69 Hindi Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

NaayantaraThe shining start of the eyes.Girl
NafrinAccessible, manageable, adaptable, reachable.Girl
NagikiranThe rays of the serpentsGirl
NaginA feminine form of snakeGirl
NaginiA female that turns into a large snakeGirl
NamanBow down before the creator or salaam or greeting.Unisex
NamartaThe softness or gentlenessGirl
NandanjotThe light of the Joy or happinessGirl
NandanpreetThe love of tranquillityUnisex
NandraA cheerful or happy girlGirl
NandraniThe queen of Happiness or JoyGirl
NarmadaShe who gives pleasure. Name of an Indian riverGirl
NartanaOne who make others danceGirl
NarthanWho make dance to othersGirl
NarthananThe dancer, who danceGirl
NarunaThe female leader of the humanityGirl
NasilaHoney flowing out of the combGirl
NavadeepThe new or fresh lampUnisex
NavadurgaNine forms of Goddess durgaGirl
NavadvipThe new lamp or nine lampsUnisex
NavadweepThe new lamp for lightGirl
NavaljyotThe fresh or new lightUnisex
NavaneetaFresh girl till eternityGirl
NavapriyanThe new friend or companionGirl
NavashreeThe new or fresh ladyGirl
NavdeepThe lamp who will be fresh foreverUnisex
NavdeepaA fresh lamp, new foreverUnisex
NavdhaUn-endingly new or freshGirl
NavdipThe never ending freshness of a lampUnisex
NaveeThe new, fresh or the freshestGirl
NaveenaThe highly beautiful or attractive girlGirl
NaveenjotThe pleasant light of a lampUnisex
NaviThe new or the ninth countGirl
NavijahThe very new victoryGirl
NavikaA fresh girl, will remain fresh till endGirl
NavillaA beautiful and pleasant peahenGirl
NavinaAn eternally fresh personGirl
NavitaA youngest and freshest girlGirl
NavneetaOne who is always fresh and newGirl
NavroopOne who has the fresh structureGirl
NavsarupAn admirable new shape or roopUnisex
NavyThe new one, the Ninth positionGirl
NavyaThe fresh, the young, praiseworthyGirl
NayantaraThe Beautiful star of the eyesGirl
NayonikaThe one with the magnetic or attractive eyesGirl
NeerjaThe lotus bud or lotus blossom.Girl
NeeshaDark night or dusky period.Girl
NeyshaThe night or a time of nightGirl
NieshaThe one who is still alive and doing extremely well.Girl
NikhilaWidespread, worldwide, general, complete.Girl
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