80 Islam Baby Names Starting With Letter W

Baby Names
heart image Waaiz Baby Boy Sign Boy Preacher; Advisor
heart image Waali Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who directs; The governor
heart image Waase Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the attributes of Allah
heart image Wadaan Baby Boy Sign Boy A boy destined to be wealthy and prosperous
heart image Wadaana Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl destined to be wealthy and prosperous
heart image Wadd Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the five idols worshiped by Noah's people
heart image Wadida Baby Girl Sign Girl Loving; Affectionate
heart image Wadih Baby Boy Sign Boy Alone; One who likes solitude
heart image Wadood Baby Boy Sign Boy Lover or friend
heart image Wael Baby Boy Sign Boy Rescue; Seeking shelter
heart image Wafa Baby Girl Sign Girl Faithfulness; Fidelity; Loyalty
heart image Wafaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Faithfulness
heart image Wafi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Trustworthy, loyal, honest
heart image Wafiq Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is victorious; Successful; Triumphant
heart image Wafiqah Baby Girl Sign Girl Successful; Triumphant; Victorious
heart image Wafiyyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Loyal; Faithful; A variant spelling is Wafiya
heart image Wagma Baby Girl Sign Girl Breeze accompanied with a pleasant smell
heart image Wahab Baby Boy Sign Boy Giver, generous, bestower
heart image Wahaj Baby Boy Sign Boy Radiant, guiding light
heart image Waheed Baby Boy Sign Boy Unique; Singular; Exclusively; Unequalled; Peerless
heart image Waheeda Baby Girl Sign Girl Unique; Singular; Sole; Exclusive; Beautiful
heart image Wahibah Baby Girl Sign Girl Giver; Donor
heart image Wahid Baby Boy Sign Boy Unique, singular, one
heart image Wahidah Baby Girl Sign Girl Unique; Singular; Sole; Exclusive; Beautiful
heart image Wais Baby Boy Sign Boy Knowledgeable; Learned
heart image Waiz Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Messenger, announcer, communicator
heart image Wajdi Baby Boy Sign Boy Passion and love
heart image Wajeeha Baby Girl Sign Girl Eminent, distinguished, victorious
heart image Wajia Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful melody
heart image Wajih Baby Boy Sign Boy Notable; Eminent; Prominent
heart image Wajiha Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful, elegant
heart image Wajihah Baby Girl Sign Girl Eminent; Distinguished; Famous; Respected; Renowned
heart image Wakdar Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of high authority
heart image Walaa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Loyalty, faithfulness, devotion
heart image Wale Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Companion; Friend
heart image Waleed Baby Boy Sign Boy A newborn baby ; Of tender age
heart image Waleeya Baby Girl Sign Girl Supporter; Caretaker; Companion
heart image Wali Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Protector or Guardian
heart image Walid Baby Boy Sign Boy Newborn; One who is born
heart image Walidah Baby Girl Sign Girl Newborn
heart image Walita Baby Girl Sign Girl Duty
heart image Waliyah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Guardian or protector
heart image Waliyudeen Baby Boy Sign Boy Supporter of the faith
heart image Walliyullah Baby Boy Sign Boy Supporter of God
heart image Wamiq Baby Boy Sign Boy A loving and friendly woman
heart image Wania Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of God
heart image Waqas Baby Boy Sign Boy Combatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; A variant is Waqqas
heart image Warda Baby Girl Sign Girl Pashto term for rose
heart image Wardah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Flower; Beautiful; Fragrant
heart image Wardda Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose flower
heart image Wareesha Baby Girl Sign Girl Intelligent, graceful, caring
heart image Waris Baby Boy Sign Boy A successor
heart image Warqah Baby Boy Sign Boy A dignitary in the Quran
heart image Wasay Baby Boy Sign Boy Intelligent; eloquent communicator
heart image Waseem Baby Boy Sign Boy Beautiful, graceful, esteemed
heart image Waseme Baby Girl Sign Girl Let them talk
heart image Wasfi Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is worthy of praise and worthy of speaking about
heart image Wasfia Baby Girl Sign Girl Worthy of praise
heart image Wasi Baby Boy Sign Boy Advice; Testament; Counsel
heart image Wasif Baby Boy Sign Boy Observer or one who observes
heart image Wasifah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who describes
heart image Wasim Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome; Honest; Good Looking; A variant spelling is Waseem
heart image Wasiya Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is gracious, patient, and powerful
heart image Wathiq Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is sure and certain
heart image Wathiqa Baby Girl Sign Girl Certain; Sure; Confident
heart image Weam Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Determined, confident, ambitious
heart image Wejah Baby Girl Sign Girl She who practices purdah
heart image Wesam Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Distinguished; Full of beauty
heart image Widad Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Love or affection
heart image Wifaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Harmony; Unity; Amiability
heart image Wijdan Baby Girl Sign Girl Ecstasy; Sentiment
heart image Wildan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Loving; Affectionate; Radiant
heart image Winky Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Someone who often winks or is playful, flirty, or mischievous
heart image Wisal Baby Girl Sign Girl Communion in love
heart image Wisam Baby Boy Sign Boy Badge of honor
heart image Wisama Baby Girl Sign Girl Beauty; Attractiveness
heart image Wissam Baby Boy Sign Boy Badge of honor; Medal
heart image Wolfie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Diminutive of Wolf; Like a wolf
heart image Wordah Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose
heart image Wuhaib Baby Boy Sign Boy A gift; Present
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