79 Greenlandic Baby Names With Meanings

So your wee one is on the way, and you’re looking for a name as unique as him, right? Well, then we’d suggest you choose unique names from Greenland.

The native Greenlandic traditions regarding the personal name revolve around the belief that personal name or given name is a type of soul that an individual possesses. The name detaches from the body when a person passes away and is passed on by giving the same moniker to the newborn baby. This way, they believe, an individual is reincarnated into the newborn’s body, as the name carries the traits of the deceased person.

But modern Greenlanders prefer using trendy names for their children. No wonder names such as Hans and Ann are ruling the baby name charts in Greenland. But parents need to ensure that the names are gender specific. You’ll rarely find anyone with a unisex name in Greenland.

Another thing to note is that Greenlanders prefer using kin terms instead of personal names to address people, irrespective of the affinal or genealogical connection.

If you need some inspiration for Greenlandic baby names, MomJunction has got a comprehensive list for you below. We have also included the meanings and their popular usage, along with the names.

AajuOlder sibling of the same genderBoy
AajunnguaqDear older siblingBoy
AakkulukSweet little oneBoy
AamannguaqGlow, glowing coalBoy
AanarsiGreenlandic form of Anders, meaning manly.Boy
AgapetaFemale form of Agapetus, meaning beloved.Girl
AgpaThick-billed MurreUnisex
AgssileGreenlandic form of Aksel. It means the father is peace.Boy
AigssiarssukLittle Ptarmigan chickGirl
AkimiuThe one who wanders by place under windows.Boy
AlagsantereGreenlandic form of Alexander., meaning defending men.Boy
AneHebrew - God was gracious; God has shown favor; Grace; It is a variation of Anna; A variant of AnnGirl
AngerlarneqShe who has returned homeGirl
AputsiaqAn exquisite snowflakeUnisex
AvgustaA form of August, meaning great.Girl
BalikaVariant of Palikka, meaning peaceful ruler.Girl
BeatrineA blend of Beatrix and Trine.Girl
BenjaminiGreenlandic form of Benjamin, meaning son of the south.Boy
BibeGreenlandic form of Phoebe, meaning bright.Girl
BolattaGreenlandic form of Bolette, meaning battle remedy.Girl
DaaviDaavi is a form of David and means beloved.Boy
EelisiGreenlandic spelling of Êlise, which means pledged to God.Girl
EeriuffiGreenlandic form of Herjulf. It means warrior wolf.Boy
EikiliGreenlandic form of Eigil, meaning awe, terror.Boy
EjnareGreenlandic form of Ejnar, meaning lone warrior.Boy
EliaserGreenlandic form of Elieser. It means my God is help.Boy
Emiliathis name means to rival or emulate or excel.Girl
FareAncient Germanic variant form of Faro. It means journey.Boy
GaabaGreenlandic variant form of Kaapa, meaning God is my strong man.Boy
HansHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name JohnBoy
HansinguaqSweet dear.Boy
IgalikoAbandoned hearth, fireplaceBoy
IisajaGreenlandic variant of Îsaia. It means God is salvationBoy
IkilaHow sweet you areBoy
IluunaGreenlandic variant form of Iluna, meaning moon.Girl
ImajuikShe who is meek and quietGirl
InugpalukDear littleGirl
InukHuman being, manBoy
InunnguaqSweet little person or manBoy
IsabellaGod is perfection, or God is my oathGirl
IvaanaThe embraced one (to keep warm or in affection)Girl
IvaasaqThe one having been broodedGirl
IvaluSinew, tendon, threadGirl
JakkubiinaGreenlandic form of Jakobina. It means supplanter.Girl
JatseGreenlandic variant form of Jette. It means state ruler.Girl
JenseraqYoung animalBoy
JuaannguaqSweet, dearBoy
JulieLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Feminine Form Of Julian; A variant of JuliaGirl
JustuseGreenlandic form of Justus, meaning fair.Boy
KaralaKarala name means a Free WomanGirl
KulooqThe huge oneGirl
MalikHe who is kingBoy
ManuminaA small piece of fur under the chinGirl
MinikA tough layer of fat, to seal the skin cuts. A title given to Denmark's Prince Vincent.Boy
NaajaGull, seagullGirl
NaasoqPlant, flowerGirl
NaasunnguaqSweet little flowerGirl
NajaaraqLittle NajaGirl
NiviMaiden or girlGirl
NiviarsiaqA girl, a female childGirl
NukaThe youngest and last daughter in the family.Girl
PaninnguaqSweet little daughterGirl
PeterOne who is a rock and a stoneBoy
PiluA great bilberryUnisex
PipalukThe little one; Sweet Little ThingGirl
SalikOne who follows the spiritual pathBoy
SisillaA woman without a sightGirl
SissinnguaqOne who resambles a squirrelGirl
SteneA man who is a stoneBoy
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