27 Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter J

JaanakeedaasJanaki's servantBoy
JaanakeeramanJanaki's husbandBoy
JahleeA god-like personBoy
JahnavA Hindu Rishi, the one who kept Ganga on lis legsBoy
JatA caln from northern India and AfghanistanBoy
JaydevThe lord of victory or hailBoy
JayleshThe Lord of VictoryBoy
JaynishRefers to an excellent, extraordinary or outstanding person.Boy
JaypalResembles the champion or overcomer or conqueror.Boy
JayrajThe master or Lord of triumph.Boy
JaysdhtRefers nothing or no one.Boy
JayswaranA victor with a gold heart or a winner of gold.Boy
JeetaThe one who wins the title winner.Boy
JeetheshThe Lord or victory or winsBoy
JeevandipThe light of life, the ray of hopeBoy
JenilPossessing desirable or positive qualities.Boy
JibanJiban means a soul of life. A person who knows how to live happily with the happiness of his soulBoy
JickuJicku means the lion. In simple means the brave and aggressive person.Boy
JijeshWho will Win Whatever He Desires; Decides his Own FutureBoy
JileshJilesh means world. The whole world which is in only one person.Boy
Joranthey are great givers and spread joy, laughter everywhere they go. They have many friends.Boy
Jubailthey are great givers and spread joy, laughter everywhere they go. They have many friends.Boy
Juinitapeople with this name have strong spirit and easily impress others.Boy
Jujharit means a firefly. Such people are jolly and have radiant personality.Boy
JwalaprasadOne who is the master of fire, or the master of flamesBoy
JyanJyan means Victory, VictoriousBoy
JyotirindraThe meaning of th ename is The Holder of the LightBoy
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