67 Marathi Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Aakhya (आख्या)one who has high reputation and fame; state of being famousBoy
AdhrguOne who knows the co-existenceBoy
AlagumuthuHandsome GemBoy
DhavalThe fair one, a fair childBoy
IleshLord of the earthBoy
MirajkarA person belongs to the city of MirajUnisex
NamniyaA respectable person, full of respectBoy
NandedkarOne who halls from Nanded cityUnisex
NarvelThe time of mankindBoy
NavjatThe fortress which is on the mountain of the ocean.Boy
NidhraThe one who resembles the Moon.Boy
NishakantRuler of the nation.Boy
NivantOne who is calm and coolBoy
NrupalRuler of the nation.Boy
OshoThe shine of the earth, sparkle of the domainBoy
PrahasA person who has a lot of qualities. An upright individualBoy
PrahavalTo have a magnificent formBoy
PrajnanA clever, brainy and wise individualBoy
PramtiOne who is consciouss and awareBoy
PramukhOne with the qualities of a chief or leaderBoy
PranalA waterway, estuary, creekBoy
PrarujAn extremly good-looking and likable personBoy
PrasanOne who is a winner in life, a successful personBoy
PrasangTo be devoted and be in an union with someoneBoy
PrasatA erson who is bright and easily pleasedBoy
PrashalA tranquil, calm and cool personBoy
PrasiddhiOne of many accomplishemnts and a great fameBoy
PrasvarA holy and sacred syllable OmBoy
PrateemA person who is similar, or is like someone elseBoy
PrathinavAn ever young and an ever new personBoy
PrathitA celebrated, famous personBoy
PrathmeshOne who is the Lord of the bestBoy
PrathuAn all-present personBoy
PratibalHe who is equal in strenghtBoy
PratibhanuOne whose glory is compared to the SunBoy
PratibhavanOne whose mind is intelligentBoy
PratimanHe who is like an imageBoy
PratinavOne who is young and newBoy
PratipanAn understood personBoy
PravasuOne who is wealthyBoy
PravekA distinguished oneBoy
PraverA person who in charge of thingsBoy
PrayaagThree secred river's confluence: Ganga-Jamuna-SaraswatiBoy
PredeshA place, province, stateBoy
PremajitThe winner of loveBoy
PremanA love that is supreme and divineBoy
PrinanA gratifying personBoy
PrithujayOne who is always a victor in lifeBoy
PrithutamThe largest, the biggest and the greatest oneBoy
PrithvijOne who was born of the EarhtBoy
PriyakA deeply loving personBoy
PruthvirajOne who is the King of all earthBoy
PujyakotiA name of the holly animal, the Holy CowBoy
PunagOne who is like the white flower of lotusBoy
PunanA person who has a bright and clear mindBoy
PunyajitSomething that was gained bu virtueBoy
PuranjanHe who emodies the essence of the lifeBoy
PurenduOne who is like the full moonBoy
PuruvasThe all-present beingBoy
PushpinOne who owns a lot of flowers, who is rich in flowersBoy
PushpitTo bloom and to bear flowersBoy
PushprajOne precious as the Topaz stoneBoy
PuttalOne of pure heartBoy
PyarelalA name of Lord KrishnaBoy
RewatA prosperous and splendid individualBoy
RujulOne who has proven himselfBoy
SirakOne who has a great intelectBoy
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