58 Buddhism Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TabanSplendid or glitteringUnisex
TakaTall, honorable peregrineGirl
TakakoChild who is an aristocratGirl
TakaraA piece to cherish, a jewelGirl
TakarraPrecious item, precious oneGirl
TakiPlunging waterfallGirl
TansaneeBeautiful viewGirl
TaruA vast and huge sea of waterUnisex
TasaneeA beautiful viewGirl
TenzinProtector of DharmaGirl
TerbishNot that oneUnisex
TevyAn angelGirl
ThamShe who has descreet graceGirl
ThanA millionGirl
ThandarBurmese word for coralGirl
ThangVictorious oneGirl
ThanhA young voiceGirl
ThaoRespectful, obedientGirl
ThawkaPali word for amherstia flower.Girl
TheinA hundred thousandUnisex
ThereinThe sunUnisex
ThiA single womanGirl
ThidaA name of Goddess SitaGirl
ThiriSplendor, she who is good lookingGirl
ThoShe who has a long lifeGirl
ThuongOne who loves tenderlyUnisex
ThuraThe SunUnisex
ThuyaThe sunUnisex
ThuzaAngel, angelicUnisex
ThuzarAngel, a girl as beautiful and virtuous as an angelGirl
TiCommon Vietnamese middle nameGirl
TidaA daughter, female childGirl
TienA fairy, an angel or a spiritGirl
TikaIn Navaho Indian it means Sun maiden. In Sioux it means FlowerGirl
TomoIntelligence or a knowledge of a personGirl
TomoeA blessing in the form of friendGirl
TomokoA friendly or a knowing childGirl
TongIn Chinesee it is a title given to a public officer. In Ditch it refers to tongue that means a chatterboxUnisex
TonicaTo the people, something to the raceGirl
ToraIn Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder.Girl
ToruA vast and huge sea of waterUnisex
ToshikoAn ancient or valued childGirl
TrieuA tide or a small waveUnisex
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