126 Kurdish Baby Names With Meanings


Kurdish baby names have started gaining attention among millennial parents. Parents often think hard and long about a name for their newborn. Countless websites and books help choose names that sound good and have a beautiful meaning. However, Kurdish names are rarely heard in popular culture and may appear unique. This is because the most popular given names in English-speaking countries have European origins. Kurdish names have deep meanings and ancient roots in the region's culture. Kurdish is a northwestern Iranian language spoken by Kurds in the Middle East and parts of Asia. The language has three dialects – Northern Kurdish, Kurmanji; Central Kurdish, Sorani; and Southern Kurdish, Xwarîn. Kurmanji is spoken in Kurdish Turkey, Syria, the Soviet Union, and parts of Iran and Iraq (where it is called Behdini). It uses the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet (in the former Soviet Union). Meanwhile, Sorani is spoken in parts of Iran and Iraq and written using Arabic (1). The language also shares traits with Iranian languages, especially Persian, primarily due to its long-standing historical contact with the country. Kurds, mainly Iraqi Kurds, have now adopted Arabic naming conventions. But traditional Kurds opt for tribal or geographical last names and the grandfather’s or great-grandfather’s name as the family name. As a result, the full name includes a personal name and a surname. For their middle names, Kurdish men use their father’s or grandfather’s first name, and women use their mother’s or grandmother’s name. Children adopt their father's family’s name, as with most Western families (2). But Kurdish women do not take their husbands’ family names in marriage. Natural elements, such as plants and animals, inspire Kurdish personal names. Human virtues and emotions, such as joy and love, or qualities, such as purity and intellect, are reflected in Kurdish names. Many such names are spiritually inclined, and some are a sign of respect to ancestors. Thus, if you wish to honor your roots, indulge yourselves in the world of Kurdish baby names below.

heart image Aferin Baby Girl Sign Girl Lucky or trustworthy
heart image Afran Baby Boy Sign Boy Created
heart image Agrin Baby Boy Sign Boy Fiery
heart image Aheng Baby Girl Sign Girl Harmony
heart image Ahin Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish word for whole
heart image Ajda Baby Boy Sign Boy Sprout; Buckwheat
heart image Ajwan Baby Girl Sign Girl A small gulf
heart image Akam Baby Boy Sign Boy Kurdish word for result
heart image Ako Baby Boy Sign Boy Tired; Weary
heart image Alacan Baby Boy Sign Boy Life-flag
heart image Alal Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish word for red rose
heart image Alaz Baby Boy Sign Boy Intention
heart image Amajgar Baby Boy Sign Boy A sound advisor
heart image Amanc Baby Boy Sign Boy Aim; Goal
heart image Ameda Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince of Diyarbakir
heart image Amez Baby Boy Sign Boy Hug
heart image Amira Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess; Tree top; High born girl
heart image Amraz Baby Boy Sign Boy Target
heart image Apso Baby Boy Sign Boy A source of fresh water; Name of a Sumerian God
heart image Aras Baby Boy Sign Boy Aras river
heart image Ardalan Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a Kurdish vassal
heart image Ariman Baby Girl Sign Girl Wish
heart image Ariya Baby Girl Sign Girl Honorable; Noble
heart image Ariyan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who belongs to the noble people
heart image Arjin Baby Girl Sign Girl Fire of life
heart image Arman Baby Boy Sign Boy Desire; Hope; Warrior
heart image Aro Baby Boy Sign Boy Wet meadow
heart image Ase Baby Girl Sign Girl A variation of Asa; Doctor
heart image Ashti Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace
heart image Asmin Baby Girl Sign Girl Sky
heart image Aso Baby Boy Sign Boy Horizon
heart image Asos Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a mountain in Kurdistan
heart image Avdar Baby Boy Sign Boy March
heart image Avesta Baby Girl Sign Girl Received knowledge
heart image Awdil Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Adil; Fair; Honest; To act justly
heart image Awira Baby Girl Sign Girl An interesting personality
heart image Aylan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Tree; Greenery
heart image Azade Baby Girl Sign Girl Free and independent
heart image Azwer Baby Boy Sign Boy Proud
heart image Berivan Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish term for milkmaid
heart image Beza Baby Girl Sign Girl Despise or neglect
heart image Bihin Baby Girl Sign Girl Better than others
heart image Birwa Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish word for belief
heart image Cano Baby Boy Sign Boy Life
heart image Daryan Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince or monarch
heart image Delal Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweetheart; Dear or beautiful
heart image Dersima Baby Girl Sign Girl A name from Kurdish city Dersim
heart image Destan Baby Boy Sign Boy Destiny; By the still waters
heart image Diblin Baby Girl Sign Girl The fragrance of soul
heart image Dila Baby Girl Sign Girl Right from the heart
heart image Dilnaz Baby Girl Sign Girl Kurdish variant of Delnaz; Beloved; Sweetheart
heart image Dilva Baby Girl Sign Girl From the heart
heart image Diyako Baby Boy Sign Boy Deioces
heart image Dozan Baby Boy Sign Boy Struggler or owner of a case
heart image Ejder Baby Boy Sign Boy Dragon; one with a serious and thoughtful nature
heart image Elend Baby Boy Sign Boy The first ray of the sun in the morning.
heart image Elfesya Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl as beautiful as a fairy or princess; Fairy or princess
heart image Elind Baby Boy Sign Boy Dawn
heart image Erdelan Baby Boy Sign Boy A royal family
heart image Eylo Baby Boy Sign Boy Eagle or brave
heart image Ferhad Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper or phraortes
heart image Gizem Baby Girl Sign Girl Mysterious
heart image Glay Baby Girl Sign Girl Rosemoon
heart image Gorkem Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Magnificent
heart image Gulistan Baby Girl Sign Girl House of flowers
heart image Hawre Baby Boy Sign Boy Comrade
heart image Hemin Baby Boy Sign Boy Calm; Peaceful; Quite
heart image Hestan Baby Boy Sign Boy From Heston
heart image Hozan Baby Boy Sign Boy Poem
heart image Irem Baby Girl Sign Girl Gardens in heaven
heart image Jiyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Life, soul, spirit
heart image Jorin Baby Boy Sign Boy High or precious
heart image Kawa Baby Boy Sign Boy A mythical figure in Kurdish mythology
heart image Kejal Baby Girl Sign Girl Gazelle
heart image Keje Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl of radiant beauty
heart image Lawin Baby Boy Sign Boy Young man
heart image Lewend Baby Boy Sign Boy A handsome boy
heart image Lilan Baby Girl Sign Girl Yodel
heart image Liyan Baby Girl Sign Girl Snowshoe
heart image Mazar Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a Medes general
heart image Medya Baby Girl Sign Girl Land of Medes
heart image Mizgin Baby Girl Sign Girl Evangel; Good news
heart image Naza Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved or sweetheart
heart image Olan Baby Boy Sign Boy Long-lasting; Not easily destroyed
heart image Pelin Baby Girl Sign Girl Little leaf
heart image Peros Baby Boy Sign Boy Enthusiasm
heart image Perseng Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a star
heart image Rebin Baby Boy Sign Boy Path finder
heart image Rekan Baby Boy Sign Boy Runnel; Spring waterway
heart image Renas Baby Boy Sign Boy Mentor; Pioneer
heart image Revin Baby Girl Sign Girl Escape or flight
heart image Rewan Baby Girl Sign Girl Soul; Adult; Properly
heart image Rezan Baby Girl Sign Girl A clear and birght woman
heart image Rivin Baby Boy Sign Boy Flame
heart image Roder Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunrise
heart image Rojan Baby Girl Sign Girl Daily
heart image Rojin Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is like a sun, pretty
heart image Rojyar Baby Boy Sign Boy Where the sun rises
heart image Rona Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy is mine; Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired
heart image Royar Baby Boy Sign Boy Where the sun rises
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Kurdish dialects have been banned or repressed in several countries (3). Hence, preserving the rich cultural heritage of the land and language is even more critical now. A Kurdish baby name will make your little one stand out from the crowd. Some names have stood the test of time, even migrated to foreign lands and created a niche following. The Kurdish community is one of the oldest ethnic groups in the world. Hence, choosing a Kurdish name will preserve the culture and take its legacy forward.

Infographic: Creative Kurdish Baby Names With Meanings

The Kurdish region in Western Asia includes parts of Turkey, Syria, Armenia, Iraq, and Iran. With such a vast span, the Kurdish language inevitably has several dialects. If you are looking for unique Kurdish names for your little one, look at this infographic for popular names and their meanings. Choose your favorite name for your adorable child.

kurdish baby names with meanings (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some traditional naming conventions or customs for Kurdish babies?

Kurds have been observed to follow the Arabic naming conventions, including a personal name, a father’s name, and a grandfather’s name. However, in contrast to the Arabs, Kurds use their tribe name or regional origin as a surname. Some people also use their relative’s name as part of their middle name.

2. What are some unique Kurdish baby names that are not commonly heard in other cultures?

Specific Kurdish names like Nesrîn meaning ‘sweetbrier,’ Evîn meaning ‘love,’ Hozan meaning ‘intellect,’ and Aram meaning ‘calm’ are some names that are not too common in other cultures.

3. Do Kurdish baby names have any religious or spiritual significance?

Names like Ebdulla meaning ‘servant of Allah,’ Îbrahîm meaning ‘father of many,’ and Mihemed meaning ‘praised’ are religiously significant names. Fatma, meaning ‘to abstain,’ is the Kurdish variant of the name Fatimah, the daughter of the prophet Muhammad (4), whereas Mihemed is the Kurdish variant of the name Muhammad.


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