade is Green Gemstone; A variant of JadeBoy
JaecarGerman - Hunter; A variant og JaegarBoy
JaeceOne who heals othersBoy
JaedenA thankful personUnisex
JaedonHe was heard by JehovanBoy
JaedynOne who will be judged by the God and is thankfulUnisex
JaegarGerman - Hunter; A variant og JaecarBoy
JaegerHe who is a huntsman. A surnameBoy
JaelHebrew - Mountain Goat; Biblical - He that ascends; KidBoy
JaenbeorhtAn Archbishop's nameBoy
JaetynA modern created name, a gracious personUnisex
JafarJafar is Stream; Name of the brother of Ali, the fourth caliphBoy
JafariHe who lives near the creekBoy
JafarsaadiqA name of the early leader of IslamBoy
JafaruA Boy whose home is near the creekBoy
JafetHebrew - Enlargement; May he expand; A variant transcription of JaphethBoy
JaffaHebrew - Beauty; LovelyBoy
JaffarTo be near a creekBoy
JafferHe who is like a brookBoy
JagThe whole world, the universeBoy
Jag jeevanAll the life on the EarthBoy
Jag-jeevanLife of the World; Worldly Life; Soul of the world;Boy
JagacandraA moon that is universalBoy
JagachandraOne who is like the moon to the universeBoy
JagadThe whole cosomsBoy
JagadanandThe helper of Lord ChaitanyaBoy
JagadanandaPleasure of the Universe; Happiness of the world; Joy of the UniverseBoy
JagadatmaHe has the soul of the entire worldBoy
JagadayThe whole life of the entire UniverseBoy
JagadayuThe life that bursts from the universeBoy
JagadbanduName of Lord KrishnaBoy
JagadeepThe world's LightnessBoy
JagadeeshOne who is the Lord of the WorldBoy
JagadeeshwarThe Empire of the whole worldBoy
JagadeeshwaraLord of the Universe; Supreme Being of the Universe; Ruler of the Universe; Lord ShivaBoy
JagadeeswaranAn Emperor of the entire wold's empireBoy
JagadeshHe who is the Ruler of the UniverseBoy
JagadeshaHe is the master of CosmosBoy
JagadevHe who is the Lord of the worldBoy
JagadevaLord of the World; Supreme Being of the Universe; Ruler of the Universe; Lord ShivaBoy
JagadhaHe is the whole universeBoy
JagadhidhHe is the King of the worldBoy
JagadhishHe rules the worldBoy
JagadipHe is the lord of the worldBoy
JagadipaHe is the universe's lightBoy
JagadisaKing of the Universe; Supreme Being of the Universe; Ruler of the Universe; Lord ShivaBoy
JagadishHe is the God of this universeBoy
JagadishaThe ruler of the worldBoy
JagadishwarHe is the King of the universeBoy
JagadishwaraLord of the Universe; Supreme Being of the Universe; Ruler of the Universe; Lord ShivaBoy

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