528 Islam Baby Names Starting With Letter T

Baby Names
heart image Taliba Baby Girl Sign Girl One who seeks knowledge
heart image Tasneem Baby Girl Sign Girl A fountain of paradise
heart image Tawfeeq Baby Boy Sign Boy Success; Reconciliation
heart image Taabish Baby Boy Sign Boy Moderate and comfortable heat
heart image Taadeel Baby Girl Sign Girl State of being equal
heart image Taafeef Baby Boy Sign Boy Praise or hymn of God
heart image Taahid Baby Boy Sign Boy Comfort at a time of grief
heart image Taahir Baby Boy Sign Boy Chaste; Modest
heart image Taahira Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Chaste
heart image Taai Baby Boy Sign Boy Submissive to another's will
heart image Taajwar Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has power to rule a kingdom
heart image Taalah Baby Girl Sign Girl Young palm tree; Searching for someone
heart image Taalea Baby Girl Sign Girl Involving good luck or fortune
heart image Taaliah Baby Girl Sign Girl God-fearing; Devoted to God; Woman who recites the Quran often
heart image Taalib Baby Boy Sign Boy A student; Seeker of knowledge
heart image Taalim Baby Boy Sign Boy Sky; High up above
heart image Taamir Baby Boy Sign Boy One who knows dates
heart image Taanish Baby Boy Sign Boy Good
heart image Taaqul Baby Boy Sign Boy Clever thought
heart image Taara Baby Girl Sign Girl Star; Apple of the eye
heart image Taasees Baby Girl Sign Girl Beginning of something new; A foundation
heart image Taatheer Baby Boy Sign Boy Successful in producing a desired result
heart image Tabaan Baby Girl Sign Girl Refulgent; Splendid; Glittering
heart image Tabaarak Baby Boy Sign Boy One is blessed; Greatly revered or respected
heart image Tabakee Baby Girl Sign Girl Musketeer
heart image Tabana Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright moonlight
heart image Tabarak Baby Boy Sign Boy Consecrated; Glorified
heart image Tabari Baby Boy Sign Boy A famous Historian
heart image Tabarik Baby Boy Sign Boy To be magnified greatly
heart image Tabarus Baby Boy Sign Boy Recall someone or something in mind
heart image Tabasim Baby Girl Sign Girl Put up a smile in the face
heart image Tabassum Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Smiling or cheerful
heart image Tabasumm Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet smile
heart image Tabbah Baby Boy Sign Boy Another name of madina city
heart image Tabbasum Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Smile happiness
heart image Tabeed Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone shines like a glitter
heart image Tabib Baby Boy Sign Boy Doctor or someone who cures the sick
heart image Tabina Baby Girl Sign Girl Follower of muhammad
heart image Tabinda Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright and shining
heart image Tabish Baby Boy Sign Boy Warmth; Brilliance
heart image Tabnak Baby Boy Sign Boy Hot too much appealing
heart image Tabrez Baby Boy Sign Boy Challenging; Showing openly
heart image Tabrid Baby Boy Sign Boy Be in a cool state
heart image Tabsheer Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who brings good news
heart image Tadeen Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who informs
heart image Taebba Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is pure and chaste
heart image Tafadhdhal Baby Boy Sign Boy An obligation or commitment to someone
heart image Tafadzwa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex We are pleased
heart image Tafari Baby Boy Sign Boy He who inspires awe
heart image Tafazal Baby Boy Sign Boy Old age; An aged man
heart image Tafazzul Baby Boy Sign Boy Courteousness; Having courtly manner
heart image Tafazzulhusain Baby Boy Sign Boy Favor of husain
heart image Tafheem Baby Boy Sign Boy To help someone understand something
heart image Tafsir Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Explanation, interpretation, analysis
heart image Tafzul Baby Boy Sign Boy Restoration of friendly relations
heart image Taghrid Baby Girl Sign Girl Singing as a bird
heart image Tahajeeb Baby Girl Sign Girl Way of life of a group of people
heart image Tahani Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Greetings; Best wishes; Congratulations
heart image Tahara Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Pure, clean, chaste
heart image Tahari Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Golden dawn or morning sunlight
heart image Tahbeer Baby Boy Sign Boy Make things beautiful to the eye
heart image Taheem Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is pure at heart
heart image Taheer Baby Boy Sign Boy Not spoiled or made impure
heart image Taheera Baby Girl Sign Girl Simple or restrained person
heart image Taher Baby Boy Sign Boy Morally uncontaminated; An innocent one
heart image Tahera Baby Girl Sign Girl Free of any contamination; Clean person
heart image Taherah Baby Girl Sign Girl Morally pure and decent; Not sinful
heart image Tahereh Baby Girl Sign Girl Free from all sins; Pure one
heart image Taheria Baby Girl Sign Girl Showing high moral standard
heart image Tahfeez Baby Boy Sign Boy To praise or to describe
heart image Tahia Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Vivacious, lively, enthusiastic
heart image Tahib Baby Boy Sign Boy Observing someone or something closely
heart image Tahim Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Strong; Charismatic
heart image Tahir Baby Boy Sign Boy Pure; Clean
heart image Tahira Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Clean
heart image Tahirah Baby Girl Sign Girl A pure; Pristine person
heart image Tahiri Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Pure, virtuous, radiant soul
heart image Tahirih Baby Girl Sign Girl Morally good or excellent
heart image Tahiya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Greeting; Salutation
heart image Tahiyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Polite word; Sign of welcoming someone
heart image Tahiyat Baby Girl Sign Girl Giving sign of recognition
heart image Tahiyya Baby Girl Sign Girl To support or comfort someone
heart image Tahiyyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Gesture as a greeting or acknowledgement to someone's arrival or departure
heart image Tahjeira Baby Girl Sign Girl Person who is naive; Innocent or inexperienced
heart image Tahkeem Baby Girl Sign Girl Power to govern or to rule
heart image Tahla Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Fruitful tree from heaven
heart image Tahmaseb Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of character in Shahnameh
heart image Tahmeed Baby Boy Sign Boy Praise; Glorify and thank Allah
heart image Tahmid Baby Boy Sign Boy Praising Allah
heart image Tahmina Baby Girl Sign Girl Rustam's wife in a famous poem; Strong woman
heart image Tahmineh Baby Girl Sign Girl A character in Asahanameh epic, the mother of Sohrab
heart image Tahmores Baby Boy Sign Boy Resembling a strong wild dog
heart image Tahoor Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who purifies
heart image Tahreem Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Noble, respected, cherished
heart image Tahseen Baby Boy Sign Boy Beautification; One who is praised
heart image Tahsin Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Excellence, improvement, praise
heart image Tahu Baby Boy Sign Boy Spotless; Absolutely clean or pure
heart image Tahura Baby Boy Sign Boy Honest; Principled person
heart image Tahzib Baby Girl Sign Girl Receiving or giving systematic instruction at a school or university
heart image Taial Baby Boy Sign Boy Nature
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