80 Greenlandic Baby Names With Meanings


Greenland, a place as unique and beautiful as its scenery and polar bears. It also is a region where you can come across distinctive Greenlandic baby names. These names are unique because Greenland is a sparsely populated country with little over 56,000 people (1). The native Greenlandic traditions regarding the personal name revolve around the belief that it is a type of soul that an individual possesses. The name detaches from the body when a person passes away and is passed on by giving the same moniker to the newborn baby. This way, they believe, an individual is reincarnated into the newborn’s body, as the name carries the traits of the deceased person. But modern Greenlanders prefer using trendy names for their children. No wonder names such as Hans and Ann are ruling the baby name charts in Greenland. But parents need to ensure that the names are gender specific. You’ll rarely find anyone with a unisex name in Greenland. Another thing to note is that Greenlanders prefer using kin terms instead of personal names to address people, irrespective of the affinal or genealogical connection. Greenlandic names are inspired by elements of nature unique to their region. They also use names of figures of religious importance and celestial bodies. Some names are also combinations of a regional word with a suffix to derive a modern name with traditional roots. However, original Greenlandic names may be losing popularity as parents opt for Western names that may be more appealing and modern. But this does not mean that Greenlandic names have lost their allure. These authentic names continue to carry Greenlandic history and heritage. If you need some inspiration for Greenlandic baby names, we have got a comprehensive list for you below. We have also included the meanings and their popular usage, along with the names.

heart image Aaju Baby Boy Sign Boy Older sibling of the same gender
heart image Aajunnguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Dear older sibling
heart image Aakkuluk Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet little one
heart image Aamannguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Glow; Glowing coal
heart image Aanarsi Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Anders; Manly
heart image Agapeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved
heart image Agpa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Thick-billed Murre
heart image Agssile Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Aksel; The father is peace
heart image Aigssiarssuk Baby Girl Sign Girl Little Ptarmigan chick
heart image Akimiu Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who wanders by place under windows
heart image Alaappaat Baby Boy Sign Boy White
heart image Alagsantere Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Alexander; Defending men
heart image Ane Baby Girl Sign Girl God was gracious; God has shown favor; Grace
heart image Angerlarneq Baby Girl Sign Girl She has returned home
heart image Anori Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wind
heart image Aputsiaq Unisex Baby Sign Unisex An exquisite snowflake
heart image Avgusta Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of August; Great
heart image Avva Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Powerful; Strength
heart image Balika Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Palikka; Peaceful ruler
heart image Beatrine Baby Girl Sign Girl A blend of Beatrix and Trine
heart image Benjamini Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Benjamin; Son of the south
heart image Bibe Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright; Greenlandic form of Phoebe
heart image Bitti Baby Girl Sign Girl Early
heart image Bolatta Baby Girl Sign Girl Greenlandic form of Bolette, meaning battle remedy
heart image Daavi Baby Boy Sign Boy Daavi is a form of David; Beloved
heart image Eelisi Baby Girl Sign Girl Pledged to God
heart image Eeriuffi Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior wolf
heart image Eikili Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Eigil; Awe; Terror
heart image Ejnare Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Ejnar; Lone warrior
heart image Eliaser Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Elieser; God is help
heart image Emilia Baby Girl Sign Girl Rival; To emulate; Excel
heart image Erneeraq Baby Boy Sign Boy Son
heart image Fare Baby Boy Sign Boy Ancient Germanic variant form of Faro; Journey
heart image Gaaba Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my strong man
heart image Hans Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Hansinguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet dear
heart image Igaliko Baby Boy Sign Boy Abandoned hearth; Fireplace
heart image Iggiaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Throat
heart image Iisaja Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic variant of Îsaia; God is salvation
heart image Ijaakaaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Moon
heart image Ikila Baby Boy Sign Boy How sweet you are
heart image Iluuna Baby Girl Sign Girl Greenlandic variant of Iluna; Moon
heart image Imajuik Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is meek and quiet
heart image Imi Baby Girl Sign Girl Water
heart image Inugpaluk Baby Girl Sign Girl Dear little
heart image Inuk Baby Boy Sign Boy Human being; Man
heart image Inunnguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet little person or man
heart image Isabella Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my oath
heart image Ivaana Baby Girl Sign Girl The embraced one; To keep warm in affection
heart image Ivaasaq Baby Girl Sign Girl The one having been brooded
heart image Ivalu Baby Girl Sign Girl Sinew; Tendon; Thread
heart image Jakkubiina Baby Girl Sign Girl Greenlandic form of Jakobina; It means supplanter
heart image Jatse Baby Girl Sign Girl State ruler
heart image Jenseraq Baby Boy Sign Boy Young animal
heart image Juaannguaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweet, dear
heart image Julie Baby Girl Sign Girl Youthful; Downy-bearded; Soft hair; Beautiful; Vivacious
heart image Justuse Baby Boy Sign Boy Greenlandic form of Justus, fair
heart image Kanik Baby Girl Sign Girl Blood
heart image Karala Baby Girl Sign Girl A free woman
heart image Kimmernaq Baby Girl Sign Girl Lingonberry
heart image Kulooq Baby Girl Sign Girl The huge one
heart image Malik Baby Boy Sign Boy King
heart image Manumina Baby Girl Sign Girl A small piece of fur under the chin
heart image Miillaaraq Baby Girl Sign Girl Humming
heart image Minik Baby Boy Sign Boy A tough layer of fat; To seal the skin cuts
heart image Naaja Baby Girl Sign Girl Gull, seagull
heart image Naasoq Baby Girl Sign Girl Plant; Flower
heart image Naasunnguaq Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet little flower
heart image Najaaraq Baby Girl Sign Girl Little Naja
heart image Nivi Baby Girl Sign Girl Maiden or girl
heart image Niviarsiaq Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl; A female child
heart image Nuka Baby Girl Sign Girl The youngest and last daughter in the family.
heart image Paninnguaq Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet little daughter
heart image Peter Baby Boy Sign Boy Rock; Stone
heart image Pilu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A great bilberry
heart image Pipaluk Baby Girl Sign Girl The little one; Sweet Little Thing
heart image Salik Baby Boy Sign Boy One who follows the spiritual path
heart image Sisilla Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman without sight
heart image Sissinnguaq Baby Girl Sign Girl One who resambles a squirrel
heart image Stene Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is a stone

Greenlandic baby names are rare and meaningful. These names symbolize the Inuit traditions and culture. Each name has a story behind it that is rooted in Greenlandic history. They reflect the natural beauty of the region and the spiritual beliefs of the people. They depict the human values and future aspirations of Greenlanders. Native parents chose these names to keep their legacy alive while non-Inuit people choose these names because they are rare and meaningful.

Infographic: Grand Greenlandic Names For Babies

Greenlandic names are rare and unique. These names depict the history and culture of this beautiful island. Most of these names indicate a strong relationship with nature and its elements. The infographic below can introduce you to some cool Greenlandic names that you may consider for your child. You may also share it with your family and friends!

authentic greenlandic names for your little one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Greenlandic baby names have meanings related to Greenlandic culture?

Traditional Greenlandic baby names are rooted in the native Inuit language, Kalaallisut, and reflect the unique cultural heritage of Greenland (2). Most of these names are inspired by elements of the Arctic environment, animals, natural phenomena, and traditional beliefs. For example, Aputsiaq means ‘snowflake,’ while Qillaq refers to ‘seal hide.’

2. Are Greenlandic baby names difficult to pronounce for non-Greenlandic speakers?

Greenlandic names have complex sounds that may not exist in other languages. For instance, some Greenlandic names have sounds like ‘q,’ ‘ll,’ or ‘r,’ which may be challenging for non-Greenlandic speakers to pronounce easily. Also, the pronunciation of certain consonants and vowel combinations may differ from what non-Greenlandic speakers are accustomed to.

3. Are Greenlandic names gender-specific?

Like any other culture, some Greenlandic names are gender-specific. Different names, such as Malik and Aqissiaq, are traditionally used for boys. Also, names such as Aviaaja and Naja are specifically used for girls. However, Greenland also has gender-neutral names such as Inuk and Nuka.

4. Can I use a Greenlandic name if I'm not from Greenland?

Yes, you can use a Greenlandic name even if you are not a native of Greenland. However, it is extremely important that you thoroughly research the meaning, significance, and pronunciation of a Greenlandic name by consulting an expert in the native language.


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