27 Baby Boy Names That Mean Bright And Starts With Letter J

JabierA bright manBoy
JagdipLight of the Universe; Brightness and Radiance of the UniverseBoy
JagraviWatchful; One who is Vigilant and Bright; Observant; One who inspires to rise upBoy
JaideepVictory to the Light; Victory to the Brightness and Radiance of a Flame;Boy
JambertVariation of Lambert meaning a bright placeBoy
JanjotLight of the People; Brightness and Radiance of PeopleBoy
JasjotFlame of Glory; Brightness of Splendidness; Radiance and Luminance of MagnificenceBoy
JatinderjotLight of the Lord; Brightness and Radiance of the Lord;Boy
JaviA bright oneBoy
JaviarVariation of Javier or Xavier which means New house or brightBoy
JavierOne who is brightBoy
JawalantLuminous; Radiant and Bright like FlameBoy
Jimmthey are dynamic and cheerful person with bright and straightforward attitude. They posess the emotional nature and generous.Boy
JinChinesee - Gold; Metal; Money; Embroided; Bright; FerryBoy
Jinendracheerful , bright, curious. And disciplined persons. They are not superficil people and can easily adapt new situations.Boy
JothirajKing of Light; Fire; Flame; A ruler or emperor who is bright and radiantBoy
JotipreetLove of Light; One who likes brightness and radiance; Luminant LoveBoy
JotprakashRadiating the Divine Light; Divine Brightness and LuminanceBoy
JotsaroopEmbodiment of Beauteous Light; Epithet of brightness; Personification of Divine Light and luminanceBoy
JuhitThe name Juhit means BrightnessBoy
JvalkaA large Flame; Bright, Glorious and Radiant LightBoy
JyotinLight; Brilliance; Radiance; Luminant; BrightBoy
JyotisJyotis means Flame, BrightUnisex
JyotishMoon; Brilliant, Radiant and Bright Light; Knowledge of LightBoy
JyotishkLuminous; Brightness; Radiance; BrillianceBoy
JyotishmatSun; Lord of brilliance, Radiance and BrightnessBoy
JyotsneshaSun; Lord of brilliance, Radiance and BrightnessBoy
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