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Parents often think hard and long about a name for their newborn. There are countless websites and books to help you pick a name that sounds good and has a beautiful meaning. Since the popular given names in the US can be traced back to ancient words, how about choosing an ancient name itself, something like a Kurdish name.

Kurdish is a northwestern Iranian language spoken by Kurds in the Western Asia. The language has three dialects – Northern Kurdish called Kurmanji, Central Kurdish called Sorani, and Southern Kurdish, called Pehlewani. The language also shares traits with Iranian languages, especially Persian, primarily due to the intense and longstanding historical contacts.

Kurds, mainly Iraqi Kurds, have now adapted to the Arabic naming conventions. But the traditional Kurds opt for a tribe or geographic name as the last name and the grandfather’s or great grandfather’s personal name as the family name. Hence, the name includes a personal name and a surname. For the middle name, the Kurds use their father’s and grandfather’s or mother’s and grandmother’s personal name. Children adopt their father's family’s name as with most of the Western families. But Kurdish women do not take their husband’s family name on marriage.

Deluge yourself in the world of Kurdish baby names below. MomJunction has included both names and meanings below.

AferinAferin is a variant of Afrin and means lucky or trustworthy.Girl
AhinKurdish word for wholeGirl
AjdaSprout in Kurdish; Buckwheat in SlovenianBoy
AjwanA small gulfGirl
AkamKurdish word for resultBoy
AkoTired, WearyBoy
AlalKurdish word for red roseGirl
AmajgarA sound advisorBoy
AmancAim or goalBoy
AmedaPrince of DiyarbakirBoy
AmiraA born princess who has a heart of goldGirl
ApsoName of a Sumerian God. It's also a term used for a source of fresh water.Boy
AraOne who is strong and opinionated.Boy
ArasAras river. It's also the name of an Armenian historical figure.Boy
ArdalanName of a Kurdish vassaldom.Boy
ArimanKurdish word for wishGirl
AriyaA Noble person who is exalted being; sensitive natureGirl
AriyanOne who belongs to the noble peopleBoy
ArjinFire of lifeGirl
ArmanDesire, hope; one who is yearningBoy
AroWet meadowBoy
AseAse is a variation of Asa and means doctor.Girl
AsosName of a mountain in Kurdistan.Boy
AvestaReceived knowledgeGirl
AwdilA variant of Adil, meaning fair and honest or to act justly.Boy
AwiraAn interesting personalityGirl
AzadeFree and independentGirl
BerivanKurdish term for milkmaidGirl
BezaDespise or neglectGirl
BihinBetter or best than others.Girl
BirwaKurdish word for beliefGirl
DaranPrince or monarchBoy
DaryanPrince or monarchBoy
DelalSweetheart, dear or beautifulGirl
DersimaThe name comes from Kurdish city Dersim.Girl
DestanDestiny or by the still watersBoy
DiblinThe fragrance of soul.Girl
DilaRight from the heart.Girl
DilnazKudish variant of Delnaz. It means beloved or sweetheart.Girl
DilvaFrom the heart.Girl
DiyakoAnother name for DeiocesBoy
DozanStruggler or owner of a caseBoy
EjderDragon; one with a serious and thoughtful natureBoy
ElendThe first ray of the sun in the morning.Boy
ElfesyaA girl as beautiful as a fairy or princess, fairy or princessGirl
ErdelanA royal familyBoy
EyloEagle or braveBoy
FerhadHelper or phraortesBoy
GizemOne who is mysterious, mysteriousGirl
GulistanGulistan is a female name of Kurdish origins and means a House of flowers. It is a variation of the Persian name Golshan and has many other variations. One of the most popular variations of the name Gulistan is a turkish female name Gülistan, which meanGirl
HeminCalm, Peaceful, quiteBoy
HozanKurdish word for poem.Boy
IremGardens in heavenGirl
JorinHigh or preciousBoy
KawaKawa is the name of a mythical figure in Kurdish mythology.Boy
KejeA girl of radiant beautyGirl
LawinYoung manBoy
LewendA handsome boyBoy
MazarName of a Medes general.Boy
MedyaLand of MedesGirl
MizginEvangel or good news.Girl
Nazabeloved or sweetheart.Girl
OlanVery long lasting, not easily destroyed.Boy
PelinLittle leafGirl
PersengName of a starGirl
RebinPath finderBoy
RekanRunnel or spring waterwayBoy
RenasMentor or pioneerBoy
RevinEscape or flightGirl
RewanSoul, adult or properlyGirl
RezanA clear and birght womanGirl
RojanKurdish word for dailyGirl
RojinOne who is like a sun, prettyGirl
RojyarWhere the sun risesBoy
RonaHebrew - Joy is mine; Old English - Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired; A variant spelling of RhonaGirl
RonaKurdish word for illuminationGirl
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